Embed Teases Big IAAPA Expo Release


After the 2019 IAAPA Expo unveiling of their Mobile Wallet, Embed will debut their latest “technology breakthrough innovation” at this year’s show, the company said. “Guaranteed to rock the industry,” they’ve spent two years in the lab developing a cutting-edge product. They’ll be at booth #606.

“We have a clear vision of the FEC of the future, and the product we’re unveiling at IAAPA Expo 2021 is a product that will transform what FECs are willing to accept from their business solutions providers,” said Embed CEO Renee Welsh.

“Business solutions should enable operators to optimize the consumer experience while driving greater revenue and profit per square foot, which is the aim of the product we’ll unveil at the trade show this year. The only thing I’ll say about the product is that ‘size matters,’ and I’ve already said too much!”

Embed is also still offering a free year of Mobile Wallet. Click here for more details or visit www.embedcard.com.


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