Embed Says Resiliency Key in 2021 Rebuild


Cashless provider Embed has launched a range of initiatives to help the industry kickstart its road to recovery in 2021, saying the year is “an opportunity for us to rebuild, survive and thrive with everything we learned last year.”

“We’ve seen our customers prosper and thrive during the pandemic simply by embracing the right technology to unlock a more sustainable and profitable business model,” said Embed CEO Renee Welsh. “Contactless low-touch experiences became the norm. Operators and customers were forced to adapt. There’s no doubt that technology cemented its place as a fundamental operating need in our industry’s future.”

In an effort to jumpstart the industry, Embed has been giving away its latest award-winning innovation – the Mobile Wallet – for free for one year. No app is required. The virtual game cards sits in the mobile wallet so operators can offer customers a contactless payment option. Capacity management is also included in the portal. Learn more at www.embedcard.com.


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