Dinosaur-Themed Mini-Golf Coming to Florida


Dinosaur Falls Mini Golf in Cape Coral, Fla., is expected to open late this year but the dinosaurs have already made their mark at Gator Mike’s Family Fun Park.

According to the News-Press, the animatronic dinos that are the mini-golf courses main feature arrived in mid-August. “They are next to the back-pond dock,” said Gator Mike’s owner Chris Scuderi. “That’s where they will stay until they are ready to roam the vast plains of Dinosaur Falls Mini Golf as their forever home.”

The tallest dinosaur is a 16-ft.-tall Tyrannosaurus rex, and the shortest is a 5-ft.-tall Spinosaurus. The new part of the park will also feature a working 25-ft.-tall “volcano” that will erupt every 45 minutes or so. Learn more at www.gatormikes.com.


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