D&D Done: Pinball Arcade Closed for Good


In today’s bummer news, D&D Pinball in Tucson, Ariz., billed as the state’s largest pinball arcade, is closing permanently after six years in business, according to Tucson.com. The owners, Constance Negley and Robert Noble, announced the closure on Facebook.

“It’s been a fabulously fun-filled six years, but D&D Pinball will be closed indefinitely,” they wrote. “Don’t be sad, folks. We look forward to re-opening a new Tucson location sometime soon.” In the meantime, they added, some of their machines will end up at other Tucson businesses like The Surly Wench Pub, Wooden Tooth Brewing Co. and The Owl’s Club.

“We feel like it’s the best thing for us to do right now,” Negley said. “Nobody knows how long this is going to go on and we don’t want to dig ourselves into a bigger financial hole that we can’t get out of.”


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