Daily Newsletter Coming; Trade Urged to Send Items

The Instant RePlay newsletter, which normally shows up in your inbox every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, will now appear Tuesday and Thursday as well. The dominant news will focus on COVID-19’s continuing effects on routes, game centers and FECs, while normal coin-op news will also be covered.
Our duty, as we see it, is to show how trade members on all levels of the business are coping with this unique historical crisis…especially those helpful tips like exploiting jukebox and game rental opportunities that bring a measure of joy to people ordered to hunker down at home until the pandemic hits its tipping point and begins to improve.
So please, send any and all news items on this subject to [email protected]. That goes for route operators, arcades, and big family entertainment centers, as well as for distributing companies and manufacturers. Step up, folks, and then go wash.
PS: Thanks to digital technology, all RePlay people are working at their homes in these times. And, yes, there will be an April (post-Expo) magazine hitting your present mailing address at the beginning of the month.

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