Crazy Quarters Arcade Expands Following Reboot


Crazy Quarters Arcade, which first opened in February 2020 and again at a new location in April 2021 due to Covid-related difficulties, has expanded to include “Nudged Underground,” a speakeasy-themed space.

According to MLive, the Bay City, Mich., business has vintage and modern pinball games in a dedicated area now, which is designed to imitate a 1920s speakeasy. The new space opened up Jan. 21.

“We were talking about we were running out of space and needing something more. It finally came down to, hey, if we put the pinball down here then we can have a little bit more separation between the arcade and the pinball and we’ll give the pinball players a little bit of their own space away from the arcade players,” said Chris Exo, one of the owners.

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