Coast to Coast Readies Drop It In & Win


Execs at Coast to Coast Entertainment (a division of Elaut Group) are excited about their latest redemption piece, Drop It In & Win. “This easy-to-play, fun-to-watch, single-player game has taken our test locations by storm,” says C2C topper Gary Balaban.

“We knew we had a winner from a design standpoint, but I couldn’t believe how well this machine has been doing in the field,” Balaban said of the game they’d planned to unveil at this year’s IAAPA show. “Drop It In & Win is just too good to wait until IAAPA to talk about.”

Players simply press a button to drop a ball onto a rotating platform with raised win holes. Dropping the ball into one of the win holes earns a prize. The machine will be available in ticket- and prize-dispensing versions, as well as self-contained, “E-ticket” models.

Balaban said production models should be available in time for the IAAPA event in November. Meanwhile, he encourages people to pre-order the game, saying: “Be the first to drop one in your location and win!” For more information, call the factory at 800-224-1717 or email [email protected].


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