Bowling Expo VR Exhibit


While we’re on the subject, Private Label VR, a Salem, Utah-based VR firm, was at this year’s Bowl Expo in Nashville, showing attendees the untapped potential of adding VR to the traditional bowling experience. The Private Label VR team expected and received what they say was a “great response.”

They say over 100 visitors stopped by their VR booth, adding that over 90% had never been in a computer-based simulation before. Private Label reps were happy to show them the ropes, and reported hearing similar responses from attendees:

“That was awesome!”
“Can I go again?”
“I love it.”
“It’s like a whole different world.”
“You gotta try this!”

It was the last comment that got the Private Label team most excited, as players would often try the VR experiences and then come back with a friend, essentially converting many players into an additional sales force on the floor.

There were four different experiences for Bowl Expo attendees to test. Richie’s Plank, a simple game that challenges players’ fears of heights, was the most played, while The Blu, a tranquil underwater experience, was also popular. The Lab gave players a chance to try out their hand at archery, and TiltBrush allows for a virtual art gallery.

As a final result of the Bowl Expo trip, Private Label VR is now offering deals specifically for bowling centers to get setup with and operate their own branded VR arcade. Click here for more info


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