Blueprint Reality, SpringboardVR Pact

So, you don’t understand the virtual reality world? Give MixCast a try.
Blueprint Reality
The system’s creator, Blueprint Reality, has teamed up with location-based distributor SpringboardVR to take MixCast worldwide, according to a recent press release. The companies assert that bringing this product to a wider market will make VR much more spectator friendly, as players are able to create, capture and share their favorite in-game moments in mixed reality on the social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
“Not only does MixCast allow VR arcade operators to leverage the power of social media to create awareness for their venues and the games they make available,” the press release read, “but it can also help explain what VR is to potential customers.” In other words, it gives others a sense of what’s behind the headset. To learn more about MixCast, visit

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