Big Buck World Championships


The Big Buck World Championship event took place over the weekend (Friday, Oct. 26 – Saturday, Oct. 27) at the eSports Arena in Las Vegas’ Luxor Hotel. The 11th annual event brought hundreds of competitors and spectators, and saw a new winner in the Ladies’ tournament, and the returning world champ take home a fourth-in-a-row win for the main tournament.

There were 32 competitors in the double-elimination Ladies’ Tournament on night one, with Melissa Romanik from St. Paul, Minn., taking the title home and $5,000 in her pocket. The Ladies’ Tournament offers additional chances for gals to take home some cash, but you can bet a lot of the ladies shooting on Friday were back on the floor Saturday. Night two brought the main event, which was livestreamed on Twitch.Tv to thousands.

Trevor Gartner, now a four time Big Buck World Champion winner, took the title after a long-winded battle with Aussie runner up Sean Chadwick. Gartner takes home a heap of pride, but also the towering Pappy’s Jug trophy and a cool $20,000.


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