AVS Companies Promotes Eileen Schreiner in Sales


Eileen Schreiner was recently promoted to director of FEC sales and service at AVS Companies. She was previously an account executive for the company and brings a wealth of knowledge into her new role.

“In the past few years, Eileen has achieved great things in her role as account executive by helping us maintain excellent customer support and service,” said VP of sales Tony Shamma. “She now has the opportunity to bring her knowledge and experience to expand on our FEC customer base. We are all excited to see the great things that she will accomplish as director of FEC sales and service.”

Added company vice president Jeff Yoder: “We are thrilled to have Eileen bring her energy and enthusiasm to this new role. We look forward to great success from our FEC team.”

Eileen can be reached at 847-709-6250.


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