Arcade Collection LIVE Now Available from IT


Incredible Technologies officially launched Arcade Collection LIVE this week, bringing online play and connectivity to their classic Silver Strike Bowling title. The rollout reportedly delivers Prize Play, Roll-N-Win and Vegas Bowling modes to players. There’s also full cross-play compatibility with existing Silver Strike LIVE machines.

“Bringing Arcade Collection online and delivering a full-featured experience for our veteran, returning and incoming player base just makes sense,” said Adam Kramer, president of Incredible Technologies’ amusement division. “We look forward to watching the further development of the Silver Strike Bowling community with this exciting iteration of the title.”

The update will be fully realized, the company said, with the release of Score IT functionality, which gives operators the ability to create customized contests for players.

“We’re thrilled with the prospect of what Score IT can do for our operators, in terms of ROI, and the excitement it will deliver to seasoned Silver Strike players in the coming years,” Kramer added.

Arcade Collection LIVE became available on June 10 as a software update, conversion kit and as a dedicated cabinet. For more info, contact your IT sales rep at 847-870-7027 or visit


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