Arachnid Honors Sam Zammuto


Arachnid 360 owners Tony Beall, Chris Beall, Shawn Beall, and original owner Paul Beall awarded a “Hall of Fame Award” to Sam Zammuto at the BullShooter 33 Finals, on May 27. Sam, who joined Arachnid in 1982, has been very instrumental in the promotion of soft-tip darts and a major force in its growth around the world for years.

In 1977, he started the first soft-tip dart league in Rockford, Ill., then helped operators and distributors establish leagues and tournaments around the United States.

Sam also started the BullShooter World Tour, which has grown from a four-event, $25,000 contest in 1986 to 26 main events and $140,000 in 2018. The Tour will soon be starting its 34th year. Sam’s innovation also resulted in AMOA awarding Arachnid the “AMOA Innovator Award” in September 2009 for its Shuffleboard, and then again in March 2012 for its Galaxy 3 Live.

The award was for recognizing excellence in developing and delivering unique ideas for the coin-op industry. Sam has compassionately devoted his life to the promotion and growth of soft-tip darts. The Beall family said it’s been proud to have his expertise at Arachnid 360 and are honored to award him with the “Hall of Fame Award” as a small token of their appreciation for his years of commitment.


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