Anderson Heads Sales for MotionMagix FEC Division


That popular free-play attraction called MotionMagix you may have seen at some kiddie-oriented museums and other locations is now available in a pay-to-play version for FECs. This clever attraction projects games and visual “experiences” onto walls or floors, and the kids hit various projected images with their hands or feet to either run up scores (e.g. by kicking soccer balls) or just dancing for fun.

Now tweaked for the FEC market, it will offer customers a choice of four games, “coined-up” on a card swipe panel. Around 100 different programs are available for the operator to buy and plug in (kind of like the old video game systems). Besides Soccer, other games include Ice Hockey, Brick Breaker and Meteor Attack. FECs can, of course, also buy the existing non-coin version. In either format, it’s a super addition to the birthday party room (the projected images occupy a 4′ x 6′ space, which is expandable).

Trade veteran Ken Anderson has been hired as sales chief for their FEC division. He will present the interactive attraction at IAAPA, booth #646, and it’s a must visit whether you’ve ever seen MotionMagix in action or not (free-play versions have been running in something like 60 different countries). Anderson advised he’s about to conduct a test to see how well the pay-to-play version does at some selected FECs and will advise the factory (located in India) what may need to be added, if anything, to make it market-ready.

For more info, call Ken Anderson at 805/279-5758, email [email protected] or visit


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