Andamiro Adds Value to WWE, Revitalizes Tech Support


Andamiro had a big 2018 and recently released an email detailing their successes throughout the year. As a year-end gift to operators purchasing their award-winning WWE Superstar Rumble game, the company is offering 17 boxes (150 ct) of customized player cards to operators who buy a WWE game from an authorized distributor. The company says this is a $550 value free promotion, developed by senior sales director Tony Maniscalco. Customization includes imprinting a venue’s name or unique barcode onto the cards.

“Adding a barcode or venue name to player cards improves accountability, increases security and promotes a location’s brand,” Maniscalco said.

Additionally, the company is upping its game in the tech support department to improve response times. Ramses Briones has become Andamiro’s technical service captain, processing everything from RMAs to credit memos to machine upgrades to service calls. Andy Kim is now the customer service captain, in charge of reporting tech issues to Andamiro’s Korea-based factory, as well as handle calls and field repairs. Finally, J. Francisco Jimenez has been named service tech advisor. His 13-year experience in supporting a host of Andamiro products leaves him responsible for advising customers and company personnel on a variety of issues.

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