American Pinball Integrating Scorbit on Their Machines


American Pinball recently announced its partnership with Scorbit, the connected pinball platform that further immerses players into the game. The technology turns pinball machines into internet- and cloud-connected devices, allowing players to track scores, compete and much more.

“As hardcore pinball enthusiasts, we know that the right scoring system makes all the difference in the game, which is why we have decided to go with the best system in the market,” said David Fix, American Pinball’s executive vice president. “Choosing Scorbit was easy, given how supportive they are of the industry.”

The company will integrate Scorbit’s API into all its games moving forward. Hot Wheels is already equipped as of February. Retrofitted versions of their games Houdini and Oktoberfest will follow.

Read more in the March issue of RePlay or visit and for additional information.


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