AAMA Webinar Discusses Locations Starting to Reopen


Part of its COVID-19: Road to Recovery webinar series, AAMA will talk about the topic “Reopening – We’ve Begun” at their next online event, held this Thursday, May 28, at 10:30 a.m. Central time. Register here.

“As locations begin to open around the country, many are left with questions regarding best practices and procedures,” AAMA said. “Gain insight from leading voices in the FEC community as they share a first-hand look into their reopening experience.”

The association will have on their panel Mike Abecassis, owner and CEO of Game Time and General Vending; Kevin Bachus, senior VP of entertainment and game strategy at Dave & Buster’s; Craig Buster, GM of Wild Island Coconut Bowl; Todd Maunsell, vice president of Cinergy Entertainment; and Dr. John Gustafson, an antimicrobial expert and head of the biochemistry and molecular biology department at Oklahoma State University.

Learn more at www.coin-op.org/covid-19.


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