A&A Global Exclusive BioCide 100 Distributor


A&A Global Industries and BioCide Laboratories recently signed a distributorship agreement giving A&A exclusive rights to sell BioCide 100, an EPA-registered disinfectant, in the bulk vending, redemption, arcade and amusement park industries.

“Our partnership with BioCide Laboratories is a game changer in our industries in a post COVID-19 world,” said Brian Kovens, co-president of A&A. “We have strategic relationships with our customers and are providing them a one-source distribution channel not only for product, but a disinfectant that will provide confidence to them and their customers.”

BioCide 100 is a highly effective cleaner against disease-causing mold and fungus, as well as COVID-19, according to A&A. It also can be used to clean and protect multiple surfaces, including metal and plastic.

Using BioCide 100 on medium-to-low use areas such as buttons, coin slots and handles may have a long lasting and persistent effect for up to four weeks after application. The product is available by the gallon jug or quart bottle. The company also sells 3×3” stickers that can be placed on surfaces where the product has been used, to tell customers it’s been disinfected.

For more information, contact your sales representative at 800-638-6000 or visit www.aaglobal.com.


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