2020 Déjà Vu as Omicron Becomes Dominant Variant


Denmark is shutting down its public venues (FECs, amusement parks, etc.) and countries across Europe are enacting stricter measures as Covid-19 cases go up due to the fast-spreading Omicron variant. Lockdowns and travel bans are popping up, too. Meanwhile, leaders in the U.S. are largely rejecting those approaches.

Democrat and Republican governors alike are overwhelmingly saying “no” to lockdowns and other pandemic restrictions like mandatory mask wearing.

According to The New York Times, Gov. Larry Hogan (R-Maryland) said the state is “trying to do everything we can” to get everyone vaccinated, but are not considering lockdowns, despite anticipating “probably the worst surge we’ve seen in our hospitals throughout the entire crisis.”

Gov. Phil Murphy (D-New Jersey) said on lockdowns: “You have to leave it on the table, but I don’t see it (happening).” Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) has said mask mandates would be up to local officials. Cases in his state have been dropping since November.

He added that pandemic fatigue is the biggest reason to avoid more restrictive Covid measures and touted the vaccine. “People just don’t react well to this ongoing environment of fear for two years. Getting three doses of the vaccine is highly effective and all but negates any risk that you face.”


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