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Triotech SuperBlaster on location 0424Triotech’s SuperBlaster

Factory Says it Brings Attendant-Free Dark Ride Experience to “Any Venue”

Triotech’s SuperBlaster, their latest in attendant-free coin-op interactive simulators, is now shipping globally, says the maker. The company launched the cabinet at IAAPA Expo 2023 and showed it at several events this year as well.

“We’re thrilled to introduce SuperBlaster – a visually stunning, high-end ride that reflects our dedication to innovation,” said CEO and founder Ernest Yale.

“Through collaboration with customers, distributors and operators, we’ve crafted a fun multiplayer game that will attract players through its open concept. Best of all, it’s attendant-free, which makes it perfect for FECs and arcades.”

The ride features a diverse content library with five titles already included – Carnival, Gigamon, Los Banditos, Werewolves and Zombies. Triotech keeps expanding their library as well, so operators will always have 1-2 fresh films each year to play on the coin-op simulator.

Individual scoring within SuperBlaster puts up to four players against one another in a friendly competition. The product features a 100” 4K projected display, motion seats, wind blasters, a 5.1 surround sound system and Unreal 5-powered graphics.

Triotech SuperBlaster product shot 0424Triotech says a return on investment can be expected in less than four months. “Earnings are phenomenal,” touted David Swafford, the company’s director of sales.

He explained that the attraction offers unique gameplay by having the four players playing with one mission to get through the story – working as a team but also aiming to get the most points for themselves.

“The thing that makes it the biggest success is that it’s for the whole family,” Swafford said. “People are gravitated to it. We liked the idea because this was designed to bring a dark ride experience to smaller venues – it’s the same gameplay.”

The concept was developed early last year, and testing was done prior to the launch at the Orlando trade show. Pro­duction began in March and the attraction will be available to operators around the world by mid-April.

GameTime in Miami and the Texas-based Alley Cats Entertainment were two venues that had SuperBlaster on test. “A number of other people are waiting in line,” Swafford noted.

“The ROI is going to be very strong,” he reiterated. With 800-1,800 rides per week depending on the location, “It doesn’t take a long time to see your investment back.”

Known for their award-winning XD Dark Ride interactive theater for bigger venues, Triotech also builds long-lasting coin-op rides like their recent simulator Storm and their longtime hit Typhoon, which had a 10th anniversary update in recent years.

You can learn more about those and the new SuperBlaster at

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