Parts, Supplies and Services


Companies specializing in providing specific support products and services, including manufacturers of OEM equipment, amusement game parts, prizes and merchandise for redemption, coin and bill handling equipment, debit/player card systems, etc.

A & A GLOBAL INDUSTRIES – 800-638-6000 – [email protected] – bulk toys & novelties; redemption goods; plush prepacks, 1.1” & 2” filled & empty capsules, temporary tattoos, stickers, candy crane mixes, bulk candy & gum; skill crane merchandise; prize kits; vending equipment including racks & stands

A-1 SECURITY BARS, INC. – 877-885-4474 – [email protected]  – – security bars, hasps, full door covers, cabinet brackets

A BETTER BILLARDS SERVICE – 866-210-3030 – [email protected] – replacement rails for Valley, Dynamo and other coin-op pool tables

ACG EQUIPMENT FINANCE – 800-830-0084 – [email protected] – financing for new and used equipment; 15-minute approval process; up to 100K application only

ACS CORP. – 513-542-1000 – [email protected] – game machine vending and consulting for the FEC Industry

AMOA NATIONAL DART ASSN. – 800-808-9884 – [email protected] – non-profit trade association recognizing sanctioned, coin-op soft-tip dart leagues

A.I. VENDING – 787-284-4276 – [email protected] – repair specialists; authorized service center for Pyramid Technologies, American Changer, JCM, Standard Change-Makers, Coinco, ICT and Astro; double & slim-line cabinets for 8-liner & poker machines; cabinets for upright & wall-mount jukeboxes, dart, cigarette & vending machines; jukebox & gray area machine parts & supplies; money-handling devices & supplies; pinball parts & service; video game components; Wi-Fi antennas; computer parts & test equipment

A.L.D. SERVICES – 800-777-5874 – [email protected] – merchandise for coin-op equipment

ASCAP – 800-505-4052 – [email protected] – coordinates music licensing for jukeboxes with the various PROs (performance rights organizations)

ABLOY SECURITY – 800-367-4598 – [email protected] – high-security industrial locks, key-operated locks, T-handle cylinders, padlocks, camlocks

ACCUBANKER – 888-993-2228 – – money counters & counterfeit bill detectors

ACTION LIGHTING INC. – 800-248-0076 – [email protected] – indoor/outdoor impact lighting specialists with products including: Crown Premium brand cuttable-bendable plastic neon, architectural building outline systems, bulbs, net lighting, custom signs; holiday-themed lighting

ACUCOUNT – 800-518-8395 – – portable coin, token & currency counters

ADCAPITOL – 800-868-7111 ext. 248 – baseball caps, hats, t-shirts, bandannas, tote bags, safety vests, bib & restaurant aprons, golf shirts and towels, painter caps & chair covers, tradeshow tablecloths, car flags, etc.; screen printing & embroidery; decorative flags & custom banners

ADVENTURE GOLF SERVICES – 888-725-4386 – [email protected] – design, construction & consulting services worldwide for outdoor mini golf, portable/modular mini golf and blacklight (glow in the dark) mini golf; SplashGolf water mini golf on a splash pad; Golfcourt golf practice center; game courts including: croquet, bocce ball, shuffleboard and putting greens; Eleetus motion platform gaming simulator

ALABAMA BAG CO., INC. – 800-888-4921 – – money bags, including zipper top, locking, canvas coin, courier, mail and poly bags; bag seals; bank deposit bags; all bags can be printed

ALLIGATOR TOYS – 513-591-4988 – [email protected] – up-to-date, popular merchandise and redemption

ALLIED SPECIALTY INSURANCE – 800-237-3355 – – insurance

ALLSTAR VENDING – 800-685-7066 – [email protected] – sticker, capsule and gumball machine racks and stands; one-stop shop with complete line of redemption items including light-up items, remote-control cars & plush; licensed & generic stickers and tattoos, capsuled toys, bulk, candy & gum

ALLSTAR, INC. – 877-483-4141 – game cabinets

ALLTEK SYSTEMS – 757-546-0742 – [email protected] – Ultimate MPU Board & other pinball replacement parts

ALPHA-OMEGA AMUSEMENTS & SALES – 732-254-3773 – [email protected] – bill & coin handling sorters, counters & validators; redemption token & ticket design; token & ticket scales, dispensers, ticket takers, debit card systems, computerized revenue tracking; security products: alarm installation kits for coin-op games; service & repair of video games, pinballs, novelty and redemption equipment; video conversion and reconditioning experts; crane & rotary parts including coils, switches, displays & optics; redemption center set-up & operation; “independent” expert in redemption, crane & rotary merchandise for game rooms, amusement parks and FECs; birthday party kits; implementation & coordination of promotions and tournaments for FECs; online tech support group; 24-7 tech support

ALVA AMUSEMENTS INT’L. – 305-640-0562 – [email protected] – video game parts including monitors, joysticks, pushbuttons, JAMMA harnesses

AMAVEND VENDING SYSTEMS – 479-443-6791 – [email protected] – design & license of gamerooms, FECs & LBEs; design & implementation of pre-paid debit card systems

AMERICAN ALPHA, INC. – 732-438-0420 – [email protected] – 8-liner & poker game boards (CGA/VGA/SVGA/XGA); LCD standard & touchscreen monitors; bill acceptors & printers; parts & accessories

AMERICAN CHANGER – 800-741-9840 – [email protected] – U.S. manufacturer of self-service and payment management solutions; banknote bill changers; automated entry systems; kiosks; currency and token dispensers; card dispensers using international validators and software for use in locations throughout the world

AMERICAN DARTERS ASSN. – 636-614-4380 – [email protected] – nationwide sales of dart franchises and leagues, including management system, computer system and total support program

AMERICAN GAMING & ELECTRONICS – 800-727-6807 – [email protected] – parts distributor and service center for the gaming market; product lines include LCDs, Optera and 3M touchscreens, player tracking replacement parts and other products; buys and sells used slot machines

AMERICAN POOLPLAYERS ASSOCIATION – 636-625-8611 – – runs amateur pool leagues in U.S., Canada and Japan; pool tournaments/events

AMERICAN VENDORS SUPPLY – 800-317-1777 – [email protected] – high- & low-security locks, padlocks, camlocks, t-handle locks & keyrings

AMLON TICKET, TAG & LABEL – 800-544-2131 – [email protected] – tickets and printing services

AMUSEMENT CLASSIFIEDS.COM – 877-696-6966 – [email protected] – buy, sell, trade anything and everything amusement and leisure

AMUSEMENT CONSULTANTS – 914-576-7800 – [email protected] – research & site selection, design, applications & approvals, development & planning, consultation, equipment negotiation & purchase, operations review & industry watchdog services

AMUSEMENT EMPORIUM, INC. – 800-525-7059 – [email protected] – full line of parts including billiards, G.E. & Sylvania, darts, air hockey, foosball, video & pin games, jukeboxes, locks & chemicals

AMUSEMENT ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT LLC – 732-254-3773 – [email protected] – consulting services aimed directly at the development of bowling hybrid centers, family entertainment venues, amusement parks, cinema-anchored centers, waterpark complexes, hotels, resorts & casino properties; project development; services include feasibility studies, facility design and layout, business plan generation, funding assistance, games & attractions performance evaluations; GRIP (Game Revenue Increase Program); evaluations of existing facilities; technical marketing training & instruction for FEC staff & management teams; creation & implementation of customer loyalty programs; creation of birthday party/group/family/individual discount value packages; design & product development of coin-operated games and attractions, including test marketing and consultation on standardization of games, advertising, promotion & PR services, as well as legal, insurance, financial services & industry expert witness testimony services

AMUSEMENT INSURANCE RESOURCES – 800-607-4711 – [email protected] – risk management and insurance programs for FECs

AMUSEMENT SMART/ATM SMART – 800-830-5242 [email protected] – Amusement Smart and ATM-Smart service & route management software packages; features include collection & management of fee-based systems, template-based collection screens, location & player rewards, CRM, & service & smart phone access

AMUSEMENT SUPPLY CO. – 502-228-4595 – [email protected] – new and used arcade attractions including rappelling walls, playgrounds, inflatables, coin-op mechanical bulls, indoor and outdoor kiddie rides, etc.

AMUSEMENT TECHNOLOGIES – 508-543-9300 [email protected] – Perfect Solution, all-in-one kit that allows you to combine any two I.T. games in one cabinet; AT3800 Scan Converter which runs any low- or medium-resolution game on an LCD monitor; AT2900 Crane Bridge Tester

AMUSEMENTS PLUS, INC. – 800-377-7729 – [email protected] – complete line of parts and supplies including billiards, cleaning supplies, coin wrappers and bill straps, coin and currency acceptors and counters, darts, electrical, electronics, foosballs, game controls, hard drives, locks, LCD monitors, material handling, pinballs, plush toys, power supplies, security devices, speakers, tools, wire and cable; service and technical support provided

AMUTRONICS, INC. – 800-640-5545 – [email protected] – video game parts & supplies, including touchscreen game parts & cabinets; contract manufacturing & game development; Magic Touch games

ANGLE MFG. CO., INC. – 800-347-4405 – [email protected] – flatscreen cabinets, including uprights, sitdowns and countertops

ANIMALAND – 702-940-0553 – [email protected] – interactive plush stuffing machines, plush animal skins, outfits and accessories

ANSELMI & MIERZEJEWSKI, PC – 248-338-2290 – [email protected] – legal services

ARACHNID, INC. – 800-435-8319 – [email protected] – dart accessories; league support and training; BullShooter tournaments

ARBORTRONICS CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC. – 416-638-6112 – [email protected] – distributor and factory-authorized service center for coin currency and card payment products (Mars, Coinco, Cashcode and other brands); provides maintenance, custom-designed electronics, design and service of microprocessor-based controllers; interfaces from bill changers and validators to PC computers, coin changers and acceptors

ARCADEFIXIT.COM – 888-622-2829 – [email protected] – specialists in new and old parts inventory for classic video games from many name brands like Atari, Sega, Bally & Midway; also parts for current titles

ARNETT SECURITY CREDENTIALS – – customizable event badges, cloth wristbands and credentials for festivals, parks, touring acts, sporting events, etc.

ASTRO CARPET – 800-542-4189 – [email protected] – carpet manufacturer; artificial turf for miniature golf courses & water parks; glow-patterned carpets for gamerooms & FECs

ASTROSYSTEMS, INC. – 702-643-1600 – [email protected] – Microcoin line of coin validators & the Global Bill Validator; available in multiple configurations, accepting all world currencies, with locking & nonlocking cash boxes

ATLAS SOUND – 800-876-3333 – – indoor/outdoor loudspeaker systems, IP-addressable PA speaker systems, amplifiers, power management, electronic equipment cabinetry, speaker/microphone stands, & accessories

AUCTION GAME SALES – 800-551-0660 – [email protected] – monthly consignment auctions of coin-op equipment; complete coin-op inventory liquidation and appraisals

AUCTIONS & REAL ESTATE SALES CO. – 800-972-3222 – [email protected] – auctions for amusement, arcade and gaming devices, including real estate; buyouts of small or large warehouses of equipment

AUDIONICS, INC. – 800-795-9180 – [email protected] – manufacturers of audio activated line level and speaker switches

AURORA TECHNOLOGY – 702-518-5856 – [email protected] – IGRA Class 2 One Touch Bingo Systems; i Splin Montana Deluxe bingos; Tel Connect phone cards & promotional sweepstakes system from Pong Marketing (Gametronics), video pull tabs for fraternal markets; distributor of Pace-O-Matic software & Cutting Edge upgrades; Fun Games sticks

AURORA WORLD – 888-287-6722 – [email protected] – makers and marketers plush toys

AUTOFRY/MULTI-CHEF – 800-348-2976 – [email protected] – complete line of vent-less, fully-enclosed and automated deep frying systems; vent-less, high-speed, rapid-cook ovens

AWESOME EVENTS, INC. – 888-786-9329 – – inflatables

BJ TOY MANUFACTURING CO. – 610-863-9191 – [email protected] – stuffed plush toys and umbrellas

BMAO (BRYAN MAO AMUSEMENT OUTLET) – 925-933-8458 – pinball, video game and jukebox service and sales

BMI MERCHANDISE – 800-272-6375 – [email protected] – merchandise supplier for redemption centers, Prize Hub/Ticket-2-Prize kiosks and instant-win games

BANK SUPPLIES – 800-968-7868 – [email protected] – money-handling supplies including coin wrappers, currency straps, coin and currency counters, coin bags, crimpers and lead seals

BAY AREA AMUSEMENTS LLC – 408-416-3628 – [email protected] – pinball game parts

STEPHEN K. BENNETT – 714-634-4233 – [email protected] – FEC & arcade consulting

BETSON IMPERIAL PARTS & SERVICE – 800-524-2343 – [email protected] – full-line of coin machine replacement parts and supplies, including monitors, power supplies, billiard accessories, trackballs, joysticks, guns, locks, touchscreens, validator parts, cleaning supplies, vending parts and supplies

BEZELS – 800-640-5545 – [email protected] – stock and custom monitor bezels

BIG APPLE VENDING & SUPPLY – 866-898-8400 – [email protected] – importer of toys for 1.1” and 2” capsules; full selection of candy, gum, stickers and tattoos

BIG CITY AUCTION COMPANY – 718-791-7766 – [email protected] – auction liquidation company specializing in on-site, live public auctions of gamerooms, arcades, restaurants, etc.

BIG D’s & FAT PAT’S GRAPHIX – 615-746-0820 – [email protected] – plexi designs for 8-line and poker industry; decals for video games, cranes, etc.; short and long production runs

BIG DADDY GAMES LLC – 920-727-5508 – [email protected] – customized software for the gaming and amusement industry; also see Maverick Manufacturing

BIRTHDAY UNIVERSITY – 919-387-1966 – [email protected] – touring educational program that teaches the business of commercial birthday parties and large company events

BLUE BAR CORP. – 800-869-0724 – [email protected] – full line bulk vending machines and supplies such as stickers, tattoos, novelties, toys, 1” and 2” capsules, dollar items, etc.

BOTTELSEN DART CO., INC. – 800-537-2164 – [email protected] – manufacturer of the Hammer Head no-bounce darts, as well as a complete soft-tip dart line

BOWLING CENTER INSURANCE – 866-438-3651 ext.145 – [email protected] – insurance developed for the sports, leisure and entertainment industries

BRADY STARBURST LLC – 704-357-6284 – [email protected] – full-line distributor for coin-op amusement, redemption and vending parts; fully-staffed service and technical departments

BROWNLEE LAW FIRM – 602-953-3400 ext. 205 – [email protected] – legal advice, representation and defense of coin-op arcade industry, risk-reduction

BUDGET VENDING & SUPPLY CO. – 877-360-7163 – [email protected] – distributor of vending machines and supplies

BUMPER TUBE – 800-222-1225 – [email protected] – pool table recovering systems and supplies; lights, chalk, balls, cue sticks and other billiard and shuffleboard parts and supplies

C & P DISTRIBUTING – 574-256-1138 – [email protected] – Internet web hosting; working with Datacruz; test equipment; EPROMs and EPROM programmers and computer components; circuit boards for video and pinball

C.B. SALES & DISTRIBUTING – 800-535-8981 – [email protected] – Axes & Debitek cashless smart card reader systems with on- & off-line options, redemption kiosks, new & used game boards, bill acceptors, printers, cabinets & all sizes of monitors; full parts department with service tech available for repairs & on-call troubleshooting questions; leasing options available

C.I.A. SALES, INC. – 702-522-7300 – [email protected], – parts for all brands of boxer games including Coney Island, Jaka, Dawpol and Magic Play

CCTV WHOLESALERS – 800-291-0523 – [email protected] – surveillance equipment

CPI (CRANE PAYMENT INNOVATIONS) – 800-345-8215 – [email protected] – global payment systems, including note validators & recyclers, coin validators & cashless solutions; brands include MEI, Conlux, NRI, Money Controls, Cashcode & Telequip; money handling solutions for the amusement, gaming, vending, retail, transportation & financial services markets

CAMP ILIFF – 973-383-7231 – [email protected] – implementation of children’s program such as after school, summer camp & full-day child care; turnkey business solution to eliminate weekday party space downtime

CAMLOCK SYSTEMS – 860-378-0302 – [email protected] – high-security locks, industrial hardware and electronic access control

CANDYMACHINES.COM – 800-853-3941 – [email protected] – bulk vending machines and refill supplies, including gumballs, candy, toy capsules, stickers and tattoos; full line vending

CAPITAL VENDING – 800-814-7756 – [email protected] – update kits for dollar bill changers; validator belt rebuild kits; bill acceptor parts & repair; kits to update cigarette machines, validators, EPROMs; parts for Rowe jukeboxes, Mars and Coinco validators and Ardac bill changers; kits to update cigarette machines for higher prices and larger denominations; JAMMA cabinet tester and 8-line tester

CAPTAIN’S AUCTION WAREHOUSE – 714-701-9486 – [email protected] – auctions

CARDINAL DISTRIBUTING – 410-325-2121 – [email protected] – bulk & flat vending items

CASEY’S ELECTRONICS – 724-443-8790 – [email protected] – service center for jukeboxes, Bally Dixieland, pingames and video games

CASINO GLASS AND PARTS WORLDWIDE – 408-568-2504 – [email protected] – casino game glass and second-hand parts for gaming machines produced by Bally, Aristocrat, IGT, Konami and Atronic

CASTLE GOLF – 480-968-1955 – [email protected] – design & construction of indoor and outdoor mini golf courses and family fun parks

CAVS USA – 562-777-1845 – [email protected] – karaoke systems

CENTEREDGE SOFTWARE – 336-598-5934 – [email protected] – point of sale, cashless system integration, group sales, time clock/employee scheduling, inventory control, customer loyalty/ membership, redemption, box office sales, waivers, online sales

CHAMPIONSHIP LLC – 800-323-2852 – [email protected] – Championship Billiard fabrics, all grades and colors; worsteds and woolens; Championship cushions and table parts; pre-cut bed and rails; custom-fitted pool table covers; pool table repair & accessories; bumper pool, foosball and shuffleboard parts and supplies

CHANGETEC – 616-245-8235 – bill changers and bill validators

CHARACTERS UNLIMITED, INC. – 702-294-0563 – [email protected] – animated characters (Zoltar, Gypsy, Wizard); fortune teller machines

CHICAGO GAMING CO. – 708-780-0070 – [email protected] – coin-op game & consumer gaming cabinets (video game conversioncabinets, foosball, etc.)

CIRCONE + ASSOCIATES, INC. – 614-233-2255 – [email protected] – branding & marketing firm with expertise in coin-op

COAST TO COAST ENTERTAINMENT – 800-224-1717 – [email protected] – plush mixes including licensed items, electronic mixes, lighters and holiday assortments for cranes; mixes for self-contained automatic merchandisers; redemption tickets; crane repair and parts line including PCBs, power supplies, motors, gears and coin mechanisms

COIN ACCEPTORS – 800-325-2646 – – coin changers, bill acceptors & coin acceptors for U.S. & international currency; bill recyclers & cashless devices

COIN CONNEXION – 877-264-6269 – [email protected] – route management systems for amusement, vending & gaming operators; handheld & smartphone automated systems for collections, product inventory, service calls, machine moves & wifi transmissions

COIN MECHANISMS, INC. – 800-323-6498 – [email protected] – all-metal coin and token coin acceptors; coin doors and front plates for amusement games; coin and bill validator timer boxes for kiddie rides, showers, tennis court lights; MDB -compatible multi-coin changer housing for the OCS industry; lighted pushbutton switches; Azkoyen hoppers and multi-coin electronic validators; Merkur Dispenser 100-bill recycler; CCFLs; LED edge-lit panels; Helix 3D LED signs; and DebitKey cashless transaction system

COIN SECURITY SYSTEMS, INC. – 800-266-2646 – [email protected] – sales and service center for high-security camlocks and padlocks, hasps and electronic key cabinets

COIN TECH S.A. – 877-882-8872 – [email protected] – worldwide supplier of cashless debit card systems, POS and redemption solutions, customer loyalty, booking and ticketing, electronic ticket operation and a range of business management modules

COMPETITIVE PRODUCTS – 800-562-7283 – [email protected] – game parts & supplies; power supplies; electronic components; monitors; bill validators; full line of billiard supplies, gaming & pinball parts & accessories; commercial flat panels for bars; solid-state buttons

CORE CASHLESS – 913-529-8200 – – cashless debit systems for parks, waterparks, FECs, gamerooms & other venues; features POS, online ticket sales & reservations, redemption, membership, employee & guest service software

COST OF WISCONSIN, INC. – 800-221-7625 – [email protected] – design and construction of miniature golf courses, FECs

CREST ELECTRONICS – 888-502-7378 – [email protected] – CCTV video security systems: quads, color and black & white systems; digital recorders; day/night cameras; custom design; IP cameras & network recorders

CUSTOM CHANGE APRONS – 800-827-2233 – [email protected] – change aprons and money/coin/token bags; complete line of food service aprons

D & D CABINETS, INC. – 800-831-2011 – [email protected] – contract manufacturing; complete cabinet design; innovative prototype construction; manufacturing from sub-assembly to shipment of complete finished product

D.P. VENDTRONICS, INC. – 561-471-8882 – [email protected] – authorized sales and service center for Cashcode bill validation products; also handles Dixie-Narco, Crane Co., National and Mars

DART WORLD, INC. – 800-225-2558 – [email protected] – complete line of steel and soft tip darts, dart boards, cabinets; licensed Budweiser, Harley-Davidson and Harrows dart products

THE WALTER DAY COLLECTION – 641-472-1949 – [email protected] – promotions and awards ceremonies that feature unique historical trading cards that commemorate the history and culture of the video game industry

DEITH DISTRIBUTING, INC. – 516-621-1234 – [email protected] – coin handling equipment; design, layout & game selection for FECs & LBEs

DELTRONIC LABS – 215-997-8616 – [email protected] – ticket dispensers, ticket eaters, interface boards for adding ticket dispensers to coin-op games, admission counters, POS systems and slot machines; PCB design and prototypes for custom applications

ROGER DEMERS – 863-473-1446 – [email protected] – circuit board & technical repair

DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS – 812-288-7665 – [email protected] – billiard lights, racks, Simonis cloth and super Aramith pro balls; billiard tables

DIEB ENTERPRISES – 800-237-0521 – – out-of-warranty repair of Incredible Technologies’ Golden Tee Golf PC boards; repair of most brands of changers & validators; MEI (Mars) and Conlux Premier authorized service center; fountain equipment services

DIGITAL CENTRE AMERICA, INC. – 305-387-5005 – [email protected] – photo booths, compact metal cabinets, components

DISCOUNT VIDEO & PINBALL – 714-999-0700 – [email protected] – video game repair; conversions; parts; sales

DISCOUNT PLUSH – 800-303-1075 – crane prepacks and novelties; Stacker, BarBer Cut, rotary, Key Master and candy crane kits; licensed products; trade-ups; mp3/4/5 players; free freight on all orders

DYNAMIC DESIGNS – 248-644-7275 – [email protected] – design of bowling centers, FECs, bars & restaurants

E & D TRADING – 877-922-6707 – [email protected] – distribution and service of ICT, CPI (MEI), Cashcode, JCM & Pyramid bill acceptors; AxesNetwork card reader systems; Wells-Gardner LCD monitors; power supplies, harnesses, buttons, touchscreens; BlackBox operator accounting system

EPL VENDING SALES & SERVICE – 508-660-2210 – [email protected] – sales and service of leading coin and bill acceptors/changers and bill validation systems; manufacturers serviced include: Ardac, Coinco, Conlux (Maka), Dixie-Narco, Mars, Rowe

ECHAVES AMUSEMENT MACHINE CO. – 619-346-5497 – [email protected] – redemption and prize machine game design and manufacturing

ELAUT USA, INC. – 800-966-0575 – [email protected] – amusement, redemption and instant-win parts, service and support

ELDORADO GAMES – 417-471-1005 – [email protected] – flat-rate repairs on classic video & pinball games; newer boards done at $55/hour; power supplies, parts & manuals; game sales

ELETECH ELECTRONICS – 626-333-6394 – [email protected] – digital sound box & controller for kiddie rides, gumball machines, redemption, etc.

ELKAY PRODUCTS – 800-631-7351 – [email protected] – moving equipment: handtrucks, dollies, moving pads, straps, etc.

ELMAC SRL – 39-049-897-6176 – [email protected] – universal ticket dispensers that allows kiddie rides and bowling to vend tickets

EMBED INTERNATIONAL – 469-521-8000 – [email protected] – revenue management systems for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries; site revenue enhancement through the use of cashless payment systems, value-added packages, loyalty programs, full redemption management, integrated event scheduling and access control systems

ENCO SYSTEMS, INC. – 248-541-6300 – [email protected] – replacement Philips CD Pro-2 disc players (and service parts) for all CD jukeboxes

ENTERGAMENT – 847-639-0496 – [email protected] – complete game design from prototype to production

ENTERTAINMENT CONCEPTS, INC. – 847-561-7013 – [email protected] – site evaluation, concept development, feasibility studies, businessplans, etc.; master plans and final design for indoor and outdoor FECs, amusement parks, go-kart tracks, mini-golf, bumper boat ponds, batting cages, etc.

ENTERTAINMENT EQUIPMENT EXPERTS – 800-441-0009 – [email protected] – full range of consulting services for FECs, bowling centers and other on-premise locations, including business plan development, funding assistance, design and layout services, attraction consultation, installation and maintenance; offers both advice and “hands on” attention to employee training and technical support

ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES, INC. – 480-247-9372 – [email protected] – FEC industry consultant from feasibility studies to grand openings & current operations; fine tuning

ENTERVENDING – 954-769-0510 – [email protected] – bulk vending supplies, gumballs, candy dispensers, capsuled vending toys, bouncy balls, vending stickers and tattoos; gumball machines, flat vending machines, vending stands and racks

ETABS – 214-280-5308 – [email protected] – electronic pull tabs

FNS TOKEN DISTRIBUTING – 800-467-0820 – [email protected] – custom & generic brass tokens in all seven common sizes; FEC consulting

FARR SCALE CO. – 717-566-9449 – scale service in the Mid-Atlantic region; sales/service/parts for Watlings, Peerless, Navco & Rock-Ola

JANE FARRELL TURF & CARPETS, INC. – 800-726-0559 – [email protected] – artificial turf for miniature golf courses; carpets in printed patterns, graphic designs & commercial vinyl tile

CHRISTINE FINDLAY PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS – 732-450-1010 – [email protected] – photography of people, products and places for advertising/marketing/events; print and web; specializing in the amusement industry

FIRESTONE FINANCIAL – 800-851-1001 ext. 41 – [email protected] – equipment financing specializing in the amusement industry

FIRSTLEASE, INC. – 866-493-4778 – [email protected] – nationwide financing for the coin-op industry; lease financing terms from 12 to 60 months

FLAG AND BANNER.COM – 800-445-0653 – [email protected] – flags, banners and fabric signage

FLATLINE CORP. – 877-499-3528 – [email protected] – bulk vending stickers, tattoos, capsules and redemption prizes

FLORIDA ROBOTICS – 407-568-6146 – [email protected] – remote-controlled, interactive robotic elements; robots and animatronic characters; surveillance rovers; robotic arms; Halloween robots and props; dancing Christmas tree robots; custom robots; OpBot, a life-size robotic Operation game; Tiki Island radios

FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY – 970-667-3150 – [email protected] – hard-to-find N.O.S. reproduction parts for pinballs and videos; manuals, flyers and books

THOMAS F. FRICKE – 314-322-9526 – [email protected] – licensed Pennsylvania attorney specializing in nationwide gambling law compliance and policy and business transactions; selectively accepts expert witness assignments

JOEL FRIEDMAN CONSULTING – 917-328-1202 – [email protected] – marketing & sales consulting services for the jukebox, games, vending & currency-handling

FUN COMPANY – 800-808-5554 – – video cabinets; pedestal cabinets; laser cutting/etching & contract manufacturing; custom graphics

FUN EXPRESS, INC. – 800-228-8884 – [email protected] – over 10,000 different items: redemption toys & novelties, party supplies including Happy Sack themed goodie bags, electronics; also products for game merchandisers

G-SHEEN ENTERPRISE CO. LTD. – 886-6-272-7528 – [email protected] – spare parts for coin-op machines

GALGANO RECORDS – 800-875-4160 – [email protected] – major record chain independent distribution

THE GAME DOC, INC. – 818-504-0440 – [email protected] – parts and repair service on monitors, PCBs, etc.

THE GAME ROOM – 714-999-0700 – [email protected] – conversion specialists; game sales, repairs & parts; game development

GAME PLUS CANADA – 905-303-9089 – [email protected] – redemption tickets, roll tickets, debit cards, gift cards & wristbands

GATEWAY CHANGER SERVICES – 636-464-2424 – sales and service for bill changers and validators; upgrade kits to $1, $5, $10 and $20 changers, coin and bill counters

GEKAY SALES & SERVICE CO. – 800-832-0028 – [email protected] – payment system remanufacturing, including bill acceptors, coin mechanisms, card readers and control boards

GEMINI TECHNOLOGIES – 321-604-0790 – [email protected] – cleaners, polishes & waxes for pinball, shuffleboard, billiards & all amusement & gaming equipment; custom manufacturing & private labeling

GILDERFLUKE & CO.– 800-776-5972 – [email protected] – show control systems, digital audio repeaters & intelligent PA systems

WILLIAM T. GLASGOW, INC. – 708-226-1300 – [email protected] – event management of the Amusement Expo Billiard and Home Leisure Expo

GLOBAL BILLIARD MFG. – 310-764-5000 – [email protected] – coin-op billiard tables & accessories including The Matrix & Matrix Duo electronic validator upgrade for Global product & most other brands of tables

GLOBAL GUMBALL LLC. – 888-294-9273 – [email protected] – bulk vending equipment supplies

GOFFA INTERNATIONAL CORP. – 718-361-8883 ext. 3049 – [email protected] – plush toys

GOLD COAST INTERNATIONAL INC. – 516-605-0220 – [email protected] – parts for all coin-op machines, Belita coin & currency counters, tokens and token vendors, re­dempt­ion tickets, ticket counting units, ticket dispensers & all parts, kits & supplies for the amusement industry

GREAT AMERICAN RECREATION EQUIPMENT – 800-831-2011 – [email protected] – cocktail (with 20” monitor) & upright conversion cabinets in 25”, 27” and 34” showcase sizes; pool table lifts

JACK GUARNIERI CONSULTING – 732-433-4333 – [email protected] – consulting including business plans, feasibility studies, legal, accounting and financial resources; motivational speaking

GUMBALL.COM – 800-260-0010 – [email protected] – bulk vending equipment & supplies

HMS MONACO – 800-777-0901 – [email protected] – plush & licensed merchandise, lead-safe costume jewelry, watches, electronics & unique novelties for prize-dispensing games, (cranes, capsule machines, rotaries, etc.); redemption & retail operations; custom packaging

HAGSTROM ELECTRONICS, INC. – 888-690-9080 – [email protected] – products which interface switches and other input devices to a PC keyboard, USB or serial port; low-cost, custom I/O boards for various devices such as meters, lights and actuators

HAMILTON MFG. CORP. – 800-837-5561 – [email protected] – bill & coin changers; token venders

HAYES SPECIALTIES – 800-521-5219 – [email protected] – plush, toys, novelties, premium, souvenirs and special import items

HOFFMAN MINT – 800-227-5813 – – U.S. manufacturer of stock and custom-designed tokens, medallions and souvenir coins available to ship worldwide in a variety of alloys and sizes

HOPPIN HYDROS STUDIOS – 562-402-2339 – [email protected] – bulk figurines, stickers & tattoos; designer for A&A Global; designs include Oh No Aliens, Squisheez, Warbots, Zombie Planet, Freeky Geeks & Los Tremendos

HORIZON GAMES – 516-804-3384 – [email protected] – pool table retrofit kits compatible with all major brands of coin-operated pool tables; features include bill & coin acceptors, battery- and/or AC-powered, standard or timed pricing both with up to three pricing levels, speed pool & free play settings for leagues & promotions

HORIZON DARTS, INC./LASERDARTS – 800-542-3278- [email protected] – darts and supplies

IDEAL SOFTWARE SYSTEMS – 800-964-3325 – – One Ideal Solution fully-integrated software and hardware systems for amusement centers and the family entertainment industry; software systems for: point of sale; cashless transactions; party booking; ticketing; redemption center inventory; time keeping, scheduling, e-commerce and more

IDEAL TOYS DIRECT, INC. – 866-415-8407 – [email protected] – plush toys and prepacks

IMONEX – 800-446-2719 – [email protected] – coin acceptors for single- or multi-coin applications; models with electronic multiplying & pricing functions for amusement & vending applications; includes the R9 CXM replacement for the Coin Comparitors; serving the industry since 1982; made in the U.S.A.

IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL – 800-526-6261 – [email protected] – full range of billiard parts and supplies, including licensed NFL and MLB billiard balls and other accessories

INFINITE PERIPHERALS – 847-818-1260 – – receipt printers for games; mobile hardware solutions for data collection

INFLATABLE DEPOT – 866-716-3704 – [email protected] – inflatable games, rides and advertising structures

INOVA – 717-533-1945 – [email protected] – association and business management, marketing, PR & graphic design

INTERCARD – 800-732-3770 – [email protected] – design and implementation of cash management and marketing system solutions for the amusement, entertainment and casino industries; POS systems and cash management solutions via secure cloud service technology

INTERNATIONAL CASH ACCEPTORS – 800-421-6560 – [email protected] – bill acceptors for U.S. and foreign currency; JCM platinum distributors plus distributors of ICT, Cashcode and Coinco

INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY TECHNOLOGIES, INC. – 510-353-0289 – [email protected] – wide range of currency handling and coin-op machine components including bill acceptors, ticket printers and hoppers, as well as offering comprehensive OEM and ODM manufacturing solutions

INTERNATIONAL PLAY CO., INC. – 604-607-1111 – [email protected] – design, manufacture and installation of indoor commercial play structures, soft toddler play areas, climbing walls, Tuff Stuff and interactive play; meets all safety standards; FEC development, custom theming and turnkey solutions

JCM GLOBAL – 800-683-7248 – [email protected] – high-performance bill acceptors for gaming, lottery, vending and amusement applications

JJ AMUSEMENTS, INC. – 800-854-3140 – [email protected] – parts and service for family fun centers and amusement parks; wide range of replacement parts for concession go-karts and bumper boats; Honda parts and engines; replacement parts for miniature golf and batting cages

JAMES INDUSTRIES, INC. – 702-307-9100 – – wide range of amusement and gaming components, including monitors

JARDEN SPORTS LICENSING – 800-325-3686 – [email protected] – novelties, gifts; custom printed merchandise

JOISSU PRODUCTS, INC. – 800-233-1681 – – novelties, toys, gifts, and costume jewelry

K & K SALES LLC – 812-334-1936 – [email protected] – plush, toys, novelties, rubber balls, watches, bean bag toys, puffer balls, basketballs, plastic toys with sound, capsules, redemption and candy crane prizes; bulk vending supplies; parts and service for most coin-operated equipment

KWP LIMITED – 44-7785-254-729 – [email protected] – market research, competitive industry summary, technology evaluation & management services, including design, development & marketing; seminars & guest lectures; sister division of subscription e-newsletter; founders & organizers of the Digital Out of Home Entertainment Supporters, the DNA conference & association

KELLY TOY – 800-346-0312 – [email protected] – plush toys and crane, park, carnival and redemption merchandise

KICTEAM – 800-818-1932 – [email protected] – cleaning cards for dollar bill readers, bill validators and card readers featuring Waffle-Technology

KING PLUSH ENTERPRISES – 800-473-3402 – [email protected] – licensed and non-licensed plush toys for cranes, arcades, FECs and redemption centers

JOHNNY KING AUCTIONEERS – 864-456-7141 – [email protected] – auctions

KLOPP MONEY HANDLING EQUIPMENT – 800-356-9080 – [email protected] – manual and electric coin sorters and counter/wrappers made in the U.S.; full line of currency counters and coin-counting scales

LA SPEAKERS, INC. – 215-368-1255 – [email protected] – super dispersion ceiling speakers

L.A. SLOT MACHINE – 310-297-9797 – [email protected] – parts for gaming equipment including Aristocrat, Atronics, Bally, IGT, Sigma, WMS; gaming equipment export; home use sales

LAKESHORE MERCHANDISERS INTERNATIONAL LLC – 800-457-5502 – [email protected] – coin counters and sorters, money handling supplies, coin and bill changers, soda and snack vending machines, bulk vending equipment and supplies

LASER STAR AMUSEMENTS, INC. – 954-583-3222 – [email protected] – commercial video games, coin-op games, shooting galleries and projection games; custom electronic fabrications for the amusement industry; Hansa stuffed art animals

LECTRO-TRUCK/I.M.S., INC. – 800-619-0625 – [email protected] – Lectro-Truck stair climbing system; equipment moving machines including 600-, 1200- and 1500-lb.-capacity models for venders

LEDTRONICS – 800-579-4875 – [email protected] – direct-replacement incandescent lamps with long life, low-power, high-brightness LED bulbs, panel-mount lamps and LED street lights; post top LED bulbs, LED T8 tubelights and LED wall packs

LEGACY COIN-OPERATED DISTRIBUTORS – 800-232-6467 – [email protected] – stands for TouchTunes Virtuo jukeboxes and other brands of equipment integrating speakers, lighting and other on-location services (printer option available); Social Media Center combines the Virtuo and its Photobooth application (that allows sharing with social media) with a floor stand that has a Bose subwoofer, Sony speakers, Zone 2 amplifier, LED under-cabinet lighting and more; Bose Base Box Stand for Virtuo features Bose subwoofer, two 180-watt Sony speakers, Zone 2 amplifier, LED under-cabinet lighting; durable finish and more

LEISURE AND RECREATION CONCEPTS – 214-942-4474 – [email protected] – FEC, theme park, amusement park consulting service including concept & schematic designs, feasibility studies, construction supervision & management

LILLY DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS – 913-499-9939 – [email protected] – consulting firm specializing in technology optimization, cash & cashless payment processes & revenue enhancement; fraud reduction for all types of out-of-home entertainment venues

LIVE OAK BANK – 877-890-5867 – [email protected] – financing to the broad entertainment center segment of the amusement industry for expansion, remodeling, new construction, acquisition & equipment purchasing; succession planning & refinancing

LOCK AMERICA, INC. – 800-422-2866 – [email protected] – manufacturers of a complete line of security accessories; cam locks, padlocks, security bars and hasps, registered keys, high- and medium-security locks for every type of coin machine; in business for over 30 years

THE LOCKER NETWORK – 469-521-8000 – [email protected] – manufacturer, supplier and operator of electronic lockers for the amusement, entertainment & leisure industries; fully automated, self-attended lockers

LOCKING SYSTEMS INT’L. INC. – 800-657-5625 – [email protected] – sales and assembly of locks; factory authorized sales and service center for Abloy and Medeco locks; manufacturer of Cobra Lock and the patented Cobra 7 complete line of locks; cam-locks, switch locks, padlocks, hasps, vending locks, electronic locks and more

LYNDE-ORDWAY CO. – 800-762-7057 – – money handling equipment and supplies; coin and token sorting, counting and wrapping equipment, bill changers, currency and bank note counters, counterfeit detectors, security money bags, parts and service

MCM ELEMENTS – 570-323-6859 – [email protected] – route management software

MAGNER CORP. OF AMERICA – 800-243-2624 – – full line of coin and currency handling equipment including coin sorters, counters and packagers, currency counters, and self-service coin centers for placement dealers

MARCO SPECIALTIES, INC. – 803-957-5500 – [email protected] – new and old pinball machine books, parts, supplies, manuals, coils and rubber ring sets; online ordering; Pinscore pinball displays and circuit boards; sales of PRW rubber and new Stern pinball machines

MARSHALL PRODUCTIONS – 312-944-0720 – [email protected] – www.marshall – photography; illustrations; video productions; complete graphic service; color separations; silkscreening; 4-color process printing on paper, styrene, vinyl, polycarbonate and lexan; producer of art for all cabinet and game components; advertising

MASK U.S., INC. – 800-835-5767 – [email protected] – promotion costume characters for family entertainment centers, arcades, etc.

MAVERICK MFG. LLC – 920-727-5508 – [email protected] – cabinets and other game parts/accessories

McDERMOTT HANDCRAFTED CUES – 800-666-2283 – [email protected] – custom billiard cues and cases

McGREGOR ENTERPRISES, INC. – 888-706-0539 – [email protected] – slim-line upright and sitdown cabinets; coin pushers; countertop cabinets; bill acceptors, monitors, power supplies, circuit boards, ticket dispensers and printers (new and refurbished)

MEDALIST MARKETING CORP. – 800-532-4837 – [email protected] – Medalist World League and promotion program

MEDTECH WRISTBANDS – 800-361-1259 – [email protected] – wide range of in-stock wristbands for immediate shipment; fast turnaround on custom printing services

MERCHANDISE INTERNATIONAL – 808-682-2821 – redemption merchandise

MIDWEST ELECTRONICS – 309-724-8395 – [email protected] – coin-op product design/development

MILL AMUSEMENT – 701-232-4217 – [email protected] – Mill Wax Pinball Playfield Wax & Cleaner; Mill Wipes cleaning, waxing, wiping & polishing patches; Mill Bulb Tool for changing miniature lamps in restricted spaces; Mill Lacing Tape; remaining new back issues of GameRoom Magazine; NOS used parts & glass for Bally electro-mechanical slots

MINI-GOLF, INC. – 570-489-8623 – [email protected] – portable pre-fab mini-golf courses for indoor/outdoor use; easy to set-up, move or store; regular and glow courses are available

MISSION POOL TABLES & GAMES – 805-569-1444 – – dealers in all supplies for tables and games

MITCHELL ENTERPRISES – 610-687-5884 – [email protected] – currency and coin handling equip­ment; distributors of bill acceptors, coin pushers, currency counters and counterfeit detectors

MONARCH COIN & SECURITY – 800-462-9460 – [email protected] – coin-op mechanisms and locks

MONEY MAKERS – 800-972-3222 – [email protected] – video game components including power supplies, monitors, harnesses and buttons; also amusement and gaming PC boards, currency validators and cabinets; purchase, repair and sale of components and coin-op equipment; marketing of arcade & game equipment domestically & internationally; ATMs; repair of all types of coin-op games and equipment, including antique 45-rpm jukes; since 1967

MOUTE POINT, INC. – 972-672-4434 – [email protected] – amusement consultants assisting with choice and location of games, along with redemption merchandise and overall operations

MUGGINS INTERNATIONAL, INC. – 630-773-0164 – [email protected] – game design and development

MULTITECH GAMES, INC. – 305-639-1794 – [email protected] – cabinets for 8-liners; sales of equipment in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean

MUNCIE NOVELTY CO. – 800-428-8640 – [email protected] – manufacturers of redemption, roll, thermal pin-fed, sheet tickets, wristbands and receipt rolls; all items available for custom printing

NATIONAL PRIZE AND TOY – 888-442-8696 – [email protected] – novelty toys for redemption centers and carnivals; plush, plastic toys, inflatables, framed pictures

NATIONAL TICKET COMPANY – 800-829-0829 – [email protected] – LiteTIX redemption tickets in a thinner paper stock; all types of tickets including standard & bar-coded redemption tickets, plastic gift cards & rechargeable game cards; full array of Tyvek, vinyl, plastic, hi-res, RFID & barcoded wristbands; new Ultra Quik Bands & Sta-Put Tab Bands

NEEDLES4JUKEBOXES – 413-522-4631 – [email protected] – new jukebox parts such as needles, cartrdiges, drive belts and light bulbs, jukebox and wallbox keys, locks, fuses and gas springs; general repair parts for jukeboxes1930s -1990s

P.K. NEUSES, INC. – 847-253-6555 – – relay adjusting tools and kits, contact burnishers, spring tension gauges, wrenches; cable strippers

NEWCHERRYMASTER LLC – 262-820-2437 – [email protected] – GenX solid steel “poker” cabinet, the Xtreme gaming platform and The Player’s Choice Credit Management System; distributor of other miscellaneous machine components

NIEMAN VIDEO DISPLAYS, INC. – 519-621-1722 – [email protected] – professional, industrial LCD video displays

NORTECH MFG. & DESIGN – 800-521-6372 – – makers of the Easy Lift one-person pool table and vendor lift; pool table mini-mover; slate lift, table jack; billiard and dart accessories

NORTON AUCTIONEERS – 517-279-9063 – [email protected] – auctions and appraisals

NOVA RESOLUTION INDUSTRIES – 866-392-6868 – [email protected] – EZcount Data & Collection System, a wireless digital meter/ counter for all types of amusement and bulk vending machines equipped with electronic data transferring capabilities and internet-accessible data

NOVELTY INC. WHOLESALE – 800-968-7442 ext. 8293 – [email protected] – toys, plush, jewelry, keychains, seasonal items, lighters, smoke shop, tech/cellphone items and hydration closeouts

NOVUS, INC. – 800-548-6872 – [email protected] – Novus plastic Clean & Shine #1, Fine Scratch Remover #2 & Heavy Scratch Remover #3 used to restore pinball playfields, video games, CDs, DVDs and vending machines

O.K. MANUFACTURING – 800-748-5480 – [email protected] – toys and novelties for self-contained merchandise equipment such as O.K.’s own One Stop Fun Shoppe, Skittle Ball, Gravity Hill, Tractor Time, metal cranes, novelty bulk vending equipment, Splattball and other self-redemption arcade games; prize kits for most other self-redemption machines

ORCA COAST PLAYGROUND – 778-285-8060 – [email protected] – indoor playgrounds, toddler units, theming, architecture and design; other products include rock wall systems, mini golf, laser maze, Fragzone lasertag, iPlay by iClick, ToddlerTopia and Winter Park artificial ice arena

P N L, INC. – 800-992-6588 – [email protected] – monitor repair; used video game sales

PACE-O-MATIC, INC. – 770-441-9500 – [email protected] – software development; wood and metal cabinets

PALFINGER LIFTGATES – 800-872-4283 – [email protected] – 1,000 lb.-, 1,300 lb.- and 1,600 lb.-capacity lift gates for pickup trucks, van bodies, 7,500-33,000 GVWR trucks and service bodies; hoisting cranes

PAPER TICKET EXPERTS – 310-374-9982 – [email protected] – paper tickets, scales, counters and dispensers

PARTNERS PROMOTING DARTS/ PEARL VODKA DARTS TOC – 573-468-5347 ext 102 – – organizers of the Tournament of Champions; soft-tip darts league sanctioning; membership organization engaged in promoting darts through league sanctioning, and local and national darts tournament activity

PARTY CENTER SOFTWARE – 888-804-1166 – [email protected] – online party booking, online waivers, event management and electronic POS for the fun center industry

PARTY DIRECT – 800-548-7868 – [email protected] – major supplier/manufacturer of party plates, cups, napkins, placemats, tablecloths, hats, blowouts, balloons, holiday decoration kits, party favors, etc.; “Mega Fun” zip-lock goody bags with assorted themes, prices and company logo available on bag; can customize all paper party goods with company logo

PATRIOT GAMING & ELECTRONICS – 866-367-5666 – [email protected] – printers, monitors, bill validators, buttons, billiard parts/supplies & harnesses; sales of new & used gaming parts & slot machines; used gaming parts; metal fabrication; printer paper; slot chairs; representing 3M, Ceronix, JCM, MEI, Trans-Act, Wells-Gardner and more

PATT CORPORATION – 800-621-4418 – [email protected] – high and medium-security padlocks, cam locks, hasps, bar hasps

PAYRANGE, INC. – 855-856-6398 – [email protected] – mobile payment for unattended coin-op equipment without the need for cellular network connectivity; cellphone users can pay for credits at amusment machines by way of PayRange’s BluKey device and mobile app for iOS and Android

PEACH STATE DISTRIBUTING – 800-727-3224 – [email protected] – a parts house for over 50 years, covering the billiard, jukebox, amusement & gaming industries

PEEK-A-BOO TOYS – 630-620-9520 – [email protected] – plush families featuring The Walking Dead, Zooblies, Gumby, The Three Stooges and seasonal products for redemption and cranes

PENGUIN AMUSEMENT – 866-772-3636 – [email protected] – makers of Penguin brand pool table parts: pool table cloth, rails, trim, glue, bolts, nails, pockets, levelers and rubber; hard-to-find parts for coin-op pool tables

PERKY’S PIZZA – 813-855-7700 – [email protected] – food service program for arcades

PINBALL EXPO – 800-323- 3547 – [email protected] – world’s only pinball showcase devoted exclusively to the pinball industry: seminars, pinball factory tour, international pinball tournament

THE PINBALL RESOURCE – 845-473-7114 – [email protected] – pinball machine parts (mechanical and electronic); Gottlieb/ Premier pinball parts manufacture and distribution; parts bought and sold for all other brands of pinball machines; technical data/manuals/schematics; books; price guides; fabrication; chemicals/ clean­ers; manufacturer of reproduction parts; mail order shuffle alley schematics and manuals

PINBALLZ – 512-420-8458 – [email protected] – coin machine repair

PLAY IT! AMUSEMENTS, INC. – 847-364-9787 – [email protected] – provider of amusement game parts and service for the North American, South American and Canadian markets

PLAY MECHANIX, INC. – 630-942-1070 – [email protected] – interactive game design and development for the arcade game and consumer game industries

PLAY TIME TOYS, INC. – 888-457-8697 – [email protected] – plush: regular, licensed, sports, seasonal, specialty mixes and Big One/Giant; beanies; novelties: high-end redemption games, rotary, Sports Arena and Drill-O-Matic, 2”, 3” and 4” capsules, automatic ticket redemption centers and more with custom kits available; bulk merchandise: 27mm & 45mm bouncy balls, 1”capsules and candy/toy mixes

PLAY-TO-WIN, INC. – 603-669-6770 – [email protected] – cabinets

PLUSH APPEAL L.L.C. – 800-899-1869 – [email protected] – stuffed toys; licensed merchandise; home of Mardi Gras Plush and authentic Mardi Gras beads; customized plush prepacks; stuffed animals, toys and light-up novelties for cranes of all sizes; promotional, redemption and trade-up plush; seasonal and holiday assortments; feather boas; porcelain dolls, gifts and decorations; bulk merchandise available; same-day shipping

POINT AND CLICK AUCTIONS – 888-977-4263 – [email protected] – auctions

POWERMATE/L P INTERNATIONAL INC. – 800-697-6283 – [email protected] – PowerMate motorized stairclimbing hand trucks are used to power loads up and down stairs, on and off trucks and up and down curbs and thresholds, lifting up to 1,500 lbs.

PRECISION DYNAMICS – 818-897-1111 – [email protected] – Tyvek and plastic wristbands for admission, indentification and crowd control

PREMIER DATA SOFTWARE – 800-720-3282 – – route management software for amusement and vending operators

PRESTIGE INDUSTRIES, INC./GAMES WE PLAY – 248-960-2335 – [email protected] – parts and supplies for video, pinball, billiard and dart equipment; in-house service center for touchscreens, video games and pinball boards; bill acceptors rebuilt; neon signs and LED monitors

PRIMERO GAMES LLC – 888-513-4789 – [email protected] – wood and metal game cabinets

PRIMETIME AMUSEMENTS – 800-550-0090 – [email protected] – turn-key arcade consulting,   planning, installation and operations solutions; sales and rentals of machines; refurbished high-end equipment, as well as classic and more traditional arcade games

PRIZES! – 800-992-2388 – [email protected] – NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NCAA licensed merchandise

PRO DESIGN & VENDING TECHNOLOGIES, INC. – 800-655-3510 – [email protected] – superballs, gumballs and other bulk vending products; interactive bulk vending machines

PROBOTICS AMERICA – 972-231-7744 – [email protected] – stock and custom animatronics; remote-control and automated life-size robots and vehicles that can speak and hear; hundreds installed and operating across the world; over a decade in business

PROMOTING SERVICES, INC./FANTASYSWEEPSTAKES.COM – 760-696-5000 – [email protected] – sweepstakes games, software, kiosks and kits; no chance games; skill games; software developer

PRONTO PUP CO., INC. – 503-244-9421 – [email protected] – makers of the Pronto Pup flour mix for corn dogs; full line of concession equipment; skewer sticks

PYRAMID TECHNOLOGIES, INC. – 480-507-0088 – [email protected] – manufacturer of the Apex, Spectra and Trilogy line of bill acceptors; Phoenix printers; free currency upgrades; over 60 international currencies accepted; dual currency acceptors available

QNC, INC./QUICK N’ CRISPY – 972-669-8993 – [email protected] – the Quick N’ Crispy 3-in-1 food preparation system that grills, fries, and bakes food without the need of a vented hood system

QTECH BUSINESS PRODUCT – 800-831-4175 – – ticket, coin and token scale-type counters

QUALITY PLUSH – 888-507-5874 – [email protected] – high-end plush for cranes

RKS, INC. – 800-360-1960 – [email protected] – ticket & printer interface boards, coin mult/div boards, card dispenser control boards & custom game software; R & D

RMK WORLDWIDE, INC. – 954-725-3795 – [email protected] – worldwide importer/manufacturer of redemption merchandise, custom programs, licensed products, novelties, plush, radios, TVs, appliances & more; specializing in items from 3¢ to $100

RPM VENDING SALES – 800-993-8363 – [email protected] – distributors of coin & currency counters, ink scales for printers, coin sorters and coin scales; sales of all types and sizes of bill changers and personal care item/sundrie vending machines; parts for all types of machines, including vending and coin & bill changers; service and repair; wholesale prices and old-fashioned customer service

RAVE CARPET & FLOORING – 800-942-6969 – [email protected] – flourescent/neon carpet & carpet tile for skating rinks, bowling centers, lazer tag arenas & FECs

REBECCA’S – 800-777-2235 – [email protected] – novelty & redemption items; custom imprinting & party supplies; redemption start-up help

REDBOX WORKSHOP – 773-478-7077 – [email protected] – design & fabrication of themed environments; exhibits and displays

REDEMPTION PLUS – 888-564-7587 – [email protected] – redemption merchandise; novelty plush; crane and merchandiser kits; party goods; operations expertise

REDEMPTION PLUS STRATEGIC ADVISORY GROUP – 913-563-4370 – [email protected] – FEC, bowling center and LBE consulting and management; game operations; senior advisors to the amusement industry

REEL AMUSEMENTS, INC. – 800-624-3779 – [email protected] – cashless systems and printer kits

RHODE ISLAND NOVELTY – 800-435-3456 – [email protected] – redemption prizes, candy, jewelry, super-bounce balls, knobby balls, vinyl balls, puffer pets, plush, crane mixes, custom imprinting and more

ROBERTSON BILLIARD SUPPLY – 800-282-0605 – [email protected] – wholesale cloth, balls, sticks; billiard equipment

ROBICHAUD DESIGN – 615-355-6462 – [email protected] – flyers, posters and tradeshow display design, business cards and other promotional materials

I. NELSON ROSE – 818-788-8509 – [email protected] – gaming specialist

ROWE BILL CHANGERS LLC – 800-669-7693 – [email protected] – BC Series and Century Series bill changers, Model 400 recyclers and Model 500 bill breakers; changers offer wireless PCI-compliant credit card readers that accept all major credit cards, bills and coins, and are available in front- or rear-load models and have coin acceptor capabilities; bill breakers dispensing one, two or three denominations are available

S & B CANDY & TOY CO. – 800-773-0531 – [email protected] – premixed candy and toy assortments; licensed dollar vend mixes; bulk supplies; chocolate crane mixes; plush mixes (small, standard, jumbo and licensed); 50 exclusive candy items for cranes and redemption; ball mixes (knobby balls, premium balls and soccer balls); capsules in sizes from 1 to 4 inches; redemption merchandise; new and used candy cranes; beanies/plush cranes and chocolate pushers; also parts and repair for AGE cranes, JVL, Smart cranes (domestic and international), as well as S & B’s own line of cranes

S & N ENTERPRISES – 516-764-7888 – [email protected] – coin-op consulting

SESAC, INC. – 615-320-0055 – – music rights organization

SSM VENDING – 877-213-0500 – [email protected] – bulk 1” & 2” capsules & flat vending stickers & tattoos

SACOA PLAYCARD SYSTEM – 214-256-3965 – [email protected] – wireless debit card system designed to control and manage FEC and amusement park facilities; the system also offers a full POS, redemption inventory module, applications for CRM, online sales/party reservations and marketing tools for customer loyalty

SADIES TOY BOX – 763-383-9380 – [email protected] – sports merchanidse including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA and other leagues; bowling balls & pins; custom products; retail brand toys; arts and crafts kits; jewelry-making kits; board games; license plate mint tins; handmade iPhone covers; unique non-traditional toys and novelties for redemption and retail

ST. LOUIS TOY COMPANY – 800-773-0531 – – parts for Smart, Coastal, ICE, Benchmark and all brands of imported candy and toy cranes, including claws, motors, sensors, claw coils, power supplies, boards, gantries, ballasts, coin mechs, bulbs; parts list available; open 365 days a year

SALLY CORPORATION – 904-355-7100 – [email protected] – lively entertainment featuring animatronic animal and human-style characters; single and multi-character shows; themed interactive dark rides

SANTUCCI ENTERPRISES – 773-286-5629 – manufacturing; replacement relay coils & solenoids for all pinball machines built from 1940 to date; also all claw coils for cranes

SCAN COIN – 800-336-3311 – [email protected] – coin counters and sorters, currency counters, prefab coin wrappers

SEMNOX SOLUTIONS – 888-303-7641 – [email protected] – developer of RFID and NFC technology-driven products and services for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries; complete portfolio of revenue management tools; point of sale solutions, cashless/wireless debit cards, ticketing solutions, business reporting, party planning, redemption solutions, customer loyalty programs, mobile services, electronic locker and admission services, and amusement and arcade game monitoring solutions

SHAFFER DISTRIBUTING – 800-282-0194 – [email protected] – Coin-Op Essentials line of products offers a complete selection of OEM replacement parts, as well as brand name products including bill acceptors, billiard supplies, monitors, power supplies, speakers and material handling equipment

SHARPE COMMUNICATIONS LLC – 847-506-9903 – [email protected] – creative services company specializing in licensing, public relations, promotions, advertising, marketing, product design and development

SHOOTING STAR, INC. – 908-789-2500 – water game supplies; shooting galleries

SILENT PARTNER – 224-858-4252 – [email protected] – route management software

SILVERBALL AMUSEMENTS & RECORDS – 919-965-8370 – [email protected] – pinball & video game sales/repair; 45 rpm records for jukeboxes; home sales of coin-op equipment

SIMPLY PROFITABLE MKTG. – 260-704-4360 – [email protected] – custom FEC marketing programs that includes high-quality, four-color and affordable invitations, thank you cards, birthday cards, all types of direct mail cards, punch cards, “free” passes, funny money, photo frames, calendars, business cards, bookmarks and more; proofs are free

SMART ENTERAINMENT – 515-494-5800 – [email protected] – redemption merchandise including electronics, Key Master kits and crane kits

SMARTVENDING – 800-457-5502 – [email protected] – bill counters & changers; counters, counterfeit bill detector

BOB SNYDER & ASSOCIATES, INC. – 951-372-9523 – [email protected] – games and gaming consultants on skill and chance, regulatory issues, licensing, forensic review, product evaluations and expert opinions

SOFT PLAY LLC – 704-875-6550 – [email protected] – soft contained play equipment for use in FECs, kids’ locations, etc.

SOUND LEISURE LTD. – 44-1132-321-700 – [email protected] – classic jukeboxes, R&D and software development; flatpanel loudspeakers; specialists in designing interactive audio and lighting solutions ideal for theme parks and museums

SOUND PRODUCTIONS LTD. – 212-242-5615 – [email protected] – sound modules and light circuits

SPEEDY’S ONE-STOP REPAIR SERVICE – 630-238-2229 – [email protected] – board level repair of coin-op equipment from all manufacturers; monitor chassis board repairs; changer and bill acceptor repairs; replacement parts sales, including refurbished guns, power supplies, etc.

STANDARD CHANGE-MAKERS – 800-968-6955 – [email protected] – change machines

STEBELTON MUSIC DISTRIBUTING – 800-458-5326 – [email protected] – Wurlitzer service

STERLING & STERLING, INC. – 516-487-0300 – [email protected] – commercial and small business insurance

STREAK TECHNOLOGY – 408-206-2373 – [email protected] – services from prototype to production; vending kiosks, coin-op products and photo booths

SUN GLO – 800-826-7856 – [email protected] – shuffleboard products including multiple speed powders, maintenance products, weights, scorekeepers, table covers; game room & table accessories

SUPER AUCTIONS – 844-386-2243 – [email protected] – nationwide auctioneers & liquidators specializing in auctions, marketing, consulting & appraising amusement-based assets & real estate; exclusively serving the amusement industry for over 25 years in 25 states and 60,000 customers worldwide

SUPER BRIGHT LEDS, INC. – 314-972-6200 – – LEDs and LED products including replacement bulbs with MR16, MR11 and medium screw bases; LED light strips and other products for integration into coin-op machines

SURESHOT REDEMPTION – 888-887-8738 – [email protected] – redemption prizes, plush, custom imprint programs, electronics and giftware, merchandiser kits; party bags and supplies; light-up and novelty toys

SUZOHAPP – 888-289-4277 – [email protected] – global manufacturer and distributor of coin doors, driving controls, joysticks, pushbuttons, trackballs, guns, bill validator sales and service, billiard supplies, dart and foosball supplies, lighting, Midway parts and service, monitors/LCD sales/service, touchscreens, power supplies, pinball parts, coin counters, electrical supplies, security products, tools, material handling, jukebox and music, cleaning/maintenance and custom OEM input devices; ATM machines and parts

THHC LIGHTING – 800-468-8442 – [email protected] – miniature & subminiature incandescent lamps, flourescent lamps for game & amusement industries

TLTS AMUSEMENT VENDING – 817-446-1011 – [email protected] – repair, service and sales of coin-op equipment; parts including replacement guns, power supplies, items for boxing games and foosball, billiard supplies, etc.

TSC MGMT. SERVICES GROUP – 847-381-0167 – [email protected] – recruiting of professionals for game industry since 1968

TAMPERPROOF SCREW – 516-931-1616 – [email protected] – stainless steel security screws

TECHNIK MFG., INC. – 800-795-8251 – [email protected] – ticket dispensers, CD/DVD dispensing mechanisms

TECTRON INTERNATIONAL – 323-588-9165 – [email protected] – radios, toys, plush, novelty items, watches, CD holders and other premium items

TELLERMATE – 888-835-7269 – [email protected] – cash counting and cash management solutions

THIEMAN TAILGATES – 800-524-5210 – [email protected] – hydraulic liftgates for all types of trucks and trailer

S. THOMAS & ASSOCIATES, INC. – 888-869-6999 – – repair of bill acceptors, coin mechs and control boards

TIBURON LOCKERS USA – 201-750-4960 – [email protected] – full-service lockers at no cost to location; lockers are installed, maintained and serviced entirely free for the life of the contract

TOKENSDIRECT – 866-764-7037 – [email protected] – tokens; many materials including high-security; sizes from .650” to 1.125”

TOMMY GATE CO. – 800-543-8428 – – liftgates

TOP NOTCH TOYS – 800-572-2501 – [email protected] – balls, stickers, tattoos and capsuled toys; sticker machines

TORNADO WRISTBANDS – 888-884-5523 – [email protected] – waterproof, tearproof Tyvek wristbands with security feature diecut; uses include waterparks, racetracks, speedways, amusement parks, mini golf, go karts, festivals, fairs, nightclubs and special events

THE TOY BARN – 877-869-2276 – [email protected] – plush prepack mixes; high-quality licensed and generic merchandise; bulk and novelty items from one piece to container loads

TOY FACTORY LLC – 800-662-6236 – [email protected] – manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of stuffed toys for amusement including Adventure Time, DC Comics, Despicable Me franchise Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo and many more; original generic plush designs

TRAINERTAINMENT LLC – 817-886-4840 – [email protected] – solutions-based training company; goal is to help FECs increase profitability by delivering sales and operational systems that increase group revenue, birthday parties and promotion-based programs; provides staff training that focuses on hospitable service to drive the guest through the door again and again; provides grand opening programs and systems for new development; leadership training for man­agers, owners and supervisors

TRAK-AIR – 800-688-8725 – [email protected] – countertop grease-less fryers for french fries, pizza, hot dogs, wings, nuggets, pretzels and more; hot air fryers cook more food items with no hoods or grease

TRIPLE CROWN SHUFFLEBOARD – 800-827-0316 – [email protected] – manufacturer of shuffleboard pucks, powder waxes, Yellow Ice, Brown Ice, White Ice, glaze and cleaner/polish, liquid wax, spray silicone, board wipes, dance wax: wholesale/retail; board refinishing

TRUMETER COMPANY – 954-725-6699 – [email protected] – counting devices and length measuring devices

TWEETEN FIBRE CO., INC. – 312-733-7878 – [email protected] – pool chalk, cue tips and billiard accessories

TWIN GALAXIES INT’L. – 818-760-1201 – [email protected] – official video game world records; historical archive; player achievement

TWOBITS.COM – 512-447-8888 – [email protected] – brand-new pinball MPU boards & fast repair service on pinball circuit boards; ABC diagnostic kit speeds repairs on Pac-Man boards; every part for Pac-Man & Galaga

U.S. AIR HOCKEY ASSN. – 303-444-9164 – [email protected] – air hockey tournaments, leagues, promotions and events; player association, rules, newsletters, etc.

ULTRA LIFT – 800-346-3057 – [email protected] – powered hand truck for all types of amusement game moves; one person can safely move games on and off trucks, into and out of locations and up and down stairs; two people can safely handle any load including pool tables; 1500-lb. capacity

V.N.E.A. – 800-544-1346 – [email protected] – international operator-run 8-ball leagues and tournaments

VENCO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS – 800-762-9962 – [email protected] – ATM parts and certified ATM technicians

VENDING PRODUCTS OF CANADA – 877-462-1334 – [email protected] – confections, beverages and coffee supplies

VENDING SUPPLY – 800-315-9849 – [email protected] – licensed & original tattoos & stickers ready for flat vending

VENDORS REPAIR SERVICE – 800-248-1712 – [email protected] – repair of dollar bill acceptors, coin changers, control boards; factory-authorized service center for MEI and Conlux

VENDYNAMICS – 877-812-2116 – [email protected] – products for flat vending including stickers, tattoos, FLATgame folders, blank folders, short-run digital labels, variable data labels and other printed products and flat vending supplies

VIBO STUDIO – 917-951-8607 – [email protected] – one-stop solution for graphic needs, including video game graphics, custom cabinet graphics and overlays; full graphic design services for brochures/advertising and magazine covers

VIDEO DOCTORS DISTRIBUTING – 920-468-0167 – [email protected] – amusement and gaming machines; parts and repair

VIRGINIA TOY AND NOVELTY – 866-708-8697 – [email protected] – design and distribution of souvenirs, novelty toys and promotional items

VTAIL – 888-219-8500 – [email protected] – light-up prize mixes for glow machines

WDD – WE DO DIGITAL – 330-334-3132 – [email protected] – interactive media & digital marketing for the amusement and attractions industries; services include web design, mobile app development to SEO, online branding, pay-per-click campaigns, online ticketing & party reservations

WARRIOR TABLE SOCCER – 866-436-6722 – [email protected] – Pro soccer table and accessories including handle wraps, silicone, rosin & balls; top-quality table soccer merchandise such as polo shirts, hats, duffel bags and drawstring backpacks; tournament host with cash & prizes totaling $1,000,000+

WEBCAMP ONE – 757-209-2999 – [email protected] – professional website design and development

WELLS-GARDNER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. – 800-336-6630 – [email protected] – video display solutions, including industrial grade open-frame LCDs and displays, signage, touchscreen technologies and associated replacement parts

WEST COAST NETTING, INC. – 800-854-5741 – [email protected] – design, manufacture, fabrication and installation of sports and themed netting; baseball, golf and climbing nets for the family entertainment industry; personnel safety, barrier and themed netting

WHITE HUTCHINSON – 816-931-1040 – [email protected] – FEC consultants/designers

WHITEWATER ATTRACTIONS – 604-273-1068 – [email protected] – design and manufacture of family attractions including water rides, harnessed attractions, interactive ball play spaces, etc.

WIGGLES N TUNES – 800-444-0507 – [email protected] – children’s music entertainment and enrichment class; birthday party programming

WILDCAT PRODUCTS, INC. – 817-579-7333 – [email protected] – wide range of maintenance products, including playfield cleaners

WITTEK GOLF SUPPLY CO., INC. – 800-869-1800 – [email protected] – makers and distributors of driving range equipment and mini golf supplies

WOODWAY DARTS & SUPPLIES, INC. – 800-939-2550 – steel-tipped dart specialists; Dutchman soft-tipped darts and supplies; Harrows and Stag darts, Voks, Dartworld, Bottelsen, etc.; U.S. distributor for the Winmau Dartboard Company; L-Style and DynaStar flights systems; Metro Line cases and accessories

WORLDWIDE TICKETCRAFT – 877-426-5754 – – ticketing and wristband products; specializing in thermal ticket stock, thermal wristbands, thermal printers, plastic cards and redemption tickets

WRISTBAND RESOURCES – 800-481-2263 – [email protected] – many varieties of wristbands, including custom work

WRISTBAND SPECIALTY – 800-940-3993 – [email protected] – custom wristbands with same-day printing

XCP CORPORATION – 352-678-3021 – [email protected] – card and ticket dispenser, coin mechanism acceptors, bill acceptors, bill change machines, vending control boards, card vending machines and software

XICO, INC. – 818-709-4403 – [email protected] – Series 5810 stored-value card payment system for arcade games, vending machines and turnstyles; debit cards

ZANEN ELECTRONICS – 888-449-2636 – [email protected] – easy-to-install monitor repair kits; flyback transformers



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