Editorial – May 2022



Eddie Adlum 6-2020

One of the greatest ideas ever to take root in coin-op that didn’t have the word “Pac” in front of it has been the Valley National 8-Ball Assn. (VNEA). Often called “the Valley League,” this now-international pool table competition has engaged thousands of men, women and even children in combat across the green felt right at the location level for some 42 years now with no end in sight.

RePlay has produced a special section inside this issue which honors the VNEA along with the people who founded it all those years ago, as well as those operators and VNEA full-timers who keep it growing each year which ends in that explosion of play in Las Vegas each spring.

That’s what we all see. What we don’t see are a whole lot more pool tables owned by the bars due to VNEA’s insistence that every pool table used in local competitions that lead to Vegas must be owned by a bona fide coin machine operating company. Although it’s never been doped out, the number of bar-owned pool tables that never saw the light of an overhead lamp must be significant.

Like the annual Bullshooter dart program and the other promotions that put our final user…the machine player…face to face with operators or their league managers, the VNEA gives members of the trade something besides a richer cash box. It brings that sense of pride of belonging to something of worth.

On that very subject, the AAMA people have announced the birth of something else lots of industry folks have wanted for years…an actual Hall of Fame to enshrine the best of the best whose considerable contributions have had a most beneficial and lasting effect on the business.

Ballots seeking nominations to this new coin-op Hall of Fame are being sent to recognized members of the tribe as you read this. Only 20 individuals (or entities, as they call it) will be admitted to the HOF the first year from that well of nominations. Rules will accompany the ballots.

This word “entity” is rather broad and could include companies as well as actual machines. Considering the mind-numbing number of people and “entities” that are bound to show up on those ballots, the HOF’s co-chairs Rick Kirby and Rich Babich and others on their committee will have a job searching out the winners. Play your part and vote for your best when your ballot shows up.



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