LBE News: How Museums Are Using VR

by Museum Next
While our industry is using VR for fun, museums around the world are employing the tech to help visitors get more out of their experiences. Museum Next spent some time reviewing some of the most notable uses of VR in those settings.Museum Next
In Los Angeles, the Peterson Automotive Museum (see image) worked with Microsoft HoloLens in 2017 to create a new exhibition. The National Museum of Finland in Helsinki opened a new VR exhibit in 2018. Visitors can head back in time to the year 1863, as they explore R. W. Ekman’s painting The Opening of the Diet 1863 by Alexander II. The National Museum of Natural History opened its first permanent VR exhibition in 2018. The installation deals with evolution, as part of the wider scope of the museum. In the UK, London’s Tate Modern has been embracing the VR trend too. Alongside their Modigliani retrospective in 2017-18, they created a fascinating VR exhibit. Visitors were able to experience complete immersion in a 3D model of the artist’s Paris studio. The Kremer Museum has gone one further than the examples above. In fact, it does not exist as a physical museum at all. It showcases over 70 17th Century Dutch and Flemish old masters. Read the full post here. [Posted: 02-05]

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