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Coin-Op Compass Points to Vegas  »  pg. 37

The Ides of March are fast approaching (March 15) when this year’s Amusement Expo kicks off at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Produced jointly by AMOA and AAMA, this wingding runs an educational program on the 15th, followed by a full trade show the next two (March 16-17). AMOA’s agenda will also find affable route operator Gaines Butler assuming its presidency, picking up the baton from outgoing chief Jerry Johnston, who concludes an extremely busy year for the group. Lotza Expo stuff inside!

Peck Bros.-Style Family Fun  »  pg. 94

Starting from an old-fashioned street front arcade, Dave and Harry Peck branched out into the route business, and now run one of the largest street operations in Southern California. Guess what? That original arcade is still up and running! Their story traces the games business through the Boom to the Digital Age. It also shows that brothers can make great partners!

“I Am the Egg Man!”  »  pg. 106

Want to take a historical ride through bulk vending history,  specifically that part dealing with prizes in plastic eggs? Catch this tasty tale from a man who knows – All American Chicken Machine maven Frank Parisi. It’s fun and it’s learning, too.

Profile of Popular Triple Hitter  »  pg. 127

We call him a “triple hitter” because the now-retired Jerry Marcus worked in all three parts of the coinbiz: manufacturing (e.g. Atari), operating (Dandy Amusement) and his favorite, distributing (Atlas Chicago). Residing in Florida with wife Denise, he keeps in touch with lots of industry friends, including former partner Eddie Pellegrini (Team Play).

Catching Up on the VR Buzz  »  pg. 81

Business seer Bob Cooney is back and dispensing hands-on knowledge of the reappearance of virtual reality and its possible future for the FEC world. Still in a formative stage, but a stage that’s light years ahead of its original appearance, VR just might end up as a decent “plug-and-play” attraction that finally lives up to its promise.


Buyers’ Bulletin  pg. 135
Cover Story (Apple/Face Place)     pg. 99
Datebook     pg. 18
Endgame     pg. 115
FEC Q&A   pg.  87
Frank Talk     pg. 101
Gameroom Guru     pg. 121
Guest Essay (Bob Cooney)     pg. 81
Hail to the Chief (AMOA)   pg.  114
Jersey Jack     pg. 126
New Product Preview     pg. 55
News Digest    pg. 11
Now Trending     pg. 123
Operator Profile (Family Amusement)   pg.  94
Party Professor     pg. 118
Redemption Roundup     pg. 25
RePlay Retro     pg. 131
Route Q&A   pg. 90
Where Are They Now?     pg. 27

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