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AMOA Launches Pool Table Promo Kit
(Posted May 11, 2014)
AMOA is partnering with Championship Billiards to offer a special kit for conducting a breast cancer awareness pool table event. This program, entitled Saving the Rack, was developed by the AMOA Promotions Committee as a way to help operators showcase and promote the type of positive contributions they make in their communities. This effort is part of a larger Coin-Op Cares campaign called Look Who's Making a Difference.
Kits include:
  • A pink precut cloth and rail set embroidered with:  "Coin-Op Cares: Saving the Rack"
  • A pink magnetic cue ball
  • A pink bridge head
  • 2 pink chalks
  • 2 pink spots
  • A pink 15-ball triangle
  • To help get the word out, a promotional kit is also included, featuring an ad to use in social media, a sample press release to promote to local media outlets and a special promotional events "checklist" for maximizing results.
Kits for operator members are $99 each, plus $10 for shipping. There is a $10 per kit discount on orders of five or more kits (so ordering five would save you $50).  The kits are priced for 7-foot tables; add $10 per kit for 8-foot tables. For nonmembers, the kits are $129 each or $119 for orders of five or more.  Please add $10 each for shipping.
To place an order, please contact Lynn Burghart at AMOA

Call to Action on Mint's Coin Proposal
(Posted May 11, 2014)

Industry trade leaders have issued a call to action to members of the trade to raise their voice in response to a proposed change in the way coins are produced by the federal government.
Congress recently tasked the U.S. Mint with finding ways to produce coins in a more cost efficient manner. In this effort, the Mint is currently accepting public comments on the mandate to research alternative metallic content of coins.
Changes in metallic content could call for anything from a simple recalibration in vending machines to the installation of new coin-accepting equipment, with a cost that would range from $100-$500 per machine. With an estimated 1 million coin-operated amusement machines across the country, the costs of such changes could amount to an industry cost in excess of $500 million dollars.
Trade groups, including AAMA and AMOA, are asking members of the industry to send an email to the Mint to inform them of the potential burden that changes in coins would cost your business and your customers.
Here is one of the main talking points stressed by the associations: "Metallic content changes could create an undue financial burden on small business.  Metallic content updates could change the acceptance rates of coins.  The potential for a period of dual circulation leaves the owner of the equipment without the existing technology to adapt."
The Mint has been directed to solicit feedback from the vending and amusement industry. AAMA has put together a suggested letter, which can be submitted to Tradesters can also submit their own custom response to the Mint using that same email address.
"This is critical to our industry," said AAMA EVP John Schultz. "Please share it with your employees, staff and customers.  The deadline for feedback is June 6.  Please do not delay."



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