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RePlay Magazine's
Industry Hotlinks

We've taken the time to list not only the company, but a very brief description of their specialty plus the web address in full (in case you need to print this list for reference). We hope it helps. All sites were checked before entry to this page. Should you find any errors, please submit a correction to our email: editor@replaymag.com. Please also email with any new sites you know of, too. We will continue to update this list on a regular basis. We also provide this list in category order.

Alphabetical Order Version

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AAMA (manufacturer/distributor association) http://www.coin-op.org

A. Basic Service Amusement Rides, Gaming, Manufacturing & Entertainment Consortium (feasibility, finance, design, manufacture and manpower network for leisure concepts/projects) http://www.abasicservice.com

ABC Coin Sorting & Counting Supply (coin counters and sorting supplies) http://www.ABCCOIN.com

ACG Equipment Finance (full service finance and leasing company specializing in the coin-op business and other industries) https://acg.secure2050.com/app9400.htm

A.H. Entertainers (Chicago operator of coin-op amusements, vending and food service operations) http://www.ah-inc.com

ALD Services (supplier of plush, redemption, crane and fundraising merchandise and supplies) http://www.logobear.com

A.M.A. Distributors, Inc. (distributorship based in Louisiana) http://www.amadistributors.com

AMOA (national operator association) http://www.amoa.com

AMOA International Expo (annual show held in the fall) www.amoashow.com

AMOA National Dart Assn. (promotion programs/tourneys for electronic darts) http://www.ndadarts.com

ASCAP (music licensing organization) http://www.ascap.com

ASI (Amusement Showcase International) (annual tradeshow held in the spring)

ATEI (annual ATE International show held in London) http://www.atei.co.uk

A&A Global Industries Inc. (distributor and manufacturer of bulk vending machines and supplies) http://www.aaglobalind.com/index.htm

A&E Quality Products/Routemaster (bulk vending equipment) http://www.qni.com/~rtmaster

Action 1 Stop (St. Louis-based supplier of CDs and 45s for jukebox operators) http://www.action-1-stop.com

Actionmatic (bulk toys and novelties including capsulized items, tattoos, stickers and candy) http://www.actionmatic.com

Active, Inc. (Intranets and interactive kiosks; website design and development) http://www.activeinc.com

AcuCount (makers of counters for coins, currency and small parts) http://www.acucount.com

Adastra (Beam Me Up crane retrofit kit utilizes vacuum technology to replace conventional claw mechanisms) http://www.beam-me-up-crane-retrofit.com or visit the company's main site at http://www.adastran.com

AdvantEDGE Vending (bulk vending equipment) http://www.ultravend.com

Adventure Sports (makers of outdoor lasertag equipment) http://www.adventuresportshq.com

Advertinet, Inc. (website design firm specializing in the coin-operated amusement industry) http://www.advertinet.com

Airsled ("Airsled" system for moving heavy equipment) http://www.airsled.com

Aker Service Co. (coin and currency counters, new and used; parts for models no longer supported by the manufacturer) http://www.akerservice.com

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (alcohol breath testing equipment) http://www.acs-corp.com

Algorithm, Inc. (simulation technologies for entertainment and training) http://www.algorithm.com

All Kids Play (design and installation of indoor soft modular play equipment) http://www.allkidsplay.com

Allstar Vending (makers of sticker vending machines plus stickers, tattoos, redemption toys and novelties, capsuled toys and novelties, as well as bulk vending machines, gum and candies) http://www.allstarvending.com

Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales (offering operation, distribution and sales of coin-op games) http://www.AlphaOmegaAmus.com

Alpha Watch Company (supplier of watches and novelties to the amusement and bulk vending industries) http://www.alphawatch.net

Alva Amuseement International (video games, jukeboxes and parts including monitors, power supplies, joysticks, coin counters) htttp://www.alvaamusement.com

Amcoe Inc. (card-themed video games) http://www.amcoe.com

Amergames, Inc. (arcade parts including harnesses, cables and sensor kits for games such as MoCap Boxing, Silent Scope and Time Crisis) http://www.amergames.com

American Alpha, Inc. (supplier of amusement arcade games, interactive photo booths, redemption games, video game boards, bill validators, coin-op devices and related parts) http://www.americanalphainc.com

American Changer (makers of change and token machines) http://www.americanchanger.com

American Gaming & Electronics (parts distributor and service center for the gaming industry; buyers/sellers of all major makes of used slots)

American Locker Security Systems (coin- and key-operated security lockers) http://www.americanlocker.com

American Poolplayers Assn. (runs amateur pool leagues in the U.S. and Canada) http://www.poolplayers.com

American Vending Sales (Illinois distributor) http://www.americanvending.com

Americana Carousel Collection (full-size antique carousel horses) http://www.rotocast.com/carousel

Amusement Consultants (coin-op arcade/FEC consulting and planning) http://www.amusementconsultants.com

Amusement Entertainment Management LLC (specializes in entertainment center feasibility/development/business plan reports, rightsizing, throughput and peak period analysis, attraction sourcing, funding options, performance audits and improved profitability programs) http://www.AmusementEntertainmentManagement.com

Amusement Game Rentals (Las Vegas based firm specializing in rentals of coin-op games for trade shows, parties and other special events) http://www.amusementgamerentals.com

Amusement Showcase International (annual tradeshow held in the spring) www.asi-show.com

Amusement Products LCC ("Pacer" go karts, pitching machines, bumpter boats) http://www.amusepro.com

Amusement Solutions (developers oof amusement park ticketing systems, family
entertainment center debit card systems and prize redemption software)

Amusements International (makers of the Spaceball 2000 Human Gyroscope attraction) http://www.gyrostore.com

Amusementsoft (makers of the Tag 'N Play wireless debit card system and the ARS2000 redemption counter trun-key system) http://www.amusementsoft.com

AmuseNET (internet collection of companies supporting the amusement park industry from rides and attractions to special effects, from entertainment to foods and beverages) http://www.amusenet.com

Apollo Amusements ("game room superstore" located in Boca Raton, Fla. offering games, furniture, fixtures and accessories nationwide and internationally) http://www.apolloamusements.com

Apollo Amusements (Rockford, Illinois-based coin machine operating company) http://www.apollorockford.com

Apple Industries (manufacturer reps) http://www.appleindustries.net

Applied Resources (manufacturer of debit card cashless systems) http://www.ariusa.com

Arachnid (electronic dart games; dart tournaments) http://www.bullshooter.com

Arcade Game Superstore (wide variety of games and game room items based in Charlotte, N.C.) http://www.arcadegamesuperstore.com

Ascension Products (Lazer Runner lasertag areanas & equipment) http://www.lazerrunner.com

Astro Corp. (Taiwan-based manufacturer of gaming PCBs and slots) http://www.astrocorp.com.tw

Atlas Distributing, Inc. (Midwest distributor) http://www.atlasd.com

Atlus Corp. Ltd. (manufacturer upright and kit video games) http://www.atlus.com

Auction Games Sales (Tennessee-based auction company which holds monthly coin machine consignment auctions) http://www.auctiongamesales.com

Aurora Technology (amusement and gaming equipment; rep for World Touch Gaming, JVL and Lucky Shamrock) http://www.auroratechnologyonline.com

Autograph Foliages (artificial plants and trees for themed decor) http://www.autographfoliages.com

Automated Batting Cages (batting cages and pitching machines) http://www.battingcages.com

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BCA (Billiard Congress of America) (national billiard association) http://www.bca-pool.com

BCA International Expo (annual billiard industry tradeshow)

BMI (music licensing organization) http://www.bmi.com

BMI Gaming, Inc. (new and used equipment, game room design) http://www.bmigaming.com

BRW Control Systems (security systems for amusement and gaming equipment) http://www.brwcontrol.com

Bally Gaming (makers of gaming equipment) http://www.ballygaming.com

Bally Wulff Automaten GmbH (German manufacturer/distributor of amusement and gaming products) http://www.ballywulff.de

Bankshot Basketball (portable or stationary basketball with 3 to 24 shooting stations...number of stations determines size of court; trailer-mounted version available) http://www.bankshot.com

Battlefield Sports (makers of lasertag equipment suitable for indoor or outdoor play environments) http://www.battlefieldsports.com

Baton Lock & Hardware Company (full line of locks and security devices for the coin-op trade including their U-Chang re-keyable line) http://www.batonlockusa.com

Bay-Tek (manufacturer redemption and skill games) http://www.bay-tek.com

L.M. Becker & Co., Inc. (bulk vending supplier of capsuled toy products) http://www.lmbecker.com

R.H. Belam Co., Inc. (distributors and importers/exporters of amusement equipment; manufacturers of kiddie rides and coin counters) http://www.belamny.com

Bellis Technology (a subsidiary of the Innovative Technology Group and producers of bill acceptors for the coin-op industry) www.bellis-technology.com
(see also www.innovative-technology.co.uk)

Benchmark Games (manufacturer of redemption novelty games) http://www.benchmarkgames.com

Bend-A-Lite Flexible Neon (over 1,000 specialty lighting products) http://www.lightingexpressions.com

Best Vendors Co./Weisman Enterprises Inc. (national coin-op vending management services) www.bestvendors.com or www.weisman.com

BestCo Electronics (manufacturers and distributors of arcade and redemption machines)

Betson Enterprises (distributor + importer/exporter, headquartered in New Jersey with eleven branch offices) http://www.betson.com

Bettor Games (distributor/manufacturer of blackjacks, pot 'o golds; other games and parts) http://www.bettorgames.com

Billiard Congress of America (national billiard association; the site also has details on their annual tradeshow) http://www.bca-pool.com

BirminghamVending (Alabama/Florida distributor) http://www.bhmvending.com

Blast from the Past Amusements (restoration of classic video games) www.arcadeclassics.com

Blooloop.com (an amusement park/theme park resource on the web) http://www.blooloop.com

Bob's Space Racers (redemption games and redemption centers) http://www.bobsspaceracers.com

Bones Knobby Balls (knobby balls, plush, novelties, keychains, LED signs and framed pictures) http://www.bonespicturesandtoys.com

BogusTrivia Ltd. (manufacturer of coin-op multi-player trivia skill game) http://www.bogustrivia.com

Boomer's Home Amusements (jukeboxes, pinballs, slots, classic soda machines, video games, neon signs and other items for home game rooms) http://www.boomersamusements.com

Brady Distributing (North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee distributor) http://www.bradydist.com

Brent Leisure (Namco products in the UK) http://www.namco.co.uk

Bromley (manufacturer of redemption games) http://www.bromley-inc.com

Brunswick Billiards (manufacturer pool tables and supplies) http://www.brunswick-billiards.com

Bugeye Technologies (manufacturers of products for arcades and theme parks, as well as for educational and military use) http://www.bugeyetech.com

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C&P Distributing (Indiana distributor) http://www.cpdist.com

CES (Creative Electronics & Software) (coin-op video games) http://www.cesgames.com

C-N-A Vending (bulk vending machine operators in northeastern Pennsylvania, serving Luzerne and Lackwanna counties and the Wyoming Valley, including greater Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Pittston and Nanticoke) http://mysite.verizon.net/cna_vending/cnavending222/index.html

CYE/Chang Yu Electronic Co. Ltd. (medal machines, bingo pinballs, rides, video game cabinets, PC boards, parts and accessories) http://www.changyu.com

Cadillac Jack (manufacturer video card game-themed videos) http://www.cadillacjack.com

Caig Laboratories, Inc. (enhancing treatments -- lubricants, cleaners, solvents -- and accessories) http://www.caig.com

California Air Hockey Assn. (air hockey enthusiasts' group) http://www.airhockeynews.com

California Extreme (website devoted to their annual vintage/classic coin-op game show) http://www.caextreme.org

Caltron Industries, Inc. (industrial touch screen displays and digital signage public information applications) http://www.caltronind.com

Canadian Amusement Games Supplies Ltd. (Burnaby, B.C.-based distributor of coin-op equipment plus parts and service) http://www.cagsonline.com

Canadian Coin Machine Distributors (amusement and vending machine distributing company) http://www.winfield-group/cdncoin.htm

Candymachines.com (distributor of bulk vending machines and refill supplies; Beaver, Northwestern and O.K. Mfg.'s Captain's Claw and Tractor Time) http://www.candymachines.com

Capcom (manufacturer coin-op kit and upright videos) http://www.capcom.com

Capital Vending (dollar bill update kits for Rowe, Ardac, National and Standard changers) http://www.capitalvending.com

Captains Auction Warehouse (amusement auctions, appraisals and sales) http://www.CaptainsAuctionWarehouse.com

CardLogix (manufacturers/developers advanced Smart Cards and Vault Cards) http://www.cardlogix.com

Castalia Publications (poster that explains 8-ball rules) http://www.castaliapub.com

Castle Golf (designers, builders and contractors of family fun centers and mini golf courses) http://www.castlegolf.com

CenterEdge Software (integrated suite of software products to manage amusement/entertainment venues, including group sales, party bookings, redemption counter inventory, POS) http://www.centeredgesoftware.com

Central Distributing (Nebraska distributor) http://www.gamesales.com

Centsible Amusements (used games and parts for the home game room) http://www.centsibleamusements.com

Chance Industries (amusement partk rides/carousels) http://www.rides.com

Channel M (youth marketing specialists providing closed-circuit/location-specific programming for FECs, etc.) http://www.channelm.com

Characters Unlimited (lifesize animated characters) http://www.accessnv.com/characters

Chassis Plans, Inc. (Arcade PC; game hardware, design, contract manufacturing and consulting) http://www.chassis-plans.com

CheapWristbands.com (stock Tyvek and plastic wristbands with fast custom priting services) http://www.cheapwristbands.com

Chicago Pinball (nifty site for fans of pinball with game news, play tips, chat with others and links) http://www.chicagopinball.com

China Game (magazine covering the Chinese amusement and gaming industries) http://www.chinagameinfo.com

Circuit Board Sales & More (Tennessee distributor plus PC boards, cabinets, game components and parts; card-themed video games ) http://members.aol.com/CBSalesTn

Clarck Import S.R.L. (Buenos Aires distributing company) http://www.clarck.net

Classic Amusements (specializing in the sale of classic video and pinball machines, based in central New Jersey) http://www.coingamz.com

Clean Team (cleaning cards and kits for thermal printers, currency validators, etc.) http://www.cleanteam.com

Cleveland Coin Machine Exchange (Ohio-based distributor since 1937 rep-ing most major lines; design and management of turnkey game rooms) http://www.ccme.net

Coast to Coast Entertainment (Toy Taxi, Hot Stuff, Jewelry Stop cranes and a complete line of coin pushers and pre packs for crane machines) http://www.coastentertainment.com

Coin Acceptors [Coinco] (makers of coin mechs, bill validators, control systems and vending machines) http://www.coinco.com

Coin ConneXion (maker route management software) http://www.coincnx.com

Coin Mechanisms (coin comparitors; coin mechs and accessories; coin doors, game tiers, coin boxes and faceplates) http://www.coinmech.com

Coin-Op Exports UK (export firm based in England) http://www.coinopexports.fsnet.co.uk

Coin-Op News (multilingual amusement trade journal For Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Ireland)

Coin-Op Spares Australia P/L (designer, manufacturer and distributor of the Recoil SF-X Optogun Kit) http://www.coinopspares.com

Coin Tech S.A. (debit card systems to control and audit FECs, amusement parks and arcades) http://www.coin-tech.com

Cointronix LLC (service of coin-op equipment in the Washington, D.C./Maryland area) http://www.cointronix.com

Commercial Music (Texas distributor of music, amusement and vending equipment) http://www.commercialmusic.com

Competitive Products (amusement machine parts, supplies and accessories) http://www.competitiveproducts.com

The Component Factory (PC boards, kits, game components; PCB repair; card-themed video games) http://www.americainet.com/tcf.htm

Computer Game Developer's Assn. (association for game designers/developers) http://www.cgda.org

Computer Game Developer's Conference (site for news on conference happenings) http://www.cgdc.com

Computer Modules, Inc. (speech and/or sound effect playback systems) http://www.compumodules.com/audiopro.htm

Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Assn. (sponsors of the CES show) http://www.cemacity.org

Consumer Electronics Show [CES] (huge showcase of the latest in consumer electronics) http://www.cemacity.org

Coney Island Arcade (Boxer punching bag; coin-op kiddie rides and simulators) http://www.coneyislandarcadeusa.com

Contact East (products for testing, repair and assembly of electronic equipment) http://www.contacteast.com

CoolGameJobs.com (headhunters for the electronic entertainment industry) http://www.coolgamejobs.com

Cope Products (novelty items, vinyl pool table covers, payphones, handtrucks) http://www.copeproducts.com

Cost of Wisconsin (design/construction of miniature golf courses, FECs and sports complexes) http://www.costofwisconsin.com

Coulter Consulting Group (risk management services for the amusement industry) http://www.danieljames.com

Count-Money.com (currency counters and counterfeit detectors) http://www.count-money.com

Countertop Amusements of MI (new and used equipment sales) http://members.aol.com/CTopOfMI/index.html

Creative Electronics & Software (CES) (coin-op video games) http://www.cesgames.com

Cribbs, Inc./Bonzini USA (exclusive U.S. importer and distributor of Bonzini table soccer games in coin-op and home rec models; tables can be customized for product introduction and promotional events) http://www.bonziniusa.com

Cromptons Leisure Machines Ltd. (UK manufacturer of coin pushers, cranes and redemption and novelty games) http://www.cromptons.com

Cummins-Allison Corp. (coin and currency, counters, sorters, wrappers; paper shredders) http://www.cumminsallison.com

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DBR Leisure, Inc. (Australian manufacturer of coin-op and home pool tables) http://www.dbrleisure.com.au

D & A Techtronics (service and technical support for Merit, JVL, Midway, Rowe jukeboxes, POS, PCB assemblies, other game boards, etc.) http://www.datechtronics.com

D&D Cabinets, Inc. (cabinets and complete cabinet design services; prototypes; sub-assembly; contract manufacturing) http://www.greatamericanrec.com

D & K Sales (a wide variety and large inventory of coin machine parts and supplies) http://www.d-ksales.com

Deith Distributing (New York distributor and import/exporter) http://www.deithdist.com

Delta Play (maker of soft modular play units) http://www.deltaplay.com

Deltonic Labs (ticket-handling equipment for redemption and amusement games, slot gaming, admissions, arcades and family fun centers; also hardware, software and mechanical design, prototyping and manufacturing) http://www.deltroniclabs.com

Digital Pinball Machines (supplier of A8 Audio Kft.'s virtual coin-op pinball machine, Goal Pinball, which offers pinball, soccer, hockey and other types of game action) http://www.digitalpinballmachines.com

Digital Tech Frontier (consultant and maker of entertainment systems including Virtual Scentsations un-attended 3D sight, sound and smell VR system) http://www.hightechentertainment

Direct Gaming International (distributors of skill stop games, tokens and accessories) http://www.skillstop.com

Discount Plush (licensed and generic single and jumbo plush prepacks for operators tin the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico) http://www.discountplush.com

Dolphin Music Distributors (music one-stop -- 45s and CDs) http://www.dolphinmusic.com

Dreamality Technologies, Inc. (fully-interactive, immersive simulators with non-violent Virtual Adventure Flights) http://www.dreamalitytechnologies.com

Dudley's (No. American Distributor of EMT kiddie rides; new and used coin-op kiddie rides) http://www.kiddieride.com

Dunis Distributing (Portland, OR distributing company) http://www.dunis.com

Durfee Coin-Op (parts for jukeboxes, wall boxes, speakers, etc.) http://www.jukeparts.com

Dynamic Recording (specialty CD supplier; 24-track recording studio) http://www.dynrec.com

Dynamo (manufacturer pool, hockey, and Foosball) http://www.valley-dynamo.com

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E3 (electronic entertainment expo sponsored by the Int'l. Digital Software Assn.) http://www.mha.com/e3

ELO Touchsystems (touchscreen monitors) http://www.elotouch.com

EMT America (coin-op kiddie rides) http://www.emt.de

East Coast Amusements (coin-op sales, service and parts; based in New England) http://www.eastcoastamusements.com

Earthbound Partners, LLC (M-4 and SX-2 Motion Theatres) http://www.simworx.com

Ecar (manufacturer of merry-go-rounds and accessories for amusement parks) http://www.ecarjuegos.com.ar

Ecast (operates a broadband touchscreen media network in the US, delivering music and advertising to jukeboxes built by NSM, Rock-Ola and View Interactive) http://www.ecastnetwork.com

Elaut Amusement Games (cranes, novelty and redemption games and gaming equipment) http://www.elaut.com

Eldorado Games (flat rate board exchanges on classic video and pinball games) http://www.eldoradogames.com

Electronic Components Co. (independent distributor of electronic components including allocated, obsolete and hard-to-find components) http://www.webuyparts.com

Eletech Electronics (digital sound/music reproduction equipment -- off-the-shelf and custom-made) http://www.eletech.com

Enco Systems (source for the Philips CD Pro 2 industry-standard jukebox CD player, official North American distributor for Philips Optical Storage) http://www.encosystems.net

Entertainment Resources Group (CD compilations for jukeboxes, DJs and nightclubs) http://www.ergmusic.com

Entropy USA (parts supplier and game manufacturer) http://www.entropyusa.com

Eurolink (coin-op penny- and quarter-pressing souvenir machines) http://www.eurolinkdesign.com

EuroSlot (European coin-op trade magazine) http://www.euroslot.com

Exhibit Forms Company (designer and supplier of amusement products for FECs, theme parks; maker of animatronics and scenery) http://www.exhibitforms.com

Eygotek (parts company) http://www.eygo.com

Ezi-Mik (Croatian manufacturer of electronic dart machines)

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FEC Connection (site focusing on Fun Centers) http://www.funone.com

Face Place (photo booths using proprietary, cost-effective, digital/thermal printing process developed by Polaroid) http://www.faceplacephoto.com

Fan Shaing Electronics (video game monitors) http://www.neotecvision.com

Fantasy Entertainment (supplier of interactive photo booths for sale to amusement parks and FECs, and specialized booths designed for the event rental market. Revenue-sharing opportunities also available) http://www.fantasyent.com

Fat Cat DJ Supply (distributor of audio equipment for bard, djs, bowling centers including their own line of professional loudspeakers) www.fatcatdjsupply.2itB.com

Ferris Productions (PC arcade systems and virtual reality entertainment systems) http://www.ferrisVR.com

50th State Coin-Op (Hawaii distributor) http://www.gamegod.com

Randy Fromm (coin-op technical info/school + lots more) http://www.randyfromm.com

Fillmore, Inc. (firm based in Japan specializing in new and used PC boards and games) http://www.pic-internet.or.jp/~fillmore

Firestone Financial Corp. (source of equipment and inventory financing for manufacturers, distributors and operators in the coin-op amusement industry) http://www.firestonefinancial.com

Flying Star Technology (arcade PC game hardware and software design, manufacturing and assembly) http://www.flyingstar.com.tw

FoosBars.com (online foosball bar directory) http://www.foosbars.com

Fun Center Software (entertainment center management software) http://www.funcentersoftware.com

Fun Company (contract manufacturing, video game and 8-liner cabinets) http://www.funcomfg.com

Fun e-Business (public access entertainment and communications products including jukeboxes, game stations and entertainment stations that use the internet) http://www.fune-business.com

Fun Express (offering all sorts of redemption, party and premium supplies) http://www.funexpress.com

Fun Expo (annual tradeshow for the family entertainment industry) www.funexpo.com

Fun Industries, Inc. (redemption equipment manufacturer) http://www.promotion.com/fun

Funny Chips (Mexican distributor of new and used equipment) http://www.funnychips.com.mx

Fun Spot (Weirs Beach, N.H. entertainment center complete with classic games and game museum) http://www.funspotnh.com

Funstation Associates (consultants to FEC and CEC operations) http://wwwfunstationusa.com

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G-Star (Korean game industry tradeshow) http://www.gstar.or.kr

G-Tel Enterprises, Inc. (makers of coin-op pay phone products and parts; also phone enclosures and pre-paid phone cards) http://www.payphone.com

GVbid.com (auction site devoted to coin-op equipment and supplies) http://gvbid.com

The Game Doc (Los Angeles-area company specializing in the sale, rental and service of new and used video games and pinball machines domestically and internationally to the trade and general public) http://www.gamedoc.com

The Game Room (maker of video and redemption games; California distributor of new and used equipment; repair and conversion specialists) http://www.thegameroom.com

Galaxy Distributing (Oklahoma distributor plus makers of a pool ball polishing machines) http://www.galaxy-1.com

Gamemasters (Australia) Pty. Ltd. (coin-op games) http://www.gamemasters.com.au

Gamemax Corporation (bill acceptors; phone card vending machines) http://www.gamemaxusa.com

Game Depot (video games, jukeboxes, pinballs, foosball, air hockey and more for home and office game rooms) http://www.GameDepot.biz

GameTechnician.com (website dedicated to the career placement, training and advancement of technicians and technical managers in the amusement industry) http://www.gametechnician.com

Games Trader (Randy Fromm's on-line "game swap meet") http://www.GamesTrader.com

Garner Holt (makers of animatronic figures) http://www.garnerholt.com

Raymond Geddes & Co. (custom pencils, pens, notebooks and accessories for redemption) http://www.raymondgeddes.com

GennaGroup S.r.l. (Italian company which imports/exports coin-op game parts such as monitors, cabinets, lights, etc., and accessories; design and manufacturing services) http://www.gennagroup.com

GestureTek Inc. (developers of virtual reality systems) http://www.gesturetek.com

Gilchrist Vending (Canadian distributorship) http://www.gilchristvending.com

Global Billiard Mfg. (coin-op pool tables and accessories) http://www.globalbilliard.com

Global VR (makers of arcade video and virtual reality games) http://www.globalvr.com

Global Coin-Op Equipment (Massachusetts distributor of coin-op amusement games specializing in arcade, FEC and LBE redemption equipment) http://globalcoinop.com

Global Vending Inc. (photographic vending machines plus parts and supplies) http://www.globalvend.net

Goal Industries (makers of the "AccuData" wireless data retrieval system) http://www.goalindustries.com

Good Stuff (maker of licensed products including stuffed toys, novelties & computer accessories) http://www.goodstuff.com

Great American Recreation Equipment (pool, hockey, soccer table makers) http://www.greatamericanrec.com

Great Western Trading (circuit boards and kits) http://www.gwtrading.com

Greater Southern (Georgia distributor) http://www.greatersouthern.com

Grupo O.N.E.S.A. (distributors and arcade operators in Mexico) http://www.onesa.com.mx

Gumball.com (online distributor of vending machines, gumballs, bulk candy, stickers, temporary tattoos and bouncy balls) http://www.gumball.com

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Hoffman Mint (makers of tokens and medallions including commemoratives) http://www.hoffmanmint.com

Holden Manufacturing (manufacturers of antique- and vintage-style amusement games) http://www.holdenmfg.com

Holoplex ("Thundercam" video cameras and gesture recognition software; holographic memory products) http://www.holoplex.com

Honor Guard (double-locked coin and dollar security systems) http://www.marketzone.com/honorgard

Hood Leather Goods (leather pool table pockets and vinyl pool table covers) http://www.hoodleather.com

Hotel WaterParks (makers of Hotel Waterslides) http://www.hotelwaterparks.com

House of Amusements (British distributor of amusement games, fruit games and jukeboxes) http://www.mcarthur.freeserve.co.uk

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IAAPA (association for amusement parks and other permanently-situated amusement facilities) http://www.iaapa.org

IALEI, International Association for the Leisure & Entertainment Industry (trade association dedicated to the successful operation and management of family entertainment and recreation centers) http://www.ialei.com

IEE (Industrial Electronic Engineers, Inc.) (LED, LCD, vacuum fluorescent flat panel displays, keypads, keyboards, switches) http://www.ieeinc.com

Ideal Software Systems (software and hardware for coin-op companies; route management, etc.) http://idealss.com

Illinois Automatic Merchandising Council (IAMC) http://www.illinoisvending.com

Illinois Coin Machine Operators Assn. (ICMOA) (state operator association) http://www.icmoa.org

Illinois Lock (mechanical security locks) http://illinoislock.com

Illusion, Inc. (networked interactive virtual reality attractions for LBEs) http://www.illusioninc.com

Imagination Leisure (table games) http://www.imagines.com

Immersia Ltd. (video game software and art developer) http://www.immersia.com or http://www.immersia.co.il

Imperial International (national parts supplier; makers of the "Premier" soccer table) http://www.imperialusa.com

Incredible Technologies (video games) http://www.itsgames.com

Industrial Mindworks, Inc. (PC-based Computer Graphics and Simulation Software and Hardware Development for Training, Education, Medicine and Entertainment) http://www.industrialmindworks.com

Infinite Board Repair (repairs of amusement equipment, programming and tech support) http://www3.bc.sympatico.ca/BoardRepairTech/index.html

Intel's Open Arcade Architecture Forum (information regarding OAAF members and Intel's coin-op plans and activities) http://www.openarcade.com

Interactive Light (developers of large-scale sports simulation video games) http://www.interactivelight.com

Interactive Video Solutions (repair of Pioneer and Sony laserdisc players; sale of reconditioned units) http://www.ivs-web.com

InterGame Ltd. (publisher of InterGame, InterPark and InterGaming magazines) http://www.intergame.ltd.uk

International Amusement Distributors (Connecticut distributor; restoration of pinball machines) http://www.iconn.net/intldist

International Laser Tag Assn. (trade association for the laser tag business) http://www.lasertag.org

International Play Co. (makers of innovative soft modular play systems) http://www.internationalplayco.com

International Recreational Go-Kart Assn. (trade group) http://www.irga.org

International Theme Park Services, Inc. (variety of services including product selection, design and master planning of games and arcades/amusement parks) http://www.interthemepark.com

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J&J Amusements ("Actual Reality" concession, bumper boats, go-karts) http://www.jjamusements.com

JM Electronics Online (supplier of kiddie ride electronics plus radio remotes and strobe lights) http://www.jmelectronics-online.com

JVL (makers of multi-game countertop video games) http://www.jvl-ent.com

Jaleco USA, Inc. (coin-op video and redemption games and stamp machines) http://www.jaleco.com

Jesco (coin-op parts and service in Mt. Airy, NC) http://www.jesconc.ws

Jimmie's Amusements (rentals and leasing of coin-op machines in the Philadelphia area) http://www.jimmiesamusements.com

John's Jukes Ltd. (Vancouver, B.C. distributor of Wurlitzer jukeboxes; specialists in classic equipment sales and service) http://www.flippers.com

Jukebox Repair Service (Dino Anton, Tampa Bay, Florida area tech for the repair of jukeboxes, pinballs and other coin-op equipment) http://jukeboxrepairservice.com

JukeTrax (subscription-based online CD title card printing) www.juke.biz

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KIC Products (cleaning cards and supplies for dollar bill acceptors, magnetic stripe card readers, thermanl printers, check readers, etc.) http://www.kicproducts.com

Kentuckiana Vendors (Evansville, Indiana coin machine operating company) http://www.kentuckianavendors.com

King Plush (plush supplier) http://www.kingplush.com

Konami (video games) http://www.konami.com/arcade

Korea Amusement, Inc. (Korean amusement game manufacturer and distributor) http://www.koreamuse.co.kr

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Lock America/LAI Group (manufacturers of high-security locks and accessories) http://www.laigroup.com

L.A. Slot Machine Co. (pachinkos and slots; software and game development; design of game graphics) http://www.laslots.com

Lady Luck Vending (Dickerson, North Dakota-based coin machine operating company) http://www.ndadarts.com/ladyluck

LAN Zone (multi-player online gaming environments/kiosks) http://www.lanzone.biz

Laniel (Canada), Inc. (Canadian distributors) http://www.laniel.com

Laserforce ("Laserforce" interactive team laser tag) http://www.kbg.com.au

Lazer-Tron (manufacturers of redemption equipment) http://www.lazertron.com

Lefunland Recreation Equipment (manufacturer and distributor of playgrounds and related equipment such as climbing walls, ropes courses and trampoline play areas) http://www.lefunland.com

Le Park (magnetic card system for arcades) http://www.magneticash.com

Leisure Activities Unlimited (Air Lite activity inflatables) http://www.leisureact.com

Leisure System Services (U.K. firm specializing in equipment repair) http://www.leisuresystemservices.co.uk

Liberty Games (London, U.K.,-based retailer of coin-op equipment to the trade and home markets) http://www.libertygames.co.uk

Lieberman Music Company (Minnesota distributor and music one-stop) http://www.liebermancompanies.com

Little Tikes/Omni (soft modular play systems) http://www.ltcps.com

Louisiana Amusement & Music Operators Assn. (state association) http://www.lamoa.com

Low Profile Software (makers of JukeCD and JukeCD Pro software for printing of title strips for CD jukeboxes with disc recognition) www.lowprofilesoftware.com

Lucky Sunshine (supplier of video game boards, redemption and vending machines, coin acceptors, bill validators, coin-op devices and related parts) http://www.luckysunshine.com

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MCM Electronics (parts, supplies and accessories for coin machine maintenance and repair) http://www.mcmelectronics.com

MCR Incorporated (cherry games, bingos, Quarter Horse and Horse Race Mania, PC Boards, Power Supplies and Bill Acceptors) http://www.mcrincorporated.com

MD Game Sales (suppliers of Neo-Geo cartridges and video game PCBs) http://www.mdgamesales.com

Machines Games Automatics/MGA (Spanish distributor plus import/export) http://www.ga.es

Magikkastle (large screen video game system setup) http://www.interlinx.qc.ca/~magikk

Magnetic Cash (debit card system) http://www.magneticash.com

Marco Specialties (supplier of pinball machine parts) http://www.marcospec.com

Mariah Vision3 Entertainment, Inc. (developers/producers of interactive full-immersion experiences for site-based entertainment) http://www.mariahvision3.com

Mass Multimedia, Inc. (manufacturers of touchscreen monitors, information kiosks and touchscreen add-ons) http://www.touchscreens.com

Master Lock (locks) http://www.masterlock.com

Maverick Mfg. (makers of the Yuk Yuk's Yuk funny joke machine) http://www.maverickmfg.com

Mayoni Enterprises (makers of electronic impulse machines, scales, bulk venders, personal care product dispensers and kiddie rides) http://www.mayoni.com

Mazzco (parts specialists for all coin-op equipment; generic and genuine factory replacement parts) http://www.mazzco.com

McDermott Cue Mfg. (custom billiard cues and cases) http://www.mcdermottcue.com

McGregor (pushers and card-themed videos) http://www.videogaming.com

Medalist Marketing (coin-op dart games; leagues) http://www.medalistgames.com

Medtech (Medical Technology) (wristbands with custom printing service) http://www.medtechgroup.com

Mendes, Inc. (manufacturers of Bowlingo 10-pin blwling lanes plus conventional 10-pin bowling) http://www.mendes-inc.com

Merchandise USA, Inc. (supplier of novelties, toys, plush, etc. specializing in closeout items) http://www.merchandiseusa.com

Merit Industries (makers of multi-game countertop videos and electronic dart machines) http://www.meritind.com

Merit Industries Scorpion Darts (site devoted exclusively to the firm's electronic dart games) http://www.Scorpiondarts.com

Mexel's Moy fun centers (distributor/arcade operator in Mexico) http://www.moy.com.mx

Micro Manufacturing (manufacturer of coin-op games including multi-game countertops,
8-liners and card game-themed videos) http://www.micromanufacturing.com

Microsoft (developer of PC-based game platform for coin-op) http://www.microsoft.com

MicroTouch (touchscreen manufacturers and developers) http://www.microtouch.com

Mid-South Game Auctions (coin machine auctions including items on consignment) http://www.midsouthgames.com

Midway Games (video games, including countertops, plus pinball machines) http://www. midway.com

Midwest Marketing Associates (St. Louis, Mo. distributor of new and used equipment plus classic games; will also search for special titles) http://www.mmacoinop.com

Mighty Power Electronic Co. Ltd. (switching power supplies)

Millennium Games (remote-controlled boats, tanks, robots and trucks; interactive squirting remote boats) http://www.members.aol.com/Devuon29/index.htm

Mini Golf, Inc. (builders of pre-fab indoor and outdoor miniature golf courses) http://www.minigolfinc.com

Miniature Golf Assn. of America (trade association) http://www.minigolf.com

Miniature Golf Assn. of U.S. (trade association) http://www.mgaus.org

J.R. Minick & Associates (market research, economic planning, design, development and management for leisure industries: FECs, parks, etc.) http://www.aimsintl.org/minick.htm

Mondial Distributing (distributor + import/export specialist headquartered in New Jersey) http://www.mondialgroup.com

Money Tree Mfg. (makers of 8-liner and video poker machines) http://www.moneytreemfg.com

Moog, Inc. (electric motion syustems for OEM use; makers of full simulator products) http://www.moog.com

Mosquito Vending.com (vending machine that dispenses insect repellant wipes) http://www.mosquitovending.com

Moss Distributing (Des Moines, Iowa distributor) http://www.mossdist.com

Mountain Coin Machine Distributors (full-line amusement and vending distributing company providing sales, parts, service and financing with offices throughout the west) http://www.mountaincoin.com

Music Operators Service (one-stop located in California) http://www.musicop.com

Music-Vend Distributing Co. (Seattle, WA distributing company) http://www.music-vend.com

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NAMA (vending association) http://www.vending.org

NBGS (waterpark design -- site available in english, spanish and portugese) http://www.nbgsintl.com

NLBA (National Licensed Beverage Assn.) http://www.nlba.org

NSM America, Inc. (NSM phonographs and wallboxes)

Namco America (makers of video games and deluxe simulators; major arcade operators) http://www.namco.com

Namco Cybertainment (Namco-owned chain of arcades: Aladdin's Castle, Cyberstation, Diamond Jim's, Nickel Fun, Space Port and Time Out) http://www.namcoarcade.com

Namco Europe (European HQ for Namco Ltd. of Japan) http://www.namco.co.uk

National Electronic Technologies, Inc. (VideoNET public-access internet terminals) http://www.natel.ca

National Ticket Company (makers of tickets for redemption games) http://www.nationalticket.com

Nationwide Vending Services (specialty vending machines, location services and bulk vending products) http://www.aibb.com/vending or http://www.VendingMachines-Sales.com

New England Coin-Op (Massachusetts distributor) http://www.necoin.com

New Park (Spanish chain of FECs) http://www.newpark.es

New-Way Sales Co. (Canadian distributor) http://web.idirect.com/~wizard

North American Table Soccer Assn. (players' association) http://www.natsa.org

Northgate Amusements (coin machine operator based in Springield, Illinois) http://www.northgateamuse.com

Novelties-a-GoGo (L.M. Becker's online store for the purchase of un-capsuled bulk prizes) http://www.noveltiesagogo.com

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Ohio Coin Machine Assn. - OCMA (trade group for Ohio operators) http://www.the-ocma.org

O.K. Manufacturing (makers of bulk vending equipment and amusement prize redemption games) http://www.okmfg.net

One Stop Toy Company (wide range of candy and merchandise) http://www.toysandcandy.com

Open Arcade Architecture Forum (Intel) (information regarding OAAF members and Intel's coin-op plans and activities) http://www.openarcade.com

Orange County Game Distributors (Southern California coin-op equipment distributorship) http://www.ocgames.com

Oriental Trading (see Fun Express)

Otherland Toys (U.K. based firm specializing in toys, novelties, gifts and innovative gadgets for redemption) http://www.otherlandtoys.co.uk

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¡PONG! co. Cerebro VideoDiversion Co. (Irapuato, Gto, Mexico operating and distributing company) http://www.pongle.com

PAI - Payment Alliance International (ATMs, parts, repairs, transaction processing, branding, and cash management ) http://www.GoPAI.com

PB&J Industries (board-ready and empty game cabinets, graphics, fasteners and parts such as monitors, power supplies, wiring, etc.) http://www.pbandjindustries.com

P&H Company Ltd. (non-neon, flexible lighting -- chase, varicolor and flat) http://www.flexaliteinc.com

P&L Inflatables (USA), Inc. (inflatable amusement rides, bounces, structures and slides plus pool play structures; mechanical rides) http://www.800jumping.com

P&L Industries (buy/sell/trade used monitors; game trade-ins; new and used equipment) http://www.pnlvideogames.com

PMT Sales (UK distributor of new and used amusement games, novelties, redemption equipment and video games) http://www.pmtsales.com

Paper Ticket Experts (specialists in paper tickets, supplies and service for redemption locations) http://www.paperticketexperts.com

Partstar (national parts supplier) http://www.partstar.com

PartyCenterSoftware.com (Party management, online booking, employee management, POS software for party centers) http://www.PartyCenterSoftware.com

Pasquier Panel Products (custom wood fabrication; wood cabinets and table components for OEM) http://www.pasquierpanel.com

Payphone Depot (internet source of payphones and parts) http://www.payphonedepot.com

Payphones Unlimited (sale of coin-operated telephones) http://www.payphones.org

Photo-Me USA (manufacturer and distributor of original 4-strip self-service photo booths) http://www.photo-me.com

Photon (providers of lasertag franchise operations) http://www.photon-qei.com

Photo Sticker Depot (specializing in Namco/PhotoVend Sticker Club photo sticker machines) http://www.stickerclub.net

Mr. Pinball Australia (distributor for Bally & Williams pinball parts in Australia) http://www.mrpinball.com.au

Pinballing.com (a pinball resource site featuring articles, tips and tricks, book reviews, events, photo classifieds, forum and link directory) http://www.pinballing.com

Pinmall (umbrella for a host of sites related to pinball machines for trade people, enthusiasts and collectors) http://www.pinmall.com

Pizzas of Eight (supplier of fully-branded pizza programs and complete concession packages for amusement venues) http://www.pizzasofeight.com

Planet X, Inc. (lifesize robotic animals that can hold riders up to 250 lbs.) http://www.planetxride.com

PlayCard System (debit card system) http://www.playcard.com.ar

Playcraft Industries (table game maker) http://www.playcraft.com

PlayPak Systems, Inc. (Macintosh computer-based video game system with licensed software titles available through distributors) http://www.playpak.net

Playsmart, Inc. (makers of soft modular play units) http://www.playsmart.com

Play Time Toys (plush toys and novelty items, including licensed merchandise) http://www.playtimetoys.net

Playtime (Australian-based chain of FECs part of the Associated Leisure group of companies) http://www.associatedleisure.com

Plush Appeal (plush toys and novelties for cranes and redemption; seasonal plush, regular and jumbo prepacks; licensed plush) http://www.plushappeal.com

Pop-A-Shot, Inc. (coin-op skill basketball games) http://www.pop-a-shot.com

Precision Darts (DuBuque, Iowa-based coin machine operating company) http://www.ndadarts.com/precisiondarts

Precision Dynamics (Tyvek and plastic wristbands, custom printing and online ordering) http://www.pdcorp.com

Premier Data Software (makers of route management software) http://www.premierdatasoftware.com

Price Chopper Inc. (Tyvek and plastic wristbands with custom printing services) http://www.pchopper.com

Prime Play (makers of soft play equipment) http://www.primeplay.com

Prime Time Amusements (South Florida game rentals, sales and leasing) http://www.primetimeamusements.com

Prizes! (crane merchandise, bulk and assortments, sports products, etc.) http://www.prizes1.com

Pro Acoustics USA (ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, outdoor cabinet speakers, subwoofers and sound systems for both commercial and residential applications) http://www.proacousticsusa.com

Professional & Amateur Pinball Assn. (game promotion and consultation) http://www.papa.org

Professional Employment (executive search firm specializing in entertainment software staff) http://www.proemploy.com

ProSlide Technology, Inc. (makers of water rides) http://www.proslide.com

Pyramid Technologies (bill acceptor manufacturer) http://www.pyramidacceptors.com

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QTech Business Products (digital scales for the printing, amusement and manufacturing industries) http://www.qtechscales.com

Quality Discount Wristbands (Tyvek and plastic wristbands with custom printing services) http://www.qualitydiscountwristbands.com

Quantum 3D, Inc. (3D solutions for pc-based games...board level through turnkey systems) http://www.quantum3D.com

Quik-Tick (redemption ticket system, dispenser, counter, etc.) http://www.quiktick.com or www.paperticketexperts.com

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R & J Slots (buys, sells and reconditions slots) http://www.randjslots.com

REC Enterprises (designers, builders and consultants for FECs based in Lillian, Alabama) http://www.RECenterprises.com

RE Enterprises, Inc. (manufacturers of amusement rides; go-karts, bumper boats, bumper cars, and a Funny Car dragster that does 0 - 60mph in about 2 secs) http://www.reent.com

Radar Sales (radar guns with external readout boards; 'Fastball' carnival games) http://www.radarsales.com

Rainbow Crane (makers of a full line of crane machines) http://www.rainbowcrane.com

Rare, Inc./Coin-It Companies (software and hardware development; coin-op and consumer game design) http://www.rareware.com

Raw Thrills, Inc. (video game manufacturer) http://www.rawthrills.com

Recroom Games (commercial games for home rec-rooms) http://www.recroomgames4u.com

RecRoom Products (retailer of commercial-grade amusement products for the home) http://www.recroom-products.com

Redemption Plus (toys and other merchandise for redemption)

Reno Game Sales (distributors of new and used equipment in the Reno/Tahoe area) http://www.renogamesales.com

RePlay Magazine (monthly trade journal for the amusement route, arcade and FEC owner!) http://www.replaymag.com

Rhode Island Novelty (a wide assortment of toys and novelties for redemption, as well as a full line of party supplies) http://www.rhodeislandnovelty.com

Rich & Junnies Coin (Dubuque, Iowa-based coin machine operating company) http://www.rjcamusement.com

Ride Development Co. (RDC bumper car manufacturer) http://www.bumpercar.com

C.A. Robinson (California distributor) http://www.carobinson.com

Robot Factory (coin-op animated robot musicians and karaoke systems) http://www.robotfactory.com

Rock-Ola Mfg. Corp. (makers of commercial and nostalgic jukeboxes, nostalgic http://www.rock-ola.com

Rowe International (coin-operated jukeboxes, wall boxes and wireless remotes; bill acceptors and changers; vending machines) http://www.roweami.com

Royal Bell (used slot machines) http://www.netgrafx.com/royalbell

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S&B Candy & Toy Co. (supplier of candy and toy mixes for crane and redemption games) http://www.candyandtoy.com

STI Entertainment (national distributors for Kodak's StickerPrint machines and related products) http://www.stivending.com

Sacoa Entertainment (Sacoa Debit Card Operating System; Argentinian distributors; consultants) http://www.sacoa.com

Sally Corp. (makers of dark rides and animated characters/shows) http://www.sallycorp.com

Sammy USA (video games, cranes and redemption equipment) http://www.sammyusa.com

Sav-On Closeouts (closeout prices on plush, toys, jewelry, holiday-themed merchandise and more) http://www.sav-on-closeouts.com

Scale Products Co. (scale railroad signals and props for theme parks and FECs) http://www.trainsignals.com

Scan Coin (coin counters and sorters, currency counters, prefab coin wrappers) http://www.scancoin-usa.com

See Coast Mfg. (coin-op and non-coin telescopes and binoculars) http://www.seecoast.com

Sega Enterprises, Inc. (manufacturer of video games) http://www.segaarcade.com

Sega GameWorks (GameWorks locations) http://www.sega.com also http://www.gameworks.com

Shaffer Distributing (multi-office distributorship with headquarters in Ohio) http://www.shafferdistributing.com

Kevin Sharp Enterprises (card game-themed videos) http://www.kevinsharp.com/kse

Sharp Image Electronics (wide range of monitors for the trade) http://www.sharpimage.net

Shelti, Inc. (manufacture of coin-op pool tables, darts and foosball; home tables) http://www.shelti.com

Sherwin (software for jukebox labels -- CDs, 45s and 78s; blank CD labels) http://home.westman.wave.ca/~sherwin

Simulation Entertainment Group (two-seat interactive, full-motion coin-op video game simulators) http://www.simulationentertainment.com

Sindicato das Empresas de Entretenmento do Estado de Sao Paulo (association of parks and fun games of Sao Paulo, Brazil) http://www.sindesp.org.br

Sinko America (makers of coin-op pusher redemption machines, vdieo games and other coin-op equipment) http://www.sinkoamerica.com

Skee-Ball, Inc. (manufacturer of Skee Ball and other redemption games) http://www.skeeball.com

Skillgames Online (Wedges/Ledges of California's coin-op site) http://www.skillgames.com (or http://www.skillgames.com/ticket for info on their full-color redemption tickets)

Slot Imports (importer and distributor of coin-op amusements and other home gamer oom items) http://www.slotimports.com

Smart Industries (redemption equipment, photo booths and crane games) http://www.smartind.com

So.Ge.M.A. SPA (design, manufacture and sales of video games and leisure equipment) http://www.sogema-spa.com

Sony Electronics (professional audio/video tech site) http://www.sony.com/professional

Southeast Dart Association (dart group for the Southeast region of the U.S.) http://www.topmusicco.com/darts

Spire Controls (flat panel displays and monitors, touchscreens, panel PCs and industrial computers for control system automation) http://www.spirecontrols.com

Spirit Consulting (wide range of consultanting services for manufactures and locations) http://www.spirit-consultants.com

Sportexe (sports surfacing and mini golf supply and construction) http://www.sportexe.com

Standard Change-Makers, Inc. (manufacturers and suppliers of change-, token- and ticket-dispensing machines) www.standardchange.com

Starburst Coin Machines (Toronto, Canada distributor) http://www.gametime.on.ca

Star*Tech Journal (technical publication for the amusement industry) http://www.StarTechJournal.com

Stern Pinball, Inc. (manufacturer of Pinball Machines and redemption games) http://www.sternpinball.com

Surprize Novelty (wholesale toys for redemption and amusement) http://www.redemptiontoys.com

Streak Technology (product development, manufacturing and assembly) http://www.streaktechnology.com

Success Plush (supplier of wide range of plush toys) http://www.successplush.com

Sun Line USA (makers of electronic and mechanical pool tables, as well as electronic retro-fit kits for existing tables) http://www.sunlineusa.com

Sun Mold Entertainment Co. (developers of animatronics and robots for FECs, parks, movies, etc. based in Japan) http://plaza6.mbn.or.jp/~tplan/eindex.html

Sunshine Equipment Corp. (reps for the Falgas line of kiddie rides and amusement park equipment such as trains, carousels, high-strikers, slides and mini-golf equipment) http://www.sunshineequipment.com

Super Auctions (national coin-op equipment auction company) http://www.superauctions.com

Sureshot Redemption (a diverse selection of quality redemption and party supplies) http://www.folandgroup.com

SuzoHapp (global manufacturer and distributor of an extensive array of parts and accessories for coin-op equipment) www.suzohapp.com

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3Dfx (game chipset developer for OEM) http://www.3dfx.com

240 Amusements (Melbourne, Australia amusement equipment and PCB distributor) http://www.240.com.au

21st Century Leasing (equipment lease financing, new business and credit financing and other financial services) http://www.21stcenturyleasing.com

T & A Darts (dart supply company) http://www.tadarts.com

TAS/Transatlantic System Ltd. (operators, importers and exporters of amusement machines in Finland) http://www.tas-system.fi/english

TLC Industries (adaptable arcade environments for coin-op; cabinets for kit installation or retrofit of existing game boards) http://www.tlcind.com

TNT Amusements (repair and refurbishment of pins, jukeboxes, video games and other equipment) http://www.tntgame.com

TNT Amusements (provider of candy and toy mixes since 1993) http://www.tntamusements.net

Tab Austria (Austrian firm that makes the Silverball touchscreen game; distributors of coin-op equipment) http://www.tab.at or http://www.silverball.com

Tarobots International (makers of the Boxerjock game/ride combination) http://www.boxerjocks.com

Texas & 8-Line Machines (operator Lisa Hicks on the battle to continue operating eight-line machines in the state) http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/9689

Thola Productions (high-end remote-control attractions such as racecars, tugboats and hovercraft) http://www.thola.com

Thrillseekers Australia Pty Ltd. (interactive motion simulators and virtual reality products) http://www.thrillseekers.com.au

Tidel Engineering (manufacturers of cash management and security equipment for businesses and retail locations) http://www.tidel.com

Tillberg Amusement (service on all amusement machines plus training of personnel; offices in Garland, Texas; additional offices soon in Houston and San Antonio) http://www.tillbergamusement.com

Tip Top Amusement (a northern Nevada-based operating company that also sells new and used equipment for the home with one of the largest inventories of used pinballs on the west coast) http://www.tiptopcoinop.com

Tokens Direct (tokens direct from the factory at factory-direct prices for coin-operated machines; in-stock and custom orders) http://www.tokensdirect.com

TommyBear (L.M. Becker's Type II large cap vendor enabling U.S. vending operators to vend larger and higher priced capsuled products vending at prices up to $9.99) http://www.tommybearusa.com

Tommy Gate (lift gates for the trade) http://www.tommygate.com

Top Jam Games (makers of video and redemption games for coin-op) http://www.topjamgames.com

Top Line Cabinets (see TLC)

Top Music Co., Inc. (Mobile, Ala.-based operator serving Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida panhandle) http://www.topmusicco.com (firm also has a website devoted equipment sales for the home: www.gamesforhomes.com)

Tornado Wristbands (stock and custom wristbands) http://www.tornadowristbands.com

Total Associated Entertainment Services (Australian firm specializing in the import of collectible arcade machine parts, boards, etc.) http://www.southwest.com.au/~tes

Total Paintball Gear (equipment and supplies for paintballers from beginning to pro levels) http://www.totalpaintballgear.com

Touch International, Inc. (manufacturers and distributors of touch monitors and components) http://www.touch-screen-intl.com

Touch Games (Spanish manufacturer of touchscreen video games; website is in español) http://www.touchgames.com

TouchSystems (manufacturers of touchscreen computers, monitors, PCs and kiosks) http://www.touchsystems.com

TouchTunes (makers of the TouchTunes Digital Jukebox) http://www.TouchTunes.com

The Toy Barn (plush novelties for crane games) http://www.toybarn.com

Toy 'n Joy (the capsuled novelty product line of L.M. Becker & Co. for the bulk vending and novelty product industries; the site also provides information for parents about lead and L.M. Becker & Co.'s commitment to child safety) http://www.toynjoy.com

TrainerTainment (specialists in fun sales training that enhances promotions, events, party programs, team building and other company and group outings within the FEC, movie theatre and hospitality industries) http://www.trainertainment.net

Trak-Air/Rair (countertop greaseless fryers for french fries, hot dogs, pizza, nuggets, etc.)

Traxit Technology (debit card systems for FECs and arcades) http://www.traxit.com

Tricorp Amusements (New Jersey-based operating company with machine placements all across the Northeast U.S.) http://www.TricorpAmusements.com

Trio-Tech (makers of Ballistics lay-down video game with Mad Wave motion) http://www.trio-tech.com

Tri State Music LLC (Brenckenridge, Minnesota operating company also providing coin-op equipment for home recrooms) http://www.internetamusements.com

Tsunami Visual Technologies (makers of deluxe coin-operated, motion-based video games) http://www.tsunamivisual.com

twenty one B.V. (Netherlands firm specializing in design and production of gaming-type equipment for international markets)

Twin Galaxies (the official scoreboard for the world of video game and pinball playing) http://www.twingalaxies.com

TWOBITS.COM (Namco-licensed parts and repairs for Pac-Man, Ms.Pac-Man and Galaga games; flipper pinball circuit board repairs) http://www.Twobits.com

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US Air-Table Hockey Assn. (air hockey tournaments, leagues, promotions and events) http://www.airtablehockey.com

US Amusement Auction (nationwide coin machine auctions) http://www.usamusement.com

USD Industries (manufacturer of bulk sticker and capsule products, plush and racking systems for bulk venders) http://www.usdvending.com

Universal Holdings (consultants specializing in coin-op markets in China) http://www.coinsultant.com

Universal Space (distributors and manufacturers of redemption machines, kiddie rides and amusement park/carnival rides, smart card systems and more with offices in Canada and Hong Kong) http://www.universal-space.com

Uptec (Belgian manufacturer of the "Whoops" game) http://www.uptec.be

U-Seal-It (sticker machines and supplies) http://www.photocard.com

Utopia Technologies (software development, game design, consulting) http://www.utopiatech.com

uWink.com (fully-networked entertainment system for publicly-placed terminals with internet, e-commerce and global tournament capabilities) http://www.uwink.com

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VdW International (Belgian manufacturer of pushers) http://www.vdw-int.com

VSi (flat vending items such as stickers and tattoos, plus bulk vending redemption items) http://www.vsiart.com

Valley-Dynamo LP (Valley and Dynamo brand pool tables; Tornado brand foosball tables; Dynamo brand Hockey tables; leagues and tournaments) http://www.valley-dynamo.com

Vencoa (makers of vending machines for sodas, snacks, candy and fresh and frozen food) http://www.vencoa.com

VendCAM, Inc. (manufacturer of cell phone and prepaid phone card vending machines) http://www.vendcam.com

VendFinder (online resource for purchase of vending machines, locators, business startup information, classifieds and more) http://www.vendfinder.com

The Vending Connection (startup kit and newsletter for newcomers to the vending industry) http://www.VendingConnection.com

Vending Yellow Pages (resource for vending operators) http://www.vendingyellowpages.com

The Vendo Co. (can and bottle vending machines; countertop glass cooler merchandisers; accessories) http://www.vendoco.com

Vendor Amusements (BBS for operators) http://www.vendoramusements.com/bbs/YaBB.pl

Vendors Equipment (national reseller of used full-line vending machine based in Waterbury, Conn.) http://www.vendorsequipment.com

VenDynamics (a wide assortment of stickers and tattoos for flat vending) http://www.vendynamics.com

Vega Universe (multi-media game company) http://www.segasa.com

Vending Machines Unlimited (offers a large selection of new and used vending machines) http://www.vendingmachinesunlimited.com

Victory Lane Ideas (makers of redemption games including Stock Car Racing) http://www.victorylaneideas.com

Video Connection (complete games, conversion kits and PC boards; repair services) http://www.videoconnect.com

Video Games On Line (Mac/PC/home system game info and more) http://www.vigol.com

Videotopia (traveling video game museum) http://www.videotopia.com

VidGame Company (San Francisco bay area company providing rental, leasing and profit share of pinballs, video games, pool tables, air hockey and trivia/card games) http://www.vidgamecompany.com

Viking Cue Mfg. (oldest American pool cue manufacturer) http://www.vikingcue.com

Viking Vending (Wisconsin distributor specializing in vending equipment; division of Lieberman Music Co.) http://www.liebermancompanies.com

Vintage Arcade Superstore (sales of 1970s and later classic video and pinball games) http://www.vintagearcade.net

VirtuPlay Corporation (Canadian distributor of Pyramid Technologies' Apex bill acceptors; manufacture of redemption equipment, internet kiosks and video gaming equipment) http://www.virtuplay.ca

Virtual Systems (virtual reality entertainment systems) http://www.virtualsystemsinc.com

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WMS (gaming equipment) http://www.wms.com

Wallace Distributing Co., Inc. (manufacturers of E-TOKEN, a stored value cashless system for amusement and vending machine applications in both arcade and street locations. An online prize redemption catalog is also available.) http://www.wdcetoken.com

Wapello Fabrications Co. (inflatablea) http://www.aimsintl.org/wapello.htm

Waterfun Products (makers of Waterslides) http://www.waterfunproducts.com

Wedges/Ledges (makers of Wedges/Ledges, Crane Vac, Tip It and other redemption novelty machines) http://www.wedgesledges.com

Weigh-tronix (dot matrix printers, scales, thermal label printing, mailing software) http://www.wt-nci.com

Weiner Distributing (Maryland distributing company) http://www.weinerdistributing.com

Weisman Enterprises/Best Vendors Co. (national coin-op vending management services)
http://www.weisman.com or http://www.bestvendors.com

Wells-Gardner (monitor manufacturer) http://www.wellsgardner.com

West Virginia Amusement & Limited Video Lottery Operators Assn. (trade group website featuring helpful information and coming events) http://www.wvalvloa.org

Western Automatic Music (third generation operating company founded in 1937 based in Chicago) http://www.e-wami.com

White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group (consultants, designers and producers of family and children's leisure activities) http://www.whitehutchinson.com/leisure

Wildfire (ultraviolet visual effects) http://www.wildfireLA.com

Williams Enterprises (coin machine operating company based in Carmi, Illinois) http://www.icmoa.org/wei

The Winfield Entertainment Group (a group of coin machine companies including Canadian Coin Machine Distributors, American Coin Machine in the Northwestern U.S., operating companies and more) http://www.winfield-group.com

Wizards of the Coast (Seattle-based game playing and entertainment environments) http://www.wizards.com

World Pinball Directory (site devoted to pinball players which also serves as a resource for operators) http://www.daveland.com

Worlds of Games (manufacturer of card vending machines) www.worldsofgamesllc.com

World Water Parks Assn. (trade group for owners and operators of water parks) http://www.waterparks.com

World Wide Distributors, Inc. (Illinois distributor and import/export specialist) http://www.wwdistributors.com

Worldwide Video Entertainment (international distributors of coin-op amusement equipment/manufacturers of redemption games) http://www.worldwidevideo.biz

Wurlitzer (maker of jukeboxes and wallboxes) http://www.wurlitzer-jukebox.com

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