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February 2014

Spotlight Special

Eat Street

Coast to Coast Launches Candy Street Crane


Coast to Coast Entertainment has begun shipping their new Candy Street candy crane.

“We are very pleased with the progress on the sales of our Candy Street candy crane,” shared factory co-founder Gary Balaban. “The crane looks great and response from the distributors and operators has been fantastic.”

With its white background and candy red graphics, Candy Street presents a bright and appealing image to would-be players. Coast to Coast has also added a colorful topper with a series of swirly candy suckers. The unit measures 24” wide x 31” deep x 70” high.

“We wanted to make our Candy Street a bit deeper than most candy cranes to ensure that there is enough product in the crane, as well as create the needed stability of the crane,” said factory sales pro Jim Chapman. “Candy cranes sometimes do not get the respect they deserve. These cranes make great money each and every week on location. It is funny, when you talk with an operator and ask them about their candy cranes, they always smile then say they need to add a few more to their business.”

With the success Coast to Coast has had with Candy Street, they have also sweetened the candy selection that they offer to their customers. “We offer 11 different candy mixes at this time,” said Balaban. “From our 1.9 cent Super Value mix to a stickless and no gum mix to a 29 cent Mighty Mini and Toy mix, we hit all the different price points to ensure our customer’s candy cranes make money and offer customers something for their sweet tooth.”

“Every location can use a candy crane. They appeal to all ages which is great for the operator,” said Chapman. “We also found that these cranes can work great with other prizes as well. From different balls, to small beanie babies, to a candy and capsule mix, you can use our Candy Street in a variety of ways to meet your location’s needs. We have seen several of our customers go to a $2.00 or even higher price per vend on a Play Until You Win scenario.”

Candy Street comes with a one-year warranty. Operators can add a dollar bill acceptor to the crane as well. “In recent weeks, we have seen quite a few Candy Streets being paired with our Side Box,” noted Balaban of the firm’s add-on large format prize dispenser. “Operators are adding capsules into their candy mix and using our Side Box to generate even more income. The set up looks great and, from what we hear, the numbers are off the charts.”

To learn more, log on to the factory’s website at www.cranemachines.com or check out Coast to Coast on Facebook, where Chapman posts redemption tips to boost earnings.

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