by Beth Standlee, TrainerTainment founder and CEO
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October 2015

Party Professor

Holiday Happiness

How to Make This Coming Season Your Best Yet!




Beth StandleeMay is always a fun month for TrainerTainment. Okay, it’s a fun month for me personally. My birthday is on the 17th and this year our company celebrates 10 years of “Fun Training-Serious Results.”

RePlay Magazine was kind enough to dub me the Party Professor in 2006. I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend the last nine years talking about parties and group sales with you! So now, in light of our anniversary it strikes me that every center has the opportunity to celebrate something at least one time per year because you have an anniversary of your opening date as well.

What are you doing today to celebrate? One of our clients has a big birthday party every year to celebrate the number of years they’ve been in business. One group would send everyone who held their birthday at the center during the prior year a VIP guest invitation to the FEC’s birthday party as a way to throw the biggest birthday of the year. I think that’s a pretty exciting proposition and a great reason to keep having your birthday at your center. Once you’ve experienced VIP status you never want to give it up!

I think it is easy to fall into the trap of the day-to-day seriousness of driving revenue and managing profitability. When that happens, it’s easy to forget the “fun part” of your fun center. Why not spend some time talking with your managers and supervisors about why you got into business in the first place. You all have stories whether you’ve been open one year or 50 years. It is so easy to forget why you do what you do. Reminding yourself of the vision you held for your center in the beginning can be a powerful way to inspire your team, your guests, and yourself.

It can be difficult to feel like celebrating, and it can be defeating to decide not to celebrate at all. I hope you will stop whatever you are doing today and think about having your “center” party. Whether you decide to celebrate your birthday month, like we do at TrainerTainment, or begin to plan a big center event in the coming months, I would bet that the exercise of deciding to celebrate will remind you of so many of the reasons why you got into business in the first place.

Let’s face it, parties are fun. Everyone wants to be invited. There is an expectation of laughter and fellowship with friends. People have a play face and a work face, and honestly we work a whole lot more than we play. It probably sounds grandiose but I believe that the “group and party” opportunities that you offer to your community have the potential to make a BIG difference for families, companies, youth groups and church groups. When people slow down enough and make time to celebrate it makes a difference in their life and in the lives of the people with whom they share those celebratory moments.

Maybe it’s Spring that inspires me to do big things. Maybe it is that being another year older means I am a tiny bit wiser. What I know for sure is that each day is worth celebrating and if you haven’t taken the time to “party” with your team and your guests then know that time is fleeting. I hope you’ll find something to celebrate today.

Beth Standlee is the CSO and founder of Trainertainment, a sales training company dedicated to great guest service, party development, and ultimately bringing more money to your bottom line. Beth can be reached by email at

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