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Jerry Johnston

October 2015

Hail to the Chief

RePlay's chat with AMOA President Jerry Johnston

Mid-Year AMOA Meeting

Amusement Expo Among Key Areas of Focus

Q: Among all the issues on AMOA’s board meeting agenda, which were you most interested in dealing with?

A: Since you didn’t ask which ONE, I’ll narrow the list down to three, starting with the March 2016 Expo in Las Vegas.

Both AMOA and AAMA are planning to put on an enhanced Education Program, while also trying to attract more international participation at the March 15-17 event. The laser tag and bulk vending companies will also be showing their products with us again, so we’re excited about the prospects for a really good spring show.

On the legislative front, we are maintaining our vigilance on the coin content issue and also trying to mobilize members to voice support for maintaining and increasing the limits on the Section 179 IRS deduction.

And with state associations, AMOA continues to serve as a liaison and resource. I’ve now attended eight meetings of state groups around the country as president, including two last month in Georgia and Florida. This network of organizations around the country is really crucial to the future of our industry. All of this will come together during our annual State Council meeting next January 28-30 in San Antonio.

 There were many topics that came up during our meeting in Portland last month. We had some very productive committee sessions that covered the spectrum of coin-op subjects: membership, gaming, continuing education, future leadership. promotions, our Foundation and more.    

 As AMOA President, it was especially gratifying to see my fellow board members –– who volunteer their time and talents –– travel to my home state to unite with the primary purpose of making our industry and association better. (See RePlay’s coverage of the AMOA Mid-Year Board Meeting in the November issue.)

Jerry Johnston of Amusement Unlimited in Eugene, Oregon, is the new president of AMOA.


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