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April 2015



The industry continues to evolve, and evidence of those changes is on full display in this issue of RePlay. For starters, we have an in-depth look at ICE, the veteran manufacturing company that has blazed a new and innovative trail by combining the latest in state-of-the art product development with the revival of good, old-fashioned fun in the Carnival Series of games. These games emphasize physical engagement, something we can’t do on our smart phones, and human interactivity. Kudos to ICE for finding the way to say something universal in a new and distinctive way!

This issue also contains first-hand coverage of the recent F2FEC event in Phoenix. This inaugural event hosted by the so-called Three Amigos, saw robust discussion by a healthy crowd of fun center operators. They shared extensively about the ins and outs of their respective businesses, and heard insights on improving their own game from some of the industry’s best and brightest. F2FEC followed IAAPA’s third annual FEC Conference, this year held in Dallas, which we covered in last month’s issue. Like the innovation of factories such as ICE, we likewise applaud the Three Amigos and IAAPA and the ongoing Foundations Program, all of which bring valuable educational opportunities to the amusement game trade.

On the street side of the business, we introduced new incoming AMOA President Jerry Johnston, who has been operating a route in the Eugene, Oregon, area since the early 1970s. He’s a true street operator, but has a keen interest in new industry trends (e.g. he was spotted at F2FEC) and a commitment to continue AMOA’s ongoing education programs like the Road Scholar event in the fall and the ongoing Notre Dame Management Program. Jerry also believes in promoting operator salesmanship to create profitable business relationships between operators and their locations, which, in turn, creates an incentive for ongoing investment in quality new equipment. We look forward to following Jerry’s year as AMOA president.

Finally, we’ve got an early line on some of the new games showing at Amusement Expo, which is, of course, a key way in which our industry evolves. Every season, new games are released, and they often change the way operators do business by increasing opportunity, introducing a new way for players to have fun and, hopefully, expanding the game business into new markets.

Full coverage of the new product debuted at the Expo will appear in next month’s issue. Until then, we encourage you to enjoy this issue and put a few of the lessons herein in practice in your own business.

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