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November 2015

Items In This Month's News Digest

SEGA Amusements International Now Open for Expanded Business

SEGA Amuse­ments Europe Ltd has officially changed its name to SEGA Amusements International Ltd (SAI) in direct response to its expanded market coverage that now includes the entire global coin-op business with the sole exception of Japan. (From the corporate standpoint, this “new” SAI will be a wholly owned subsidiary of SEGA Interactive Co. Ltd, a division of SEGA Sammy Holdings.)

SAI will expand its existing reach to the EMEA, Russia, North and South America, while Sega Japan will focus its core strength on their domestic market. “The team at Sega Amusements International is best placed to move the company forward, with greater autonomy to chart its own destiny and develop territory-specific products,” a press announcement declared.

“By leveraging the company’s strengths in innovation, creativity and research and development, SAI is already looking forward to producing a range of products tailored for these new markets. Dedicated R&D teams based in the U.K. and U.S. will be headed up by Senior Game Producer Mr. Ogasawara, renowned for the development of Transformers and Let’s Go Jungle, who will reside in the U.K.,” they advised.

Current SEGA Amusements COO, Paul Williams, will be leading the way as newly appointed CEO, from which position he stated that he will ensure SAI has a full pipeline of cutting-edge products to further the brand and increase market share. “We’re extremely optimistic about the future of the entire out-of-home entertainment industry,” said Williams. “The chance to grow into these new markets presents us with exciting opportunities we fully intend on maximizing. SEGA is recognized as a leading industry entertainment company. We now have the means to leverage this valuable brand to a worldwide audience,” he continued.

“SAI sales teams in Europe and America are dedicated to the core areas of amusement sales, merchandise, parts and consumables,” Williams stated. “These teams, built of industry professionals, possess a huge experience of sales, operations, marketing, product development and manufacturing and will now appoint new sales positions for the Asian market,” the CEO added.

SAI will remain headquartered in London which is seen as a central time zone for international coverage, and will have the full support and commitment of SEGA Japan at its disposal. “SEGA Amusements International Ltd will do all this and a whole lot more,” Williams declared.

For further information, contact +44 (0)208 391 8090 or sales@segaarcade.com.

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GT 2016 Software Is A Hit With More Than 10,000 Downloads

Incredible Technologies reports that less than three weeks after Golden Tee 2016 – the 10th software update for the Golden Tee LIVE platform – launched, operators had installed it on nearly 10,000 cabinets around the world.

“Golden Tee 2016 continues our strategy to add new and unique game features that appeal to both seasoned and new players,” said Don Pesceone, VP of Amusements. “Features that offer more ways to win, faster game times and easier game entry will keep the game fresh and entertaining throughout the year.”

All new game menus, a new keypad and more secure player accounts are among the features included in the update. The company says that these ensure that players get into the game faster and easier than ever, and regular players now have three ways to check into their profile: player card, Lost Card ID and cardless ID on the keypad.

“We are working hard to remove excuses not to play,” said Pesceone. “Players can even add funds to their accounts from the GT Caddy app, so they can play without having to carry cash, something the younger generation rarely has.” The free GT Caddy app also offers access to stats and contest rules.

Operators who pre-ordered the update were eligible for a drawing that awarded over $10,000 in equipment and prizes. Top winners included One Source Amusement (Grand Prairie, Texas), Western Automatic Music Inc. (Chica­go), VVS, Inc. (Cozad, Neb.), Allied Amusements (High Ridge, Mont.) and Young Amusements (Charlotte, N.C.).

For more information on Golden Tee 2016, visit www.itsgames.com.

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Universal Space Video Games Unveils New Kiddie Rides, Ready For IAAPA

UNIS is planning on bringing a whopping 30 games to this year’s IAAPA show in Or­lan­do (their booth numbers are 1038 to 838).

The most notable additions to their line of amusement pieces are five interactive kiddie rides, all of which come with a ticket-out option. Each includes an interactive game built into the ride, adding a new educational experience on top of the fun of the ride motion itself. The three new titles being unveiled are Cargo Express, Fire Rescue and Racing Jet, joining Rocket School Bus and Seaway Submarine.

Another addition that is generating buzz is UNIS’ new Bandit Express train ride. “The innovative train amusement we’re bringing to the show allows eight players to enjoy the ride simultaneously. Unlike a traditional train ride, which is purely mechanical, Bandit Express manages to combine both video and mechanical gameplay by featuring a centerpiece with eight LCD screens,” said Kirill Muravskii, UNIS Marketing Coordinator.

The large ride will also allow players to earn tickets based on their performance.

Visit UNIS at the company’s IAAPA booth or online at www.universal-space.com.

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SmartTouch “Embedded” in Every D&B

All 77 Dave and Buster’s in the U.S. and Canada are now operating with custom Embed smartTouch debit card readers. The companies began collaborating on this universal rollout earlier this year.

Embed worked closely with D&B to support the process, carried out by its in-house installation and operations teams. Both companies reported being pleased with the speed of the migration process, as well as the lack of interruptions to normal operations of the stores.

“We have worked with some large companies over the years and pride ourselves on delivering to tight customer deadlines,” said Embed COO Luke McKimmie. “But without a doubt, the Dave & Buster’s group was completely aligned in achieving the mission set down for us all. This was the key to the successful rollout and is fundamental to what continues to be a fantastic vendor/customer relationship between both companies.”

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Dubai Biggie Coming in April

DEAL 2016, the Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Show, will be held in that Persian Gulf city’s World Trade Center, April 19-21, 2016. Calling their event “the foremost amusement trade show in the Middle East and Africa,” organizers are running it concurrently with the Amusement Operator & Franchise Showcase for companies interested in amusement franchising and licensing. For more information, visit www.dealmiddleeastshow.com.

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Newest Jurassic Park Video Now Shipping

Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix’s Jurassic Park Arcade - Deluxe Motion Edition is now shipping, and the companies say it’s ready to build upon the success of their original Jurassic Park Arcade.

Improving upon this earlier design, the company created a more immersive experience with the Deluxe Motion Edition. Now players can live the movie through a 55” HD LED screen, theater quality sound and an intense motion-based experience. The bench in the enclosed game will shake and rock in tandem with events going on throughout the nine levels offered in the game.

“In Jurassic Park Arcade - Deluxe Motion Edition, players will not only see and hear the action, but they can now feel like they are really in the driver’s seat,” said Jessica Petro, Social Media and PR coordinator for Play Mechanix. “With every turn, players can experience the dinosaurs in a completely different way.”

The piece weighs in at 1,300 lbs., has a footprint of 58” W x 90” D x 108” H and comes with a T-Rex head topper.

Learn more about the piece by visiting rawthrills.com or www.betson.com.

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Aussie FEC Picks Intercard’s Solution

Intercard’s iWave Readers were recently selected by Village Roadshow Leisure for installation in its eight Intencity FEC locations in Australia. The first to install the system was the chain’s Marion, South Australia location.

After positive feedback from the guests on the card system and the transition to electronic tickets, Intencity National Business Manager Brion Cummings, said he is excited to move forward with iWave installations at the chain’s seven other locations.

“Moving to a card system was an easy decision, and with our multiple locations, working with Intercard’s centralized database was the only choice,” Cummings said. “We look forward to linking all the Intencity locations with a single card. The centralized database will allow us to manage all of our locations from the corporate office, and run consolidated reports for all locations. We chose to use the new RFID readers, as it will allow us to use NFC with smart phones in the future.”

“Working with Village Roadshow has been a pleasure, and we’re excited to move forward with the additional locations,”said Jerry Heinz, Intercard’s Asia Pacific Sales Manager. “Their team has been very proactive in setting up the system, as well as educating their guests on the use of a card system and the switch to electronic tickets.”

Visit www.intercardinc.com to learn more about Intercard’s products, contact a representative, receive updates and more. For more on Intencity, check out www.intencity.com.au.

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Cineplex Buys Balance of Starburst Stock

Toronto-based Cineplex, Inc. bought the remaining 50% of the outstanding shares of Cineplex Starburst for $17.5 million on Oct. 1, 2015 (subject to post-closing adjustments). The seller, though not mentioned in their official announcement, was presumably the coin-op division’s founder and President Len Keywood.

Word is that Keywood will continue working under contract, mostly on business development both in Canada and especially in the U.S. in the wake of their March 2015 acquisition of Brady Distrib­uting, which created the Brady Starburst LLC entity.

“We’re very pleased (with the Oct. 1st equity acquisition) and believe it will continue to drive our amusement gaming business forward as we look to expand and grow within the entertainment industry in Canada and across the United States,” said Ellis Jacob, Cineplex’s President and CEO. (An executive at the Cineplex head office named Joe McCullagh is rumored to be in line for a very senior spot at the coin-op portion of this organization,)

Cineplex, Inc. not only owns 162 movie theaters in Canada but is one of that nation’s largest distributors and operators of amusements on routes and in game centers. They also own and operate Premier Amusements, which is a U.S.-based division they say serves over 200 family entertainment venues across 24 states. (Cineplex also operates the famous Playdium FEC in Mississauga, Ontario.)

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League SMART Dates Set

The AMOA-National Dart Association (NDA) and Valley National 8-Ball League Association (VNEA) are teaming up again to host the biennial educational conference League SMART.

Interested industry members will flock to Milwaukee, Wis., next summer, from July 14-16. The conference is themed “Brewing Successful Leagues,” paying homage to the city’s beer culture and history.

The conference is expected to draw owners of coin-op companies, as well as pool and dart league coordinators, and will address ways to increase bottom line through league growth and industry trends and challenges. Major manufacturers of electronic dart machines and pool tables will also be at the conference.

Registration is free for VNEA and NDA members.

The conference will be hosted at the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel, and a special rate of $99 a night is available for attendees. Reservations must be made by June 11, 2016.

For more information, email Michelle Wells at communications@NDAdarts.com (or phone her at: 800/808-9884). You can also get more information at the website: www.ndadarts.com/league-smart/league-smart-2016.

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CEMA Sets Show Date

 The California Entertainment Machine Assn. will host its Spotlight Show Feb. 4, 2016, at the Holiday Inn in La Mirada. The show is targeted toward CEMA members and prospective members who are interested in learning more about the association and industry in general. It will include an organizational meeting of members, educational seminars and a show that will highlight the latest equipment from manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Stay tuned for more details, but also stay informed by visiting www.thecema.org.

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New York Ops Eyeball Legal Gaming

Members of the AMOA-NY association of route operators have ex­pressed an interest in getting the state government in Albany to approve on-location machine gaming with them directly involved. It’s our guess they’re looking to get a system like the Illinois trade has where they’re legally operating payoff 8-line, poker and slot games (see photo of legal games on location in an Illinois diner). The New York group’s president Ken Gold­berg (Emerson Coin) advised that he’s already had discussions on the subject with Betson Enterprises, one of Illinois’ authorized gaming machine distributors.

AMOA-NY’s Executive Director Danny Frank believes the timing is right when his association can convince members of the N.Y. State Legislature to allow legalized video gaming controlled by members of his association in taverns, clubs and perhaps other types of locations. “New York’s municipalities are starved for new revenues, and we believe the Albany government could now give us an opportunity to manage this and produce the revenue they need,” he wrote in an email to RePlay.

“AMOA-NY has had several past legislative successes in recent years, so we are experienced in the dynamics needed to ac­complish this. Betson, the #1 distributor in the North­east, has a credibility and status which is very important to this equation,” he added. A veteran N.Y. operator RePlay spoke with said there’s already been a fair bit of work done with state lawmakers on this issue, and (in his words) “this association is a group that could very well make this happen.”

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PayRange Hires More Employees, Looks to Focus More on Amusement

PayRange is growing its staff hand-in-hand with the rising popularity of its cashless payment system. Since May 2015, the company has hired 21 new employees specializing in sales, account management and mobile technology.

Paresh Patel founded the company two years ago, and since then, it has expanded to service customers across all 50 states and Canada. “We have spent much of the past year in building out a full-featured product and deploying trials across the country,” he said.

PayRange uses the ubiquitous tool that is already in the customer’s pocket: the smart phone. The logic behind their idea is that many people –– especially the millennial generation –– don’t have cash in their pocket, but always have their phone. The company’s mobile app is available for free for iOS and Android; when installed on a machine, the Pay­Range device interfaces with the DBA to “coin up.”

The company expects its sales growth continue to increase, and plan on focusing more on the amusement industry.

“As we move into amusement, we will be looking for people with amusement-specific experience in sales, service and deployment,” Patel said.

Director of Sales, Brian Gill, added, “Operators are realizing that PayRange can be installed on virtually every machine that has a bill acceptor,” Gill said. “We’re happy to be pioneering a new way for operators to accept payment.”

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PayRange Puts Virtual “Punch Card” On Users’ Cellphones

In other PayRange news, the company has unveiled a new loyalty and rewards program for operators and their customers. For every seventh purchase, the consumer will get one free, in a fashion similar to the punch card you might use at your local sandwich shop.

Although PayRange has tailored this new program to vending operators, they ensure that it will work well with those in the amusement industry using their products.

“The rewards program can work exactly the same for amusement. We think this is particularly beneficial for street operators,” said Paresh Patel.

With the program, the free vend or game play the consumer earns must be redeemed within 60 days, and uses the same PayRange app used to purchase items and game plays. The idea is to reward the frequent customer, encourage incremental purchases and drive consumers back to machines for more. Operators can choose whether or not to activate this program, and can disable it or enable it at any time.

According to the folks at PayRange, this program will drive up weekly purchases, create goodwill with the customer and ultimately make more money for the operator.

For more information, visit www.payrange.com.

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Boffo BullShooter Kick-Off Tournaments

Arachnid’s an­nual dart Bull­Shooter Tour got off to a strong start with its first events.

On Sept. 11, things got underway in Kissimmee, Fla., as a record number of players attended the dart tournament, coming from all over the state, as well as Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Oklahoma and Alabama. The competition was co-hosted by three Arachnid dealers: Betson Florida, Brady Starburst and Legacy Coin. Due to the higher than usual attendance, Arachnid added an extra $2,000 to the $10,000 guaranteed prize payout.

Among the winners in Florida was Paula Murphy, a veteran BullShooter player, who won three championships: Women’s Singles, Mixed Cricket and Mixed Triples. Over 200 of the players in attendance wore red to honor Murphy’s late husband, who recently lost his battle against cancer.

Later in the month, the BullShooter darts tour stopped into West Allis, Wisc., from Sept. 25-27. The qualifier was held at the Aris Sports Bar in West Allis, and had the highest number of players yet for a regional in that state. It was co-sponsored by Lieberman Companies, Moss Distributing and Pioneer Sales.

Elizabeth Tynan and Jennifer Carpenter stood out in the women’s competitions, winning the Women’s Double 301 and Women’s Combo. Ryan Olson and Tim Eisner won the Men’s Doubles while Jerod Henry Men’s Singles Cricket.

Any player who won money at the regional is now qualified for the BullShooter Finals that take place over Memorial Day weekend next year. Over $130,000 in prizes to will be offered to players from all over the world who come to compete.

For more information, visit Arachnid’s website at www.bullshooter.com.

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Bulk Vending Signs With Expo

The National Bulk Vendors Assn. will continue to co-locate its annual convention and trade show with the Amusement Expo for another five years, according to AMOA’s Off the Top newsletter. The shows have been held jointly since 2011.

“The NBVA is very excited to partner with the AMOA and AAMA, and to be joined with them for the next five years,” said NBVA President Judi Heston-Donnell. “They have made us feel like family and we look forward to many more years with these great associations. We are also projecting super shows –– 2016 in Las Vegas and also 2017 in Dallas.”

John Pascaretti, Chairman of the Board of Amusement Expo International, said, “Right from the start, the co-location with NBVA has been a great success for the shows and our organizations, but most importantly, our respective member attendees and exhibitors. It has been a close, collaborative relationship and we’re thrilled to cement that cooperation between us and our shows for the next five years...at least!”

More information can be found online at www.amusementexpo.com.

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Team Play Gets Top Honors From CEC

Team Play has been awarded Chuck E. Cheese’s Vendor of the Year award for their Fishbowl Frenzy and the Fun Stop Photos products. In announcing the recognition, the factory said, “Earning this award requires a vendor to meet stringent criteria related to quality, reliability, pricing and service. Meeting all of the criteria and beating out other strong competitors is truly the sign of great product.”

Team Play CEO Ed Pellegrini said, “I would like to put out a special thanks to both, Tom Ward, Director of Game Operations and Paul Teneyuca, Director at CEC Entertainment. Without their vision and guidance we would not have achieved this fantastic award.” (That’s Ed, at right, with Chuck E. Cheese’s Director of Game Operations Tom Ward.)

To see Fishbowl Frenzy and Fun Stop Photos first hand, visit Team Play’s booth (#2000) at this month’s IAAPA.

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Betson & Main Event FEC Chain Ink Pact

Betson Enterprises and the Main Event Entertainment FEC chain, owned by Australia’s Ardent Leisure Group, have entered into an exclusive partnership agreement for the upcoming year. Betson will provide an array of services to Main Event, including game design, installation, set-up, distribution and training, throughout the chain’s growing number of locations. (Main Event currently operates 20 FECs throughout the U.S.)

“Betson is proud to partner with one of the fastest-growing, bowling-anchored entertainment centers in America,” said Betson Executive VP Bob Boals. “We look forward to continuing to work with Main Event CEO Charlie Keegan and his management team to meet their exciting expansion plans in North America.”

Main Event locations range in size from 48,000 to 75,000 square feet and feature state-of-the-art bowling, multi-level laser tag, high ropes adventure courses, billiards, and interactive and virtual video games, plus new chef-inspired dining options for all tastes, including casual American dining, a stand-alone pizza café and a premium full bar.

They also offer full-service catering and private rooms equipped with the latest A/V technology for special events, birthday parties, social gatherings and corporate meetings.

To learn more about Main Event, visit mainevent.com. For more information about Betson Enterprises, visit www.betson.com, email info@betson.com or call 800/524-2343.

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Trampoline Park Show Success

The International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) held their 3rd Annual Conference and Trade Show at the Westin Westminster in Westminster, Colo., Sept. 15-17.

Bethany Evans, the association’s executive VP, said the conference was the largest yet with close to 400 in attendance, including 60 exhibitors which provide services to the indoor trampoline park industry.

Evans also noted that attendance was global with showgoers in attendance from over 15 countries. Highlights of the conference included the launch of the IATP Insurance Program, development of the association’s global structure, and preparation for the introduction of a risk management program.

Evans noted that theirs is a growing industry. “Indoor trampoline parks are one of the fastest growing segments of indoor family entertainment,” she said. “It is estimated that by the end of 2015, there will be over 550 indoor trampoline parks open worldwide.”

IATP Chairman Jerry Raymond stated, “We are excited about the feedback we are receiving and look forward to making our 4th annual conference bigger and better to provide the necessary resources and tools to park owners, employees and prospective park owners!”

For more information on the association or its insurance program, visit www.indoortrampolineparks.org.

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Coin Tech Promotes Its “All-In-One” Solution for FECs

Coin Tech says its Debit Card System is a “real all-in-one solution” for operators looking for a cashless opportunity in their FECs. Coin Tech supplies Point of Sale systems and redemption solutions, and offers customer loyalty, booking, ticketing, and a stylish cashless debit card system.

“For FECs looking for a boost of re-styling, Coin Tech’s standard game kit has evolved to make any business shine,” the company said in a recent announcement in advance of their exhibit at IAAPA. “Along with a new design and functionality, the Shine game kit (above) has a simple installation, double head card readers and a RFID system which establishes connection between games and software.”

Operators are given the option of customizing the debit card system on each of their games. Flashing color LEDs can be changed on each of the card readers, allowing operators to fit the color to the theme of their FEC. Colors can also be used to identify certain types of games, and to advertise ongoing promotions.

Redemption is a focus of Coin Tech, with ticketless systems one of their most popular items.

According to the company, “Ticketless operation is by far the most asked for Coin Tech Debit Card System feature and the strongest feature trend we are seeing in this market. More than 80% of new systems deployed are electing ticketless options.”

To learn more, about their installations in countries around the world, visit www.cointechcard.com or visit IAAPA booth #621 to see them in person.

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Big Flipper Bash in Bellevue

Lucky Strike/ Power Play in Bellevue, Wash. hosted 96 pinball players from the North­west, several other parts of the U.S. and from Canada to the N.W. Pinball Champion­ships B Division, held Aug. 28-30.

“Of the 96 players registered, 67 competed in the main tournament and 20 in the novice divisions across the three days,” the location’s Jim Ben­nington advised. “The turnout was good, better than the last couple of years, but not quite the all-time high when the IFPA national finals was taking place the week before and many national and international players were in town for that. But, we are satisfied with the numbers in today’s pinball competition environment,” Bennington added.

The overall winner was Canadian Robert Gagno (currently ranked 5th in the world). Top prize was $1,400, 2nd $800 and combined with other awards, just shy of $8,500 was passed out to winning players.
Over the course of the three-day tournament, players of all skill levels competed for top ranks and prizes on 17 well-maintained classic and modern pins. Bally’s Corvette pin served as the practice game while the Metallica Pro and Tron Legacy hosted the daily high score competition.

With an increase in attendance by 15% this year, the Lucky Strike/Power Play venue offered up the ideal setting for the gathering. Located on the 2nd floor of the 27-story Lincoln Center in the heart of downtown Bellevue, players had the convenience of hotels, world class restaurants and premium shopping all weekend long.

The Power Play arcade features 85 games and attractions and recently installed a Showdown Sega video.

“We were excited to offer the perfect setting for passionate players. The organizing team for this event should be recognized for their commitment to hosting a world-class PAPA recognized competition” said Bennington.

For more information, visit: www.bdivision.com and for additional information about Lucky Strike/Power Play, punch up www.bowlluckystrike.com.

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Helios Hits the Mark

Zone Laser Tag reports that The Mark, a family entertainment facility located in Elkhorn, Neb., just traded in their used laser tag system for a 24-player Helios Laser Tag system and a “lost ruins”-themed laser tag arena from ARC Arenas.

The Mark opened in 2008 and originally had go karts, laser tag, bowling, and a restaurant for their customers to enjoy. Now, the facility has gone through some renovations and not only swapped laser tag equipment, but also removed the go karts from their facility and replaced them with basketball courts.

The Mark owner Travis Silvey said, “The equipment was just breaking down all the time. We really liked laser tag as an attraction, but we wanted to offer something better to our customers.

“Price was a huge factor for us,” he explained about the selection of Zone’s product over others he considered. “Zone’s Helios system was reliable, easy to use, and will bring in repeat plays for us. We even toured some facilities and played the Helios system before buying it and we were very pleased with our experience. Our customers will love the new equipment.”

For more information on Zone’s systems, visit www.zonelasertag.com; The Mark is on the web at markomaha.com.

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Bay Tek’s Flappy Bird Merchandiser Gets OK in Washington State

Bay Tek Games reports that its Flappy Bird Merchandiser has been approved for sale in the state of Washington. The new piece began shipping in late September and is based on the highly popular Flappy Bird mobile app, which has been downloaded over 50 million times.

“Bay Tek Games has worked diligently with Washington State to introduce the successful Flappy Bird Merchandiser,” the company said. “Being flexible for any business model, this single-tiered, low-dollar value merchandiser is perfect for vestibules, street locations and game rooms alike.”

This game now joins a list of other approved redemption merchandisers in the state of Washington, found at: www.wsgc. wa.gov/activities/amusement-games.aspx.

Bay Tek execs describe Flappy Bird Merchandiser as a single-tiered, affordable merchandiser “perfect for vestibules, street locations and game rooms alike.” Players coin up and press the large red button to maneuver the bird through the openings in the pipes, trying to pass through enough pipes to win a prize. Hitting one of the pipes or the ground will end the player’s game.

Mark Lenske, the factory’s midwest account manager, said, “This merchandiser is not only skill-based, but it is creating revenues that most owners will be thrilled with. Yes, the owners will enjoy it, but the players will recognize the licensed artwork and they will be drawn to the bright 32” monitor, making this a must-have piece for any location.”

For more details, contact your nearest Bay Tek distributor or the factory for referral at 920/822-3951 (sales@baytekgames.com).

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AAMA’s Going Nutty Over Its Holiday

The AAMA’s Charitable Foundation is hosting its annual seasonal fundraiser, selling cinnamon sugar roasted almonds, cashews and pecans to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network and Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN).

The AAMCF is offering two different packages this year: A small sampler of 1/2 lb. of each of the three nuts, packaged in colorful cones for $28.95, or a large sampler with two pounds of mixed nuts for $64.95. Those interested in supporting this charitable effort can follow the link below for more information and purchasing options: http://tinyurl.com/pfh628w.

Did you know: Over the past 22 years, the AAMCF has raised and distributed over $1 million to over 120 charitable organizations and foundations.

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Semnox Managing Bulgaria’s First Children’s Museum

Semnox Solutions has implemented a ticketing system with automated entry management, gift shop sales and inventory management in South Eastern Europe’s first children’s museum, Muzeiko.

The all-in-one ticketing solution includes wristbands for entry and RFID bracelets that are pre-validated based on the system’s calendar.

“We chose Semnox’s ticketing system because of its advanced technology. The fact that it’s an all-in-one system with value for money made our decision even easier,” said Bistra Kirova, Executive Director of Muzeiko. “When you get into the guts of how the system works you will find that the system is sophisticated yet very easy to use.”

Semnox had to make several customizations to meet the Bulgarian government’s standards, such as a credit card interface with the point of sale system and integration with a fiscal printer.

“Semnox’s integration with the museum’s swing barriers provides great levels of automation. Our state-of-the-art edge readers, in conjunction with barcode scanners, automatically validate the entry making the system fool proof and help reduce pilferage,” said Kiran Karanki, Director of Semnox Solutions. “ This seamless integration has helped Muzeiko offer various types of membership programs for individuals and groups with exclusive discounts on gift shop purchases for members which are all tracked in one single system.”

For more information on Semnox and its ticketing and cashless solutions, visit www.semnox.com.

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N.J. Ops Host Golf Fundraiser; Give Scholarships

The New Jersey Amuse­ment Assn. held its 18th Annual Fritz Rolle Legacy Golf Outing at the Sea Oaks Golf Club on Sept. 22, benefiting the Give Kids The World (GKTW) charity. The NJAA will present a check to the organization, which supports children with life threatening illnesses, at the upcoming IAAPA show. (To date, the event has raised over $100,000 for GKTW.)

Fritz Rolle started the golf outing in 1997 and co-chaired it for sixteen years. After he passed away in 2014, it was renamed in his honor because of his passion for helping children and their families. The association also dedicated a bench to Fritz Rolle at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach. A donation box will be placed next to it and all proceeds collected throughout next summer will be donated to GKTW in Fritz’s memory.

During the golf outing, the NJAA also announced winners of its 26th Annual Scholarship Awards. Winners were: Emma Mantell, Lauren Phillip, Cristen Whittaker, Miranda Logan, Damen Tomassi and Karla Goldberg.

For more about this shore arcade and amusement park association, visit them at: www.njamusements.com. To learn more about Give Kids The World, visit them online at: www.givekidstheworld.org.

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CenterEdge Offers New Cloud-Based Management Console for FECs

FEC operators may have a new way of managing location data, sales and reservations in CenterEdge’s STAGE.

STAGE is an extension of the company’s Advantage Point of Sale and Group Reservation System, and expands the previous software into the cloud. STAGE delivers key metrics driven by customizable report options and filters. It offers detailed information about critical sales on a location-by-location basis, while also allowing a consolidated view so managers can compare performance across dates and locations. Any manager who has access to the system can do all this from any computer or smart phone.

The cloud-based reporting and management console also offers a new party reservation system. According to the company, operators with multiple locations can benefit greatly from its flexibility, uniformity and the numerous upselling opportunities included and realized by centrally managing party and group events.

“After an extensive development and testing effort, we are pleased to introduce CenterEdge STAGE to the market,” said COO Marcus Mayer. “Business owners and managers are always looking for easier ways to not only access data but view that data in meaningful ways. While our initial launch of STAGE focuses on data analysis and remote event bookings, CenterEdge will continue to integrate more functionality into STAGE throughout 2016,” he said.

The program is currently in use by select customers, but is intended for wider release early in 2016. More information can be found at: www.centeredgesoftware.com.

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Gold Standard/Shelti Teams with Sacoa For Cashless Pool & Air Hockey

Sacoa and Gold Standard Games have joined forces to provide operators with the benefits of Sacoa’s PlayCard System. The cashless card system can be pre-installed on all Gold Standard air hockey tables and Shelti electronic pool tables, saving both money and time, while providing an opportunity for increased revenue, advised the companies.

Sacoa card readers are mounted on the air hockey and pool tables so they can be activated using Sacoa Playcards instead of coins, operating seamlessly in Sacoa’s EZ System environment. This system is the company’s “All-In-One” self-contained and -installed cashless payment system solution for game rooms that comes ready to use with all equipment inside the kiosk, including everything needed to manage a fully wireless and ticketless game room.

Sebastian Mochkovsky, Director of Sacoa, said, “Air hockey and pool tables can create their own environment or be part of an FEC. We are very pleased to work with such a prestigious company as Gold Standard Games in offering this simple solution to operators.”

“We, in turn, feel that Sacoa is the perfect match for our goal of offering our air hockey and pool tables ‘ready to go out of the box’ for integration into FECs currently employing the Sacoa PlayCard System, or smaller unattended game rooms using the Sacoa EZ System,” said Paul Jacobs, VP of Sales for Gold Standard Games. “Their simplicity to install, interface, and maintain is what makes Sacoa’s debit card systems the industry leader,” he said.

For more information on the Sacoa PlayCard System, visit www.sacoacard.com. For information on products manufactured by Gold Standard Games, visit www.gold-standard-games.com.

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Gold Standard Air Hockey Scores at Recent Events

In related news, Gold Standard Games/Shelti was busy this summer promoting its Gold Flare Elite air hockey table, beginning in July when the company exhibited at the Bowling Centers Assn. of Michigan convention, held in conjunction with the Roller Skating Assn. International section meeting. Attendance was excellent and interest in air hockey and other Gold Standard products was strong, according to company owner Mark Robbins.

In early September, 10-time World Air Hockey Champion Tim Weissman, along with his son Jacob, conducted a “Challenge the Champ” exhibition and clinic at Tomball Bowl in Tomball, Texas. Robbins said the location is “having great success with its two Gold Flare Elite air hockey tables,” adding that it now runs weekly air hockey tournaments.

In mid-September, Gold Standard (in conjunction with its distributor, Specialty Coin Products) showed the table at the IATP trampoline park expo in Westminster, Colo. Robbins reported that attendance at the show was up significantly over last year, and many trampoline park owners are just starting to get interested in coin-op games, in particular physical interactive games like air hockey that complement the trampoline park industry’s emphasis on active physical fun.

For more information on Gold Standard Games products and promotions, go to www.gold-standard-games.com or www.goldstandardairhockey.com.

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Sacoa’s EZ System’s Movin’ & Groovin’

In other Sacoa news, the firm reports that its all-in-one EZ System is gaining popularity with smaller and unattended locations, installing it most recently at Plainfield Lanes in Illinois and Pinocchio’s Pizza in Louisiana.

Plainfield Lanes’ location includes 33 playing positions, a redemption center, a manned POS station and a card dispensing/recharging kiosk with credit card capability. The Pinocchio’s Pizza installation was more extensive and included 50 Sacoa Colorshot HDT readers, a redemption center, a manned POS station and a card dispensing/recharging kiosk, plus an online booking module that can be used to schedule and organize laser tag matches.

In other installation news, Sacoa team members were busy with several other assignments. The Playcard System was deployed at Lazer Lanes, in Columbia, Mo., featuring over 40 games operated with Sacoa’s Colorshot HDT readers, as well as Sacoa’s kiosks, POS and redemption inventory management software. Simultaneously, 200 Colorshot HDT readers were installed at Family Entertainment Group’s Kalahari - Poconos location in Allentown, Pa., and another 80 at former Jillian’s Universal now operated by Gameworks.

Another installation was concluded recently at Colorado Canyon (pictured) in Beaumont, Texas, where the company reports 55 Colorshot HDT readers, kiosk and POS stations, and said their system was also “seamlessly integrated with CenterEdge software.”

Originally launched in 2006, Sacoa’s EZ System offers what the company describes as an easy way for operators to install a cashless system. All the necessary equipment comes ready to use in the kiosk itself. It’s meant to transform token or cash-based game rooms into wireless and ticketless game rooms, and can be integrated with Bay Tek’s Prize Hub or Benchmark’s Ticket-to-Prizes system for prize dispensing as well. When paired with the small, colorful Sacoa Colorshot HDT card readers, it can service anywhere between six and sixty games in a 164’ radius of the system.

“The EZ solution fits perfectly well in bowling centers, trampoline parks, laser tag arenas, movie theaters and any entertainment center,” said Sebastian Mochkovsky.

Interested in checking out the EZ System and other Sacoa products? Sacoa will have a booth at this year’s IAAPA show (booth #1806). More information is also available on their website: www.sacoacard.com.

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