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Items In This Month's News Digest

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LAI and Embed Combine To Form Helix Leisure

Leisure & Allied Industries has consolidated Embed, LAI Games and The Locker Network under a new umbrella company, the Helix Leisure group.

The firm says the combination, which became official on July 1, will allow the Helix Leisure companies to leverage their combined strengths and global reach and a seamlessly integrated product offering, while preserving each of the individual brands.

As out-of-home entertainment venues evolve towards delivering more sophisticated and spectacular experiences, Helix Leisure says it is uniquely positioned to fulfill the needs of operators in matching the high expectations of today’s consumers. The company has a network of six full offices worldwide to provide in-region support and a comprehensive offering of cashless debit card systems, POS and redemption solutions, customer loyalty, booking and ticketing, electronic locker operations, and a full range of amusement and prize-vending machines.

Each of the individual companies will continue trading under their current brand names and retain dedicated and focused R&D teams. Following the reorganization, Leisure & Allied Industries will operate two fully-independent divisions: its FEC chain, Timezone, and the Helix Leisure group. Current CEO of LAI Games and The Locker Network, Theo Sanders, will assume the role of CEO of Helix Leisure.

Adam Steinberg, Executive Director of Leisure & Allied Industries, said: “In our increasingly connected world, there is a greater expectation for a seamless user experience. We feel that combining the LAI Group businesses that deliver products, services and systems to the industry will enable us to create even greater value and meet those expectations.”

Helix Leisure CEO Theo Sanders noted: “This marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Embed, LAI Games and The Locker Net­work teams and for our customers worldwide. As a group, this reorganization represents a major commitment to the very bright future we see for the out-of-home entertainment industry.”

For more information, visit the group website at HelixLeisure.com.

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Trade Groups Support Coin Research Study

Leaders of both the American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA) and the Amuse­ment & Music Op­er­ators Association (AMOA) have approved funding for an independent research report that will provide fact-based information on the negative consequences of changing the metallurgical content of U.S. coins.

Other trade organizations associated with the “Don’t Change Our Change” Coalition are also considering contributions to support this project. The study will be used to help make the case in Congress that a change to the metallic makeup of coins would impose costs on private industry and ultimately drive up prices for consumers.

The U.S. Mint is currently investigating options for changing the composition of coinage, as directed by the U.S. Congress as part of the Coin Modernization, Oversight and Continuity Act of 2010.

AAMA and AMOA have met with Mint officials, participated in meetings with lawmakers and their staffs on Capitol Hill and are founding members of the “Don’t Change Our Change” group.

In addition to the research report, the coalition is also planning to conduct a one-day Industry Advocacy Day on this issue, where members of AMOA and other coalition constituents will be invited to participate in visits with members and legislative staffs on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., tentatively slated for mid-to-late September 2014.

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Maryland Trade Opposed to Prize Game Regs

State and location officials, including members of the legislature, Ocean City Mayor Richard Meehan and independent trade groups like the Maryland Hotel, Motel Restaurant Association, oppose regulations proposed by the Maryland Lottery Commission to oversee prize redemption games, according to a report in the Baltimore Sun. The Maryland AMOA also opposes the regulations as drafted by state lottery officials.

The Sun story quotes operator Jerry Greenspan of Fun City in Ocean City as saying the lottery’s proposals have the potential to “regulate” him out of business. Greenspan was one of several industry representatives who spoke out against the regulations at a public hearing on the proposals last month.

The article also quotes Betson’s Nick Sarioglou, who testified at the public hearing, as well as several other Ocean City boardwalk operators and a representative of the National Entertain­ment Network, a national crane route formerly known as Sugarloaf.

Maryland AMOA President Larry Bershtein, who is quoted by the Sun, tells RePlay the regulations would: limit all redemption prizes to $30 wholesale or less per play; require every amusement game operator to register with the lottery commission; require every operator to register every machine with the lottery commission; and require all operators to register every move of every amusement machine with the commission. Bernstein said the fees paid by the operators would essentially go to reimburse the Lottery Commission for the expense of overseeing these regulations.

According to the Sun article, machines that give out prizes worth more than $30 would be treated like gambling devices. “For those machines, manufacturers or distributors would have to pay a $150 license fee when each machine is sold, and every year after if the machine is leased or if the distributor has a maintenance agreement with the operator who bought the machine,” the Sun reported. “The operators would have to seek permission to keep the machines and pay a $50 annual license fee for each one, plus an application fee. The fees would not apply to games that dispense tickets that can be redeemed for prizes.”

One Maryland lawmaker, Eric M. Bromwell, reportedly told lottery officials that the regulations would burden small business and harm long-standing amusement traditions along the Ocean City boardwalk. “These are amusement devices,” he was quoted as saying by the Sun. “Now as I read these regulations, they are going to be considered gaming devices. I don’t think anyone in Maryland considers that gambling. ... It’s going to send the wrong kind of message.”

For a more in-depth look, read our interview with Bershtein on pg. 47.

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California Cops Cracking Down on Sweeps

California is cracking down on Internet sweepstakes cafés, according to a report by the Associated Press.

“The efforts against them include proposed legislation that would ban the establishments and a lawsuit by the Los Angeles city attorney,” noted the AP report. “People who run Internet sweepstakes cafés and their lawyers say law enforcement is overreaching. They say the games are similar to those offered legally as a marketing tool by corporations.”

The AP story quoted an American Gaming Association report detailing Internet sweepstakes operations in at least 19 states, many of which have taken steps to prohibit them.

The lawsuit mentioned in the AP story was filed by the Los Angeles city attorney against a sweepstakes system supplier and multiple cafés. The suit alleges that the sweepstakes locations are illegal casinos.

“The cafés were placed in low-income areas and had begun to attract an influx of gang activity, making them the center of several undercover investigations that ultimately resulted in several arrests and seizures by the Los Angeles Police Department,” reported Law360.com earlier this year.

“Illegal gambling can cause significant public safety problems and preys on our most vulnerable residents,” City Attorney Mike Feuer was quoted as saying about the lawsuit. “We are taking action against a major developer of Internet gambling systems to stem the flow of these illegal games to our neighborhoods.”

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Oakland Repeals Pinball Prohibition (Finally)

The city of Oakland, Calif., last month repealed a criminal ban on pinball machines, which were outlawed 80 years ago as illegal gambling games. (The ban had not been enforced since the World War II era.)

“Like thousands of cities across the United States, Oakland banned pinball in the 1930s because the machines –– which then lacked flippers –– were being used for gambling,” reported SFGate.com. “People paid a nickel to play, and winners received cash payouts from a bartender, store owner or other proprietor.”

The pinball ban repeal is part of a comprehensive look at the city’s gaming regulations. “I think it’s great. People love pinball,” Adrien Smadbeck, a cook at an uptown pub that has 13 pinballs, told the SFGate website. “It’s different than a video game. With pinball, I see a lot of people socializing and making friends. I’m glad the city is doing this.”

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Shaffer Routes Host Pool and Dart Extravaganza

Shaffer Amusement in Dayton, Ohio, in conjunction with Shaffer Entertainment in Columbus and Indianapolis, held a multi-state pool and dart extravaganza. The companies bear the same name, but no familial relationship. (The former route is headed up by Kerry Shaffer, the latter by Andy Shaffer.)

Both routes invited players to compete against each other at the Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana. With over a year of planning, the four-day tournament included payouts of over $40,000, trophies and bragging rights across the two states.

This tournament had many firsts. This was the first time the Shaffer companies had incorporated the scanning and tracking system Compu­sport. Without hesitation, players were able to track their next opposition on a screen just by scanning their specific QR code. And this was the first time Shaffer Entertainment and Shaffer Amusement have brought both pool and dart players together in the same room to compete at such high stakes. Dart players were able to view the pool players by looking over an open balcony and organizers said the abundant amount of players from the two amusement routes really built up the overall energy in the room.

“The rare combination of dart and pool players competing simultaneously in a tournament environment, all at the same time and venue, to my knowledge, has never been done before anywhere in the U.S.,” said Shaffer Enter­tainment President Andy Shaffer. “We had a fantastic four-day tournament for our players and our tavern owners that made the trip. We are very optimistic that we will be planning Extravaganza 2 in the very near future and plan to continue to grow this unique experience for our Shaffer pool and dart league players.”

The operators extended a special thank you to Tim Lacey and TouchTunes for their donation to the players and to Shaffer Extrava­ganza. For more information on the event, and to view a list of the winners with pictures, go to www.ShafferExtravaganza.com.

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ASCAP Chief Calls for Licensing Reform

ASCAP President and Chairman Paul Williams last month urged Congress to protect the rights of songwriters and preserve the value of voluntary collective licensing as it considers ways to reform the nation’s music licensing system. Williams’ comments came in testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Judi­ciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Prop­erty and the Internet.

This hearing comes at a critical moment for American songwriters, as the U.S. Copyright Office has undertaken a study of the effectiveness of existing methods of licensing music and the U.S. Department of Justice has opened a review of the Consent Decrees that govern the nation’s two leading performance rights organizations (or PROs), ASCAP and BMI.

Williams emphasized the benefits of voluntary collective licensing through PROs for music creators, licensees and listeners, but warned that outdated federal regulations increasingly threaten to undermine the entire system. To prevent that, Williams outlined three specific updates to the 73 year-old Consent Decree, which ASCAP is asking the DOJ to consider:

• Allowing ASCAP to accept a partial grant of rights from its members, meaning ASCAP is able to license certain uses while the rights holders handle others directly.

• Replacing the existing rate court with a faster, less expensive dispute resolution process.

• Permitting ASCAP to offer all the rights in a music composition a licensee needs to operate their business –– something that ASCAP’s competitors are free to do.

Without meaningful regulatory reform, Williams expressed serious concerns about the future of American songwriters and the music industry as a whole.

“We are here today because technology is changing the world in wonderful ways. We are moving into a world where people no longer own the music they love, they stream it whenever and wherever they want,” Williams said. “At the same time, the federal regulations that govern how music is licensed –– and thus, how songwriters, like me, are compensated for our work –– don’t reflect the way people listen to music today. Indeed, they are stuck in the distant past. And it’s threatening the very future of American music.”

The session was the second hearing held last month by the Sub­com­mit­tee on Courts, Intel­lectual Prop­erty and the Internet to address music licensing reform. The panel of witnesses also featured representatives from across the music industry, including Record­ing Industry Assn. of America, SoundEx­change, the American Assn. of Independent Music, the National Assn. of Broad­casters, SiriusXM and Pandora.

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AMOA Announces Plans For Fall Road Scholar Event

AMOA recently announced plans for its follow-up Road Scholar Program, the first of which was held last November in Chicago. This year’s event will take place November 8-9 in Denver. The theme, “Strategic Benchmarking: Analyzing Aspects of Your Business for Mile High Results,” has been set by the AMOA committee overseeing the development of the program.

Topics and programs will include:

• Coin-Op Moneyball: Using Analytics for Optimum Results

• Technology: Changing at the Speed of Light

• The Speed of the Leader is the Speed of the Gang: Are You Leading the Way?

• Change Starts With You

Registration and housing forms for the meeting, to be conducted at the Embassy Suites Hotel, located near the Denver International Airport, will be available soon. For more information, contact Lori Schneider at the AMOA office, llschneider@prodigy.net or 800/937-2662.

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Rock-Ola Still Rockin'

Rock-Ola Mfg. may not build fully loaded Internet jukeboxes any longer, but the Torrance, Calif., factory run by visionary Glenn Streeter remains engaged with various aspects of the jukebox trade, including producing exteriors for national location operations.

Streeter, who turns 70 this month, said: “It hard to believe it’s been 22 years since I bought Rock-Ola, and 37 years since I started Antique Apparatus Co. in my garage. Time flies when you’re having fun. And I must say it has been a blast. It’s wonderful when you can do what you love, make a good living at it, and get the response back from people who love what you’re doing.”

These days, Streeter says Rock-Ola is selling more jukeboxes overseas than ever before, in large part because of the popularity of their Qsonix digital platform for consumer-oriented Music Center Jukeboxes. “Wurlitzer is gone, so we are picking up some of their better dealers and distributors,” furthered Streeter. “European and all foreign markets really love ‘Made in America’ and Rock-Ola is the last jukebox factory in America.”

Rock-Ola, as the sole domestic surviving maker of nostalgic jukeboxes, continues to produce cabinets for commercial operation as well. “We are currently making jukebox cabinets for Pelican,” said Streeter. “They are installing in them in Black Bear Diners across the West. We also make boxes for Texas Road House and Logan’s restaurants. For almost 10 years, Rock-Ola has been making jukeboxes and 3W1 style Wallettes for Johnny Rockets Restaurants worldwide.

“Operators who have a need for a nostalgic-styled box for a themed restaurant or other location can still buy them from distributors and install the digital downloading system that they prefer,” said Streeter.

Rock-Ola is also placing jukeboxes and wallettes in American-style diners in Moscow, Dubai, and the Caribbean. “We’ve sold jukeboxes to the German Embassy in San Francisco, The Princess of Malaysia and President Sarkozy of France.”

Finally, Rock-Ola is set to launch an Elvis Presley limited edition home jukebox. The Anniversary Model, 60 Years of Rock ’n’ Roll 1954 – 2014 will come out in a piano gloss black or white finish with gold-colored metal trim. The Elvis models are limited to 99 units.

To learn more, check out a recent video posted about the company, www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nlo-X1wSG0&sns=em. For more information, contact Donna at Rock-Ola at 310/328-1306.

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IAAPA Hosts Asian Attractions Expo in Beijing

IAAPA reports that a record-breaking 9,000 industry professionals participated in its 2014 Asian Attractions Expo (AAE), the international conference and exhibition for the attractions industry in the Asia-Pacific region. The event was held at the China National Convention center June 18-20.

“The explosive growth of the industry in Asia — specifically in Mainland China — was evident throughout the three-day Expo as a record number of industry leaders participated in the event and a record number of companies showcased the newest products and services on the largest trade show floor in the event’s history,” reported the association.

The number of registered participants at this year’s event represents an increase of more than 67% compared to the 2013 Expo in Singapore. That number includes more than 6,500 buyers, an increase of 80% compared to 2013, reported IAAPA execs. The buyers came from more than 70 nations and regions around the globe.

The sold-out exhibition floor featured new products and innovative services from 325 companies representing 33 countries and regions. The exhibits covered approximately 9,100 net square meters of space, an increase of more than 30% over the 2013 Expo.

Total attendance at the Expo education programs, seminars, institutes, tours, and networking events exceeded 2,500.

“Business is booming in Asia,” said IAAPA President and CEO Paul Noland. “The Expo was packed with executives and decision makers developing brand new parks and attractions in record numbers, along with leaders of well-established parks looking for the next big idea to drive their businesses to new heights.”

Commenting on the education program, IAAPA Vice President of Asia-Pacific Andrew Lee said, “The education conference is always an important reason many people participate in Asian Attractions Expo. As the industry grows in the region, so does demand for attractions industry-focused professional development. IAAPA helps fulfill that need through the AAE education conference and by producing other learning opportunities around Asia throughout the year.”

Asian Attractions Expo 2015 will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre June 16-19, 2015. Exhibitor information on the 2015 event is now available on the IAAPA website and attendee information will be available in the fall.

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Dave Lerner Exits Betson Distributing

Dave Lerner, a veteran amusement and vending machine sales executive, retired from Betson Enterprises at the end of June after a distinguished 28-year career with the distribution giant. Lerner was general manager of Betson’s Syracuse, N.Y., office.

Lerner’s lifelong coin-op career began two decades before he joined Betson. His father, Morris, established Advance Vending Distributors, also in Syracuse, in the early ’60s. Dave began working for the family business at an early age, starting in parts and service and later as a salesman covering the vast Upstate New York territory. Morris died in 1972, Advance continued to operate for a few years and Bet­son would eventually open its Syracuse office. Dave also ran a small route, which he sold in 1977.

“I’ve known several generations of many of my customers,” Lerner said. “Over the years, some have become very close friends.”

During his time between Advance Vending Distributors and Betson Enterprises, Lerner was active in different sectors of the industry. He became a slot tech and slot manager for the Playboy Casino in Atlantic City, N.J. He returned to Syracuse to work in distribution for a local Rowe branch, which sold a full line of games, jukes and vending machines. Betson opened its Syracuse office in December 1986, and appointing Lerner as its manager was a natural fit.

Syracuse became one of the most effective offices for the distributor, whose sales network spans most of the United States. The branch is known for its marketing ingenuity. Its regional trade shows at the Turning Stone Resort Casino would feature more than 50 exhibits and timely workshops. About a dozen Turning Stone shows were held and they typically attracted more than 500 visitors. And if operators couldn’t get to the show, the Syracuse team would bring it to them. Lerner helped create the famous “showroom on wheels,” a custom trailer designed to showcase games, jukeboxes, vending machines and OCS equipment. The trailer, which began operating in 2006, hosts roadshows and service schools in remote upstate markets.

“The Syracuse branch always had a great team and I predict that it will continue to excel,” Lerner said. “I was blessed with the best staff a manager could hope for.”

Dave Reiners, another second-generation coin machine man and a Syracuse team member, succeeds Lerner as branch manager. “Dave’s very knowledgeable about industry products and financing,” Lerner said. He also acknowledged Syracuse’s Zane Greenwald, who continues to spearhead vending and OCS.

Lerner also volunteered 11 years with AMOA, serving as a VP. Well respected among the association’s operator members, the distribution pro played a key role in developing AMOA’s educational and awards programs. “The time I spent with AMOA was one of the biggest highlights in my industry career,” Lerner said, “and Betson always supported me in that capacity.”

He may be retiring from Betson, but Lerner says he will remain active in industry affairs and will stay connected with his friends in the business. In his first assignment, he is an ATM consultant and will work with all Betson branches. As an independent contractor, the firm says Lerner brings a wealth of experience to any project.

Dave can still be reached at his Betson email address, dlerner@betson.com, and at dlerner47@hotmail.com or 315/952-7407 (mobile).

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Coastal Amusements Shipping Temple Run 2

As a follow up to the successful Temple Run, Coastal Amusements is now shipping Temple Run 2, its latest “coin-app” release. Equipped with an ultra high-resolution 42” LED monitor, Coastal execs say Temple Run 2 will have even more earning power then its predecessor.

Coastal’s Sal Mirando explained: “The Temple Run series is one of the most successful mobile apps ever, with more than one billion downloads and over 32 billion games played to date. With that kind of popularity, Temple Run 2 is sure to be a hit and a must-have in every location.”

To learn more, visit Coastal Amusements on the Internet at www.coastalamusements.com.

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AMOA-NDA Hosts First Junior Tournament

The AMOA-National Dart Association held its first-ever Junior Tournament in Bloomington, Minn., June 20-22. Fifteen NDA operators sent 125 players to the inaugural tournament, all competing for prizes in the historic event.

Organizers said the first NDA Junior Tournament was successful with a total of 125 players and 236 event entry certificates purchased. Participants represented the seven states of Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Tournament events featured Singles Cricket, Singles ’01, Doubles Cricket, Mixed Triples Combo and Doubles ’01. Players ages five to 20 competed in three days of events. Mixed Triples Combo featured the ability for a NDA-sanctioned adult player to join in on the competition so that the tournament provided fun for the whole family.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the Junior Tournament turnout,” said NDA President Lloyd Williamson. “The players had a great experience as we are able to cater to the next generation of darters and provide them with the opportunity to compete in an international tournament. We are excited to see where this momentum takes us in coming years.”

Junior Tournament participants must be an NDA-sanctioned player, and are required to have played a minimum of 48 league games within the qualifying period. NDA operators across the country established or grew their junior leagues in order to provide the opportunity to their players.

More information about the NDA, membership benefits and tournaments can be found by visiting www.NDAdarts.com.

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VNEA Hosts Jr. Event

The Valley National 8-Ball Association hosted its annual Junior Championship, June 26-29, at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek, Mich. Over 200 excited junior pool league players from nine states, as well as Canada and New Zealand, competed in the event. Matches were played on 76 Valley pool tables in 18 unique divisions.

Players represented 15 VNEA charter holder members. The Team Opening Cere­­monies featured a colorful parade of flags. Other highlights included: a speed pool event hosted by Dave Pearson; an ar­tis­tic pool competition featuring “Dr. Cue” Tom Rossman; personal instruction by pro Jerry Briesath; CompuSport Tourna­ment Soft­ware Program; the first “Top Cat Challenge”; matching uniforms for each team; three divisions of Scotch Doubles; live streaming by TVMike.tv; a team Hardluck Competition; 23 separate mini competitions with the winners receiving cues (donated by Valley) and runner-ups landing cases.

Valley, Ozone Billiards, GW Cues, Aramith and VVS sponsored the championship. Look for full results on VNEA.com.

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Brew Buck It Hits it Big at College World Series

Coast to Coast Entertain­ment’s new Brew Buck It game performed well at the College World Series in Omaha, Neb., the factory reports.

“Our new Brew Buck It has been in a bar called The Old Mattress Factory entertaining the crowds all week. The response to the game has been overwhelming. On weekends the game is generating just over $1,000 and during the week we are seeing incomes from $400 to $600 a day,” said the factory’s Jim Chapman.

“The team of JR and Ryan, the inventors of Brew Buck It, placed one of these games in the bar at the start of the event. From the time the doors opened, the game was a huge hit. At times the line was 20 deep to play,” added Chapman. “People were cheering each other on, kids were jumping up and down and when a group of friends played, they challenged each other to see who wou ld win first. It was incredible to see what Brew Buck It was doing on location!”

Brew Buck It offers many ways to promote a location and product, as well as entertain customers for hours. The player must move the hand to have it pick up their bottle of choice (these are empties, by the way). It takes a keen eye and a well-placed drop to win whatever item the game is promoting. As an example, at the College World Series, winners would win a bottle of beer but Brew Buck It is not limited to just beer. Any prize can be promoted and given away: tokens redeemable for beverage or food prizes or house gift cards and coupons.

“The guys have set up a website just for this game. Log on to www.brewbuckit.com to see the game in action,” shared Chapman. “You have to see the videos on the website. They show just how excited the players, and watchers, get when playing the game. When a player wins the place goes crazy.”

Coast to Coast Entertainment is currently shipping this unit.

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TouchTunes Previews New Morrissey Album

Alternative rock icon Morrissey pre-released his highly anticipated 10th studio album World Peace is None of Your Business on TouchTunes one week prior to its official street release date of July 15.

The July 8 pre-release was the second installment of TouchTunes’ Hear It First, which gives its users a first listen to hot new releases before they are officially available to the public.

The album is Morrissey’s first record since 2009’s Years of Refusal, as well as his first release since last year’s best-selling memoir, Autobiography.

For more information about the album, fans can visit www.worldpeaceisnoneofyourbusiness.com.

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Minneapolis Hosting Big Buck Championship

The makers of Big Buck Hunter, Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix, will host the seventh annual Big Buck Hunter World Championship in Minneapolis, Minn., this fall. Previously held in Chicago and New York City, this two-day tournament will take place Oct. 24-25 at The Pourhouse in downtown Minneapolis, putting the best virtual hunters from around the country head to head to win the $15,000 grand prize.

While only the best sharpshooter will walk away a champion, Big Buck Hunter finalists will compete for a total of $67,000, including a $5,000 prize for the winner of the fourth annual Ladies Tournament. Should one lucky lady win both tournaments, she would take home a record prize.

The journey begins Aug.18 as players must qualify at any connected Big Buck HD arcade game throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia. In order to secure one of the 64 spots, players need to achieve a top score on each of the five animal adventures in the game. The qualifying period will end Sept. 28. Players can track their progress on the qualifying leader board available at www.bigbuckhd.com.

All Big Buck HD games feature online connectivity, which allows players to track scores through online accounts and compete in tournaments against players from around the country for cash prizes.

Keep up to date on the latest Big Buck Hunter World Championship news by following #BIGBUCKWC.

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Ideal Software Announces Mobile POS

Ideal Software Systems unveiled its new Mobile POS system at the 2014 International Bowl Expo held June 25-26 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Ideal says its Mobile POS frees FECs, bowling centers and waterparks to serve customers throughout their facilities, “putting them right in the middle of the action with the industry's strongest point of sale system, adapted for on-the-go order taking.”

Additionally, the firm reports that the Mobile POS opens new sales opportunities for amusement facilities. “From this sleek, touchscreen tablet, front line employees can take food and beverage orders and even access the party scheduler to manage events or book parties on the fly,” continued Ideal. 

“Our new Mobile POS will change how the industry thinks about point of sale systems by turning this traditionally fixed position into a powerful sales tool,” said David Goldman, President of Ideal Software Systems. “With the Ideal Mobile POS, bowling centers can take food and beverage orders from the lanes, and waterparks can send servers to assist customers with orders right from their cabanas.” 

Ideal Mobile POS also gives FECs a powerful native restaurant POS, which the company says "includes intuitive and easily configured front POS screens backed by a robust inventory system and comprehensive reporting that enable facilities to track expenses and to finally have a 360-degree view of business activities.”

Simple to use, but strong and flexible, the restaurant suite within Ideal’s NSite POS can be used for all food and beverage needs, from quick-serve stations to table dining, reports its developers. The Ideal NSite restaurant dashboard uses a color-coded graphical table map that identifies which tables are in service by which servers. It also allows servers the flexibility to easily identify orders by seat, split and combine checks, and handle other real-world situations that may arise, with secure credit card pre-authorization to transact business smoothly and safely.

For more information, please contact Ideal Software Systems at 800/96-IDEAL or fecsales@idealss.com.

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AMOA PAC Program Ramps Up

Concern over the potential for a major change in the way the federal government mints coins has served as a call to action for AMOA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) program.

Last month, AMOA PAC Committee members decided to initiate an outreach program –– not only to solicit contributions to support efforts on this particular issue –– but to continue efforts to encourage members to “opt in” via their written approval.

Only members who have granted their written permission to be solicited for contributions are eligible to donate to the association’s PAC.

And, another requirement –– a mandate by the Federal Election Commission that oversees national PAC programs –– is that all donations must be personal contributions; no corporate or business funds can be applied to such PACs.

To date, 28 individuals have stepped up to contribute to the AMOA PAC in 2014. In light of the pending coin content issue, AMOA said it hopes the 2014 PAC donor list will increase substantially in the coming weeks and months.

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Illinois Lock Kiosk Locks Provide 7-Pin Tumbler Security in Minimum Space

Illinois Lock has introduced a new tubular kiosk lock designed to provide 7-pin security for iPads and tablets used in display kiosks while taking up minimal space.

The PL518 push-in style tubular lock is ideal for space-limited kiosk installation. The design allows for more than 1/4” inch of shaft travel, yet the lock has a very small profile on the kiosk surface. It operates with a 7-pin tumbler mechanism that offers much higher security (providing up to 500 key codes) than 4-tumbler locks provide. The lock surface bezel is available in two attractive finishes, bright chrome and satin nickel to enhance the overall appearance of the kiosk.

In addition to the PL518, Illinois Lock offers a wide of variety of kiosk locks, including the ultra small BC520XS and a variety of in-stock locks to fit specific kiosk locking requirements.

For further information, log on to Illinois Lock Company’s website at www.illinoislock.com.

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People on the Move

AMOA Past President Lloyd Williamson, a longtime Minnesota amusement operator, was recently named the new Execu­tive Director of the Min­ne­sota Op­erators of Music and Amusement. He succeeds Chuck Leininger, who is retiring after five years on the job. Williamson, who is currently President of the AMOA-NDA, served as AMOA president in 2008.

• • •

Bay Tek Games an­nounced role changes for three employees of its company. Holly Meidl, former Director of Marketing, was newly named the Director of Inno­vation, Matt Connell was added to the Bay Tek family as the Director of Finance and Rob Ozarowicz, formally Inside Sales, was named the Director of Operations.

Meidl was promoted to the title of Director of Innovation earlier this year. “The world around us is changing at a rapid pace. If we want to be here 20 years from now, it’s pertinent that we evolve with the changes our consumers desire so we can provide products and services that are relevant! I am thrilled to lead this charge with an awesome group of people and proud to watch Jenna Woepse step up and take over all marketing functions moving forward,” said Holly Meidl.

Connell will work for both Bay Tek and its sister company, MCL Industries. Matt has served as MCL’s Director of Finance for the past eight years. “What makes this dual role possible is the outstanding group of individuals that make up the accounting and finance areas at both Bay Tek and MCL,” said Connell. “Serving Bay Tek by helping to protect and build on the strong financial base that the company has earned over the years, so as a company we can continue to deliver outstanding experiences for our customers, employees and community, that is how I see my new role at Bay Tek.”

After more than 16 years in sales related roles at Bay Tek, Ozarowicz has accepted the role of Director of Operations and a seat on the Leadership Team. This transition started in 2013 when he assumed the lead role in the OPTS room with the production manager, supply chain and inside sales all reporting to him. The transition became official in March of 2014. Along with continued responsibility for the OPTS Team, he oversees the Contin­uous Improvement, Quality Control, Shipping and Manu­facturing Engineering Teams.

“I’ve always been somewhat involved in the operations side of our business but over the last several years, my involvement has increased substantially,” said Ozarowicz. “This transition makes sense for me personally and professionally and I believe that my experience from my years on the sales team really provides me with valuable insight as to what it takes to meet our customer’s needs.”

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