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Inside RePlay - April 2014

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RePlay April 2014

April 2014

Cover: Benchmark -- Celebration!! There's a New and Tasty Direction Over at Benchmark Games; Amusement Expo Show Book

Show Guide -- Even though you’re holding the April issue, we rushed this magazine to press in order to hand out copies at the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas and we’ve included a show guide for those of you lucky enough to pick up this truly hot-off-the-press copy.

Survey Says -- The phrase “coin-op” may be inadequate to describe the industry we serve, as well as the way consumers pay for the games and other services offered by operators. Yet tradesters say it’s still the best shorthand available. This month we surveyed operators about industry identity and changes in payment technology.

Talking to the Tax Man -- Industry leaders traveled to Washington, D.C., to lobby lawmakers, policy staffers and agencies like the Small Business Administration. They called on officials to craft predictable tax rules that create incentives for small business investment.

The Future of Video -- Regular contributor Kevin Williams of Stinger Report fame takes a look at the latest crop of deluxe video games as a prime example of innovation and experience that transcends what the home game biz has to offer.

Talking to Others -- Operators Interface this month about how they describe their industry to those who are not involved in the trade. Their answers cast an interesting light on how they think about their own work.

Valuable Experience -- The route operating pros at Tricorp Amusements are working closely with FEC locations to increase their game room revenue, relying on their own expertise and the use of the latest cashless payment technologies to promote game play.

Good Call -- Shelti’s Radikal Dart games feature a virtual referee to ensure the integrity of live games. Videos are recorded during game play and then sent to the servers and the event administrators. Then, the Remote Referee System allows them to view important matches and validate or invalidate the game.

Eye Candy -- Coast to Coast Entertainment has begun shipping its new Candy Street, featuring a white background and candy red graphics. The factory has also added a colorful topper with a series of swirly candy suckers.

Setting the Mark -- Benchmark Games, a factory known for creating high-earning redemption games, has rededicated itself to providing valuable attractions for operators. Learn more about the talented team at the Florida-based manufacturer.


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News Digest: The up-front news section of the magazine. Most breaking stories are covered here even if they get fuller stories elsewhere in the same issue.

Calendar of Events

Cover Story

Editorial: Comments from our Editor Steve White.

Frank Talk by Frank Seninsky of Alpha Omega Amusements, New Jersey.

Hail to the Chief: Our monthly chat with AMOA president John Pascaretti.

Jersey Jack: Industry veteran Jack Guarnieri of Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc., PinballSales.com and ShuffleAlley.com shares philosophies and ideas for today's industry.

Party Professor: Beth Standlee of TrainerTainment teaches how to make parties stand out with your customers and your bottom line.

Spotlight Special: RePlay focuses on one of the key new pieces of equipment being brought to market.

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