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Inside RePlay -

February 2016

Click here for links to features and columns available on-line:

Cover: Venco's Newberry Goes Wireless

AVS Buys Lieberman Dist. - Talk about “Wow!” The Liebermans of Minneapolis have been in coin-op distributing since the ’40s, but no more. On Jan. 5, they sold that portion of the family business to another family: the Gummas of Chicago’s American Vending Sales. Welcome to the Twin Cities, Vince!

Skillful Gambling? Yup! The Nevada Legislature decided to allow engineers to put the skill factor into future gaming machines, which will allow players to manipulate the outcome just the way they do on our games. Bob Cooney penned an excellent story on what this could mean downstream. Must reading! To read Bob's insightful essay, click on the headline above; to get RePlay legal columnist Tom Fricke's take on skill gaming, click here.

Ernie the Energizer! San Antonio operator Ernest Barberio just goes on forever, and is still reporting for duty at the age of 90, though on a more limited scale than in his younger days when he built his impressive juke and games route in the Lone Star State.

An FEC “Route?” Just Ask Ray - Golden Coin’s veteran operator Ray Shackleford and wife Sue have converted their business from the street to the FEC after paring down their many accounts to around 30 game rooms in bowling centers, trampoline parks, rinks, etc. Only one bar is left on the string.

Seninsky Sizzles - Frank Seninsky’s words about all things coin-op have appeared in the trade papers for decades, but his treatise on how to set up a family fun center in this issue is classic. This arcade and Foundations maven earns his stripes as one of the best journalists in the history of coin-op with this piece.



The following features and columns are available on-line:

News Digest: The up-front news section of the magazine. Most breaking stories are covered here even if they get fuller stories elsewhere in the same issue.

Calendar of Events

Cover Story

Editorial: Comments from our Publisher Eddie Adlum.

Frank Talk by Frank Seninsky of Alpha Omega Amusements, New Jersey.

Hail to the Chief: Our monthly chat with AMOA President Jerry Johnston.

Jersey Jack: Industry veteran Jack Guarnieri of Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc., PinballSales.com and ShuffleAlley.com shares philosophies and ideas for today's industry.

Party Professor: Beth Standlee of TrainerTainment teaches how to make parties stand out with your customers and your bottom line.

Spotlight Special: RePlay focuses on one of the key new pieces of equipment being brought to market.


Did you miss last November issue's focus on Laser Tag?

You're in luck! You can download the section by clicking here. To visit or email the companies profiled, follow these links:

Battlefield Sports: http://www.battlefieldsports.com; email: info@battlefieldsports.com

Delta Strike: http://www.deltastrike.com; email: sales@deltastrike.com

iCombat/iHero: http://www.icombat.com; email: info@icombat.com

Laser-Blast: http://www.laser-blast.com; email: info@laser-blast.com

Laserforce International: http://www.laserforcetag.com; email: jeff@laserforcetag.com

Lasertron: http://www.laser-tron.com; email: akessler@lasertron.com

Lazer Runner: http://www.LaZerRunner.com; email: pauls@LaZerRunner.com

Zone Laser Tag: http://www.lasertag.com; email: info@lasertag.com

Funovation.com: http://www.funovation.com; email: info@funovation.com

Creative Works: http://www.thewoweffect.com; email: salesteam@thewoweffect.com; also learn about their LaserTag360 program at http://www.fec360.com

The Laser Tag Museum: http://www.lasertagmuseum.com

Email contributor Bob Cooney, author of "Could a Laser Blast From the Past Ricochet Into The Future?" at hirebob@bobcooney.com.

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