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February 2016

Venco Climbs Into Wireless & More

Wi-Fi Connectivity Is Latest Chapter In This Firm’s Evolving Story

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This month’s cover subject…Venco Business Solu­tions and its headman John Newberry. . .is the story of a route operator who’s always looking “over the next hill” in search of new ways to boost his bottom line, or for starting a whole new business (which is basically the same thing).

John’s face is well-known in the coin-op world thanks in great part to his inventive, often humorous ad campaign in the trade magazines. His Southern-accented voice likewise has charmed anyone he’s dealt with.

John Newberry’s discovery of, and well-demonstrated love, of all things ATM has coaxed many a route operator into successfully exploiting this now-common arm of coin-op (if we may call it “coin-op”) with John and the folks at Venco quite naturally riding the tide via product sales and support, as well as operating quite the few of them themselves.

Lately, Venco has also developed a wireless division, which John says is growing strong with orders shipping daily. “We’ve been able to offer our customers wireless devices with no contract for their ATMs and jukeboxes,” he advised. “Our new 4500 unit will run their jukeboxes, ATMs and golf games from one single unit,” he adds.

2016 marks Newberry’s 48th year in the coin machine industry. He started out with one pool table back in 1968. Has this Bland, Virginia-based route grown? Here’s one answer to that: they presently operate over 1,000 cranes! Some other Venco statistics:

They have 48 employees helping to serve over 11,000 customers nationwide, counting in their ATM scope. “We’re basically an amusement company, with diversification into sound contracting, operating and selling ATMs, and most recently, supplying wireless connectivity to ATMs and jukeboxes, as I mentioned,” John advises.

Venco operates 25 vehicles on their routes (mostly Ford Transits). They also run Network Fleet vehicle tracking devices in each vehicle. “This gives us needed information to track vehicle usage and service. We also match this with work time because all route managers work from home,” John advised.

Newberry says he’s always looking for new ways to help his customers run their businesses more efficiently. “We plan to bring many new products into this industry moving forward,” he declares. “For example, I recently sent an agreement to the S&G Lock Company to become one of their distributors. They have a great time-sensitive lock which we’ll start using on our personal routes and will be able to offer our customers as well.

“To say I’m fortunate to surround myself with an excellent staff that takes care of the day-to-day activities of the business, allowing me the opportunity to focus on new products and sales, is an understatement,” he continued. It’s New­berry’s nature to acknowledge good work. . .as well as promising opportunity. What’s next for Venco? We don’t know that right now, but we know something’s going to come!

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