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oct75coverRePlay is a monthly magazine for
the coin-operated amusement machine
industry. Its news and features are directed primarily at the American market, reporting developments of interest to manufacturers, distributors and operators of games and jukeboxes at locations ranging from single sites to family entertainment centers.

Founded in October of 1975, RePlay enjoys a premier status among the journals covering its field in terms of paid circulation, content, appearance and advertising pages keyed to amusements. Combining timely market coverage with attractive, easy-to-read graphics, RePlay's organized flow has something for every professional route and arcade, from the speedy readers and machine shoppers to industry scholars.

From its Hot Off the Press! (late breaking news page) and Players' Choice (most-played games chart) all the way to its popular Buyers' Bulletin used machine marketplace, RePlay's arrival on the desks of its subscribers is eagerly awaited twelve times a year. Special editions include the spring Amusement Expo showbook, the fall IAPPA ("Parks Show") convention issue and winter's Annual Directory.

While the majority of the news, features, entertainment and research articles are generated by the magazine's own writers each month, prepared publicity and story suggestions are cheerfully accepted for publication review. Deadlines for both editorial submissions, as well as advertising, fall around the 8th of the month prior to the issue date.


Over 2, 000 RePlays are circulated each month with approximately 10% distributed in Canada, Mexico and in offshore markets, making RePlay's news (as well as its advertising) more global than in former times.

Being a "trade" magazine, RePlay's advertising notices are of great value to readers who invest time and resources in an industry where the word "novelty" is taken quite seriously. Perhaps the best testimony to RePlay's status is the fact that apart from a number of free advertiser checking copies (and several more sent to industry and personal friends), the vast majority of its world wide circulation is fully paid up front by subscribers.

Our paid circulation is higher than that of any other trade publication exclusively serving the coin-op/amusement industry! Your message, whether it is presented on our news and feature pages or in your advertising, reaches an enormous number of buyers when it's in RePlay Magazine. In addition, the quality paper and reproduction makes stories and messages look their best.


Year after year, RePlay has outdistanced its competitors in the number of advertising pages run on amusement devices and accessories. Years of repeat business prove that customers are pleased with results. Its very success in the volume of ads placed over the years has traditionally kept advertising costs down. Contact advertising director Barry Zweben at barry@replaymag.com or phone 818/776-2880 to get details on prices, sizes and specs.

Each magazine closes for materials about the 8th of the month prior to the monthly date of the issue itself. Frequency discounts are offered and agencies approved by clients are recognized. Payment terms are 30 days for customers with a proven credit history. New advertisers are asked to pay in front by check or wire transfer until a credit history is established.

Many advertisers deal directly with the magazine, often using outside art houses to prepare digital ad files (print-quality, high-resolution JPEG and PDF files are preferred; CMYK if full color). However, RePlay also offers its own art services for those who need help in constructing professional looking ads. Many simply select a size, email or fax wording and leave the rest in the magazine's hands. This is especially true with used equipment ads and other "nuts and bolts" notices that appear in our lower-priced Buyers' Bulletin.

When you combine the attention to detail and design of the in-house prepared ads, the top-notch agency advertisements provided by clients, the eye-catching graphics and design of the many editorial pages, and the quality paper and printing, RePlay Magazine is a visual winner where you want your company seen!


RePlay gives the amusement machine industry honest reporting and a solid cause-and-effect advertising vehicle and the industry seems to agree, judging by the magazine's track record.

The staff at RePlay Magazine is always happy to help provide any additional information you may need regarding subscriptions, how to send in press releases, advertising and, of course, the industry in general. We may be reached by telephone at 818/776-2880; our fax is: 818-776-2888. Mailing address is: P.O. Box 572829, Tarzana, CA 91357; shipping is: 18757 Burbank Blvd. #105, Tarzana, CA 91356.

To send email to RePlay Magazine, it's editor@replaymag.com.

(c) All contents of this page and the entire RePlay Magazine website at http://www.replaymag.com and http://www.replaymagazine.com Copyright 2015 RePlay Magazine. All rights reserved.

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